The Top 3 Soothanol X2 Complaints: An honest review of Soothanol

Nothing is perfect. This is a sad, but true, fact. And Soothanol X2 is no exception. As such, we do get some Soothanol X2 complaints. So, let’s talk about them.

Soothanol X2 Complaint #1: What is that smell?

Soothanol X2 complaintsSoothanol X2 has three specific ingredients that could be causing an odor: menthol, wintergreen, or DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). If the smell is immediate, it’s most likely the menthol or wintergreen. Menthol is an important active ingredient in Soothanol X2 and the amount in each dose has been clinically balanced to be the most effective it can be.

While wintergreen is an inactive ingredient, we’ve still been just as careful to find the perfect amount for the Soothanol X2 formula. A very small handful of people have reported a chemical-like smell. This is simply how some people perceive the wintergreen smell, and is no cause for concern.

Remember, most people find Soothanol’s aroma pleasant. But if you’re one of the people who find it strong, know that it will eventually wear away, as the medicine absorbs into your skin.

If the smell occurs after Soothanol X2 has been absorbed, it’s probably caused by DMSO. This can be less appealing than the menthol smell, and has been described as garlicky, or even like sour milk. While rare, it does sometimes happen. However, given the amount of DMSO in each dose, very few people will experience this.

Soothanol X2 Complaint #2: Why does it burn?

Soothanol X2 complaintsThat burn is from cayenne, another active ingredient in Soothanol X2. You know how peppers can create a burning sensation on your fingers when you cook with them, or in your mouth when you eat them? It’s the same sensation. Consider it a sign that the medicine is working, rushing relief to your pain! As with the menthol aroma, it will wear off as the Soothanol X2 gets absorbed. And even better news — most people report that the burning stops completely after a few days of regular use.

Soothanol X2 Complaint #3: It didn’t work for my joint pain.

Soothanol X2 complaintsThe vast majority of people who use Soothanol X2 for arthritis or other joint pain swear by it, and the relief it brings. We absolutely recommend it for joint and arthritis pain. Unfortunately, not everything works for everyone. It’s that simple. As much as we want it to work for your pain – as much as you want it to work for your pain – it just might not. But we’re not satisfied until you’re out of pain. So if you’re one of the few people for whom Soothanol X2 just doesn’t work, here are some other options that might be useful to address your pain.

These are the three biggest Soothanol X2 complaints that we hear about. Obviously, we hope you don’t experience any of them. Or, if you do, we hope they are short-lived and minor. But, just in case, we wanted to address these issues. And to remind you that you’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee – you can return Soothanol X2 at any time, for these reasons or any others!  It’s that simple.

Soothanol X2 complaints