It’s a lesson in how NOT to warn Americans about a dangerous drug!

There’s an entire class of medication out there… taken by millions of Americans, especially older folks… nearly every single night for sleep.

A new report finds… they’re ALL poisonous.


THAT should be the headline, right?

Of course, that’s NOT how they covered this.

The headline at Medscape– a website your own doctor likely uses for decisions on YOU – is much gentler.

“Insomnia Drugs: Some More Dangerous Than Others.”

That must’ve been a favor for their drug company pals.

Because they make it sound like some drugs AREN’T “as” dangerous…

All while NEVER mentioning that there are ways to get sleep that aren’t dangerous at all.

The SAFER way to sleep… tonight and every night

The new report finds that since the year 2000, “serious outcomes” from the use and/or overuse of 42 common sleep meds has TRIPLED.

Antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs that are also used as sleep meds are the “more dangerous than others” part of the headline.

Supposedly, the newerbenzodiazepines and “Z drugs” like eszopiclone (Lunesta), zaleplon (Sonata), and zolpidem (Ambien)are what’s safer.

But don’t ask your doctor about these “less dangerous” drugs yet.

There’s a HUGE catch-- one that’s NOT in this study.

See, they used data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers database.

In other words, reports of people who took a drug and had an immediate terrible reaction, including accidental and/or intentional overdose.

It doesn’t look at long-term risks

And that’s where this stuff gets REALLY scary.

Long-term use of the “safer” z-drugs and benzos can increase your risk of:

  • DEATH by 500%
  • DEMENTIA by 50%, and
  • FALLS by 40%.

They’ve also been linked to car crashesallergic reactionsbreathing problems… and a crazy form of sleepwalking where you go out and do things WHILE STILL ASLEEP.

And at the end of the day – or in this case, night – the drugs really only add just a few minutes to your total sleep time.

So, let me give you three TRULY safe ways to get the rest you need… without poisoning yourself… and without facing these and other risks.

  1. Herbal tea: This is a pretty simple option – so simple many people dismiss it. Don’t -- a tea with chamomile and valerian and knock you right out.
  2. Supplements: Both GABA and 5-HTP are safe options that’ll help you get some shuteye without the risks.
  3. The “sleep” hormone: If you’re a little older, there’s a good chance you’re low in melatonin… a.k.a. the “sleep hormone.” Boost the melatonin, and you’ll get the rest you need.

For best results, look for a form that is micronized into a spray so that it gets absorbed instantly… and takes effect in a jiff.