If you’re on a statin… or are close to someone who is… I’m willing to bet that the results of a new study—published in the journal PLOS ONE—on statins and memory loss won’t surprise you all that much. That’s because memory problems are a common complaint from statin users. The good old Statin Stupor, as I like to call it.

In fact, last year even the sleepy and slow FDA finally got around to forcing Big Pharma to add a side-effect warning to their statin drug labels alerting users that they could affect their cognitive function.

The link between statins and memory loss

But now researchers say a new animal study could confirm what many of us suspected all along, that statins and memory loss may be linked.

Scientists tested two commonly prescribed statins—pravastatin (Pravachol) and atorvostain (Lipitor)—on rats. And while the atorvastatin somehow managed to make it through the test without tripping any cognition alarms, the pravastatin didn’t fare so well. The pravastatin negatively affected the rat’s simple learning performance as well as their ability to complete memory tasks.

Shockingly, the time it took for these effects to show up was a mere 18 days. And, of course, considering once you’re on the statin merry go-round it’s typically a life sentence. So if these results of statin and memory loss transfer to humans… as we suspect they do… there’s very little chance of you missing out on those memory-robbing side effects.

Obviously a lot more research needs to be done, but if you’ve already experienced Statin Stupor for yourself you don’t need a scientist to tell you how real, and debilitating, it is. The good news is that there are natural alternatives, starting with omega-3 packed fish oil. Click here to learn about more statin drug alternatives, and then have a serious talk with your doctor about weaning you off these potentially dangerous drugs.