Happy winter, everyone!

Have you begun to dread shaking hands with the snotty-nosed child at Sunday services? Do you avoid shopping carts...water fountains...and public bathrooms? This time of year, germs are everywhere.

To help keep yourself healthy, your immune system needs layers upon layers of support. No on single "booster" will do the trick.

That's why Armor Immune X8, NorthStar Nutritionals' newest product contains eight of the world's best immune enhancers. And together, they're

  • Maitake D-Fraction: Spurs your body's toughest immune cells into
  • DMG: Delivers oxygen to your cells and helps your body make the most
    of essential vitamins.
  • Beta 1,3 glucans: Appear to help stimulate immune cell production and
    to increase their activity.
  • Larch arabinogalactans: Prebiotics that appear to increase white
    blood cells.
  • Elderberry extract: Contains powerful flavonoids that jumpstart your
    immune system. .
  • Plus, vitamin C, vitamin D & zinc.
Imagine only visiting your doctor for "routine well checks"...

This is the first time that so many layers of protection have been packed into one formula. That alone makes Armor Immune X8 one of the most remarkable advancements in natural health I've ever seen. Try it this winter and stay healthy all year long!