Whaddaya do when the disease you claim to have ELIMINATED stages a terrifying return?

Rebrand it!

I can’t quite PROVE that this is what’s going on right now… YET.

But it sure is suspicious that a disease even the mainstream experts are branding as “polio-like” is suddenly on the rise.

It’s a terrifying and debilitating condition called acute flaccid myelitis.

It seems to strike in unusual every-other-year waves – and we’re in the middle of one right now, with some 200 kids suffering over the past few months.

And NO ONE in the mainstream can explain WHAT it is… WHY it strikes… or HOW to stop it!

What are they afraid of admitting?

You know what they say…

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck… it’s a duck.

This devastating illness spreading across the country LOOKS like polio… ACTS like polio in the body… DAMAGES your insides, just like polio.

It even causes paralysis, the most infamous side effect of polio.

Acute flaccid myelitisis believed to be caused by enterovirus.

Care to guess what else is from that same enterovirus genus?

Yep. The virus behind polio!

Yet it’s almost sick how hard they’re trying not to say the “P” word for this, calling it “polio-like” rather than admitting that this could be a modern version of the disease.


Polio was supposedly “cured” or at least “eliminated” decades ago… only, it wasn't.

Admitting this is a new form of polio would be the end of any semblance of vaccine efficacy.

But I’m not here to spread fear and paranoia.

That’s THEIR game, not mine.

I’m here with HOPE – because while the mainstream messes around with the name game, children are suffering.

They’re NOT getting treatment… because most docs still can’t figure out what to even call this thing!

But if it’s POLIOor“POLIO-LIKE,”it’s time to take a fresh look at the groundbreaking work of Dr.Fred Klennerin the 1930s.

In the middle of a polio outbreak in North Carolina, he was said to have CURED 60 out of 60 cases of the disease in infants.

His secret?

It wasn't anything weird or exotic. It wasn’t a shot or drug. It wasn’t anything wacky or – back to the duck – “quacky.”

It was intravenous vitamin C. 

He even published his findings -- but the mainstream had already declaredpolio“incurable,” so no follow-up work was done.

Certainly, we need to see studies on IVC on this “polio-like” illness before we can say for sure that it works.

But given that there are no other real treatment options… and given that vitamin C as close to risk-free as you can get… you can’t lose by asking about it.

A naturopathic physician is your best bet, given that mainstream docs still avoid anything with the word “vitamin” in front of it.