Are there side effects of BenVia Gold chia seeds? A close look at the side effects of chia

Side effects of BenVia Gold chia seedsWhenever you add a new supplement to your diet, you already know about its benefits. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be adding it. But what about its side effects? No matter how effective, or useful, something is, it’s important to be aware of any problems that may arise. Knowing the side effects of BenVia Gold is no different.

Most of the side effects reported with using BenVia Gold, or chia seeds, occur when using unusually large amounts of the seed and are caused by one culprit: fiber. For most people, these BenVia Gold side effects can be avoided by using the recommended amount – 1 scoop per day. Still, they are worth talking about.

Temporary Side Effects of Fiber

Most of us don’t get enough fiber in our diets. Because of this, when we add fiber to our daily routine too quickly, it can often cause physical discomfort, including mild cramping, bloating, even occasionally diarrhea. Since BenVia Gold is high in fiber, some people may experience this adjustment period.

One way to minimize the effect of the fiber is to spread the amount of BenVia Gold you take throughout the day. Instead of using the entire scoop with breakfast, use a third of it with every meal. The good news is these symptoms of this chia seed side effect will decrease, and eventually disappear, as our bodies adjust to having enough fiber working in our systems.

Is BenVia Gold Worth It?

Yes, definitely. First, the benefits of BenVia Gold reach far beyond just the amount of fiber you will get. BenVia Gold chia benefits your system in so many ways, providing amazing support to your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol balance, energy, skin, digestion and so much more. For complete details on all the health benefits of BenVia Gold chia, check out this article. Or if pictures are better than words for you, take a look at this awesome infographic.

But aside from the benefits of BenVia Gold chia, fiber itself is good for us. Most of us don’t get enough in our diets. And fiber does everything from help keeping us regular to promoting heart health. Adding BenVia Gold to our diets gives us all the benefits of chia – including healthy amounts of fiber.

When Used Safely, BenVia Gold Is Safe

Everything has side effects, especially if used incorrectly or improperly, even something as essential as fiber. So, while we won’t say there are no BenVia Gold side effects, we will say that they are almost all avoidable. When used correctly, BenVia Gold will improve your health and make you feel better. It’s that simple. More isn’t always better – but feeling good always is.
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