Spring has sprung. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and you’re hiding in the house weeping over the shocking numbers on the bathroom scale.

If you were blindsided by what you saw at your last weigh in, trust me, you’re not alone. Winter has a way of making us ALL pack on the pounds… especially around our comfort-food-loving bellies.

And let’s face it, when you’re dragging around a little extra weight, getting out and “enjoying” the beautiful weather can seem more like a chore than it does a reward.

You know what that means, right? Yes, it’s time to dust off the dreaded D-word... diet.

But if you’re among the many who have struggled to lose weight the old-fashioned way, with diet and exercise alone... if you’ve tried to drop the pounds, but the number on the scale seemed practically super-glued in place… getting started can seem next to impossible.

Pounds melt off 3 times faster!

The truth is we could all use a little extra help when it comes to beating the battle of the bulge. But what if I told you that a LOT of help is available, in a new formula called SlimSuccess?

And what if I told you that SlimSuccess is SO powerful that you could lose 3 TIMES MORE WEIGHT than you could with diet and exercise alone?

It might sound outrageous, but I assure you, it’s true. In fact, for fourteen long years this incredible weight-loss breakthrough… an extract mix shown in 2 double-blind studies to help melt stubborn belly flab… has remained hidden away.

Now, one brilliant doctor has finally revealed the truth about what could turn out to be the most potent weight-loss booster ever uncovered. And, believe it or not, it all started with “fat proof mice.”

You see, over a decade ago a group of bright scientists stumbled across something amazing while studying our furry little friends. It was a sort of hidden “off switch” buried deep in the mice’s genes. And when they flipped that switch, no matter how much junk food the critters indulged in, they stayed trim and slim.

And the most exciting part is that humans share this very same gene with mice. Known as the PLIN gene, this potential “off switch” controls the way we burn and store fat by releasing a protein called perilipin

Perilipin is your belly fat’s best friend, essentially coating fat cells and protecting them from your metabolism—and your best efforts at losing weight. But if science could figure out way to break through that protective perilipin coating—essentially flipping the same “off switch” in HUMAN fat cells as they did in mice—than could mean exciting results for humans too.

Unfortunately, scientists hit a brick wall, and unable to figure out how to make this incredible weight-loss breakthrough work for humans, the research was dropped and soon forgotten.

Belly beating breakthrough

That’s where that brilliant doctor I mentioned earlier comes in. Dr. Mark Stengler, was able to connect the dots between those old “fat proof” mice and some exciting new research being performed at UC Davis Medical Center.

There, researchers studying plants used in the ancient Indian medical practice known as Ayurvedic medicine, stumbled upon two powerful tropical plants—Garcinia Mangostana and East Indian Globe Thistle—that both showed great promise in the fight against fat-protecting perilipin.

And when the carefully combined and concentrated extracts were introduced to some fat cells, the scientists watched in amazement as the protective perilipin layer practically vanished from sight.

But the research didn’t end with those petri dishes and microscopes; the powerful combo was soon put to the true test with real humans. The remarkable results of two double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials showed that this powerful extract combo is the real deal.

All of the trial volunteers took a 30-minute stroll every day, and ate a normal 2,000 calorie a day diet. But the lucky folks who got the extract lost an incredible 3 times more weight than the volunteers who didn’t get the extract!

With results like that it’s easy to see why Dr. Stengler chose to put these two powerful weight-busting plants at the center of his new breakthrough formula SlimSuccess. But he didn’t stop there.

Dr. Stengler knows how tough it can be to stick to your healthy-eating plan when you’re being tempted all the time by well-meaning friends and family. And snack attacks get to the best of us. That’s why he also included natural safranal. Research shows that this powerful compound, carefully extracted from the saffron plant, can help chase away the hungries.

In other words, SlimSuccess (from our friends and affiliates at BestHealth Nutritionals) contains the perfect weight-loss-supporting dream team. By combining powerful botanicals that can help you burn fat faster, with one that can give you the willpower you need to say no to diet-sabotaging foods, Dr. Stengler has given you everything you need to say goodbye to that ugly flab faster than you ever dreamed possible.