And the grays have it!

You know that old saying slow and steady wins the race? Well, surprisingly, it may be true when it comes to memory and cognitive performance too.
As you add gray hairs to your head and candles to your birthday cake it's only natural to start to worry a bit about losing ground in the brains department. Memory loss... and not being able to hold our own with the younger crowd as a result... is a fear that most of us share. But it turns out this is one worry we can put to rest.

In a new study, older folks (ages 65 to 80) beat the pants off a younger group of volunteers (ages 20 to 31) in a series of cognitive tests that tested everything from perceptual speed to working memory.

How did the seniors do it? It turns out that consistency was the key.

In all nine of the cognitive tests the older group had less variability in their day to day performance. Experts say this is because those of us who have earned some gray hairs on our heads have also had the time to learn how to effectively problem-solve and how to keep ourselves motivated. Plus, we tend to have balanced daily routines and more stable moods.

And all this consistency shows up in real world results since older folks tend to make less judgment errors and in general are likely to be more reliable in critical situations than their younger peers. In other words... we ROCK!