Nothing… and I mean NOTHING… can make you feel like you’ve got one foot in the grave quite like heart failure.

It’s not just the diagnosis…

Or the fact that you’ve got a 50/50 chance of surviving 5 years.

No, the REAL reason you feel like the Grim Reaper himself is breathing down your neck… is your own breathing patterns.

This disease LITERALLY takes your breath away!

Just about anything you do… even just standing up… can cause you to feel WINDED and WEAK.

But today, I’ve got an easy answer that can help with the most common form of heart failure – an all-natural therapy that can give you some literal breathing room.

EVOO to the rescue

Scientists always talk up the hunt for a “miracle drug” -- one that could change the game for a condition like heart failure.

But we already GOT the miracle… and it’s NOT a drug.

It’s plain ol’ olive oil!

That’s right – the STAPLE of the Mediterranean diet. You’ve probably already got some of it in your pantry.

I’d call the results of this study breathtaking… but it’s really just the opposite.

It’s breath-GIVING!

This new report looks at folks suffering from heart failure with preserved ejection fraction… or one of the most common forms of the disease out there.

It’s when your heart pumps normal… but is too stiff to properly fill with blood.

Hard as your poor little ticker may try… it just can’t quite send out enough blood, DEPRIVING your organs of critical oxygen and essential nutrients.

But a little extra virgin olive oil each day… in addition to your normal treatments… can lead to REAL and NOTICEABLE improvements.

The new study finds that adding 2 tablespoons a day… something you can simply pour onto some tomatoes and cheese, for example… leads to measurable improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness.

That’s the power of your body to distribute oxygen during exertion -- whether it’s exercise or anything else that has you up and moving.

What’s more, an analysis of the data finds that increasing to 3 tablespoons a day would likely improve VO2max… a critical measure of oxygen use during maximum exertion… by 2 points!

Each step on the chart of VO2max is 2-3 points, meaning an improvement of 2 could be enough to move you into a better category – like from “poor” up to “fair,” or even “fair” to “average.”

All from a little extra virgin olive oil!

Want more help? I know you do… so, don’t stop with olive oil.

Be sure you get that OTHER “miracle” oil: fish oil.

Remember that death risk I mentioned earlier? Well that’s where this stuff comes in handy.

Studies show the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can cut your risk of death from heart failure by 9%.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. If you’ve been diagnosed with heart failure, DON’T let your doc prescribe you one of these “NEVER drugs”!

Click here for a handy reference guide that’ll help you double-check the meds in your medicine chest RIGHT NOW.