The “flu drug” is SUPPOSED to make you feel better.

Instead, you pop one pill… and you’re rushing to the toilet. 

Because now… along with ALL of the nasty symptoms of flu… you’re puking your guts out.

And maybe leaking out the “other” end, too.

I’m not TRYING to gross you out (and sorry if you were just eating)… but that’s a REAL and COMMON side effect of the drug oseltamivir (a.k.a. Tamiflu).

And it often comes as quite the shock to the people who take it… and even to many docs 

It’s thanks to an UGLY trick used to help make this drug… and other drugs, too… LOOK better, safer, and more effective than they really ARE.

See, they know you’d never TOUCH that flu drug… if you knew it could bring side effects worse than the flu itself.

 Who in the heck would??? So, they’ve found a way to cover it up…

And today, I’m going to blow the whistle on this ugly scam.

Stupid drug tricks that could HURT you and your loved ones

You know the old medical motto…

First, do no harm.

Well, the drug industry has managed to turn that on its head.

They’ve created placebos designed to hurt people!

In the case of the flu drug, which causes nausea and vomiting, a new report finds they’ve cooked up a “placebo” that ISN’T inactive, like a sugar pill.

They’ve slipped a little dehydrocholic acid into the mix, supposedly to mimic the bitter taste of the drug.

But guess what: Dehydrocholic acid also causes gastrointestinal problems.

See the issue?  

When you do a study, you don’t just compare the effectiveness of a drug to the placebo. You ALSO compare the side effects 

That gives people a true picture of what the balance is between benefits vs. risks.

If, for example, a flu drug “works”… but causes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea… a perfectly sane choice would be to SKIP the drug and just deal with the flu

Why trade one form of misery for another?

So, these researchers have worked to mask the drug’s side effects -- with a placebo that can cause the SAME side effects.

After that, the med doesn’t look so bad, by comparison.

Now, if they pulled that once… just once… it would be an OUTRAGE.

But this has been going on… secretly… for decades!

A new report in European Journal of Clinical Investigation blows the lid off this scam once and for all, revealing how drug trials slip ACTIVE ingredients in placebos to help cover up side effects.

They’re supposed to explain the placebo via a 12-item checklist, but almost none of them bother to answer all 12 questions.

Instead, they CONCEAL the placebo ingredients, so NO ONE can even figure out what’s inside the darned things.

 Just 8.5% of studies explained WHY they chose their specific placebo… and less than half named who provided it.

You’re just supposed to TRUST them on all this stuff.

Clearly, you can’t.

In general, there are almost ALWAYS better options than many of today’s common meds.

So, ask your doc about natural therapies that have passed studies -- with NO shenanigans.

Case in point: the flu.

That drug I mentioned earlier? When it went head-to-head against an echinacea-based remedy, the echinacea not only MATCHED the drug in terms of effectiveness… but had LESS THAN HALF the risk of side effects.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen