When a germ in lettuce makes a dozen people sick, they sound the alarm… call the press… and launch a nationwide effort to hunt down every last leaf.

But when it’s a common drug taken by seniors?

Shhhhhhh! Don’t want to upset the patients (…or the profits)!

That’s SERIOUSLY what’s going on right now.

You’ve no doubt seen the headlines scattered here and there since last summer of blood pressure drugs being recalled.

They’ve quietly added up… FAST.

A new report finds 1 million Americans – mostly older people – have been given drugs that we now know were contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical.

That’s scary enough… but what we DON’T know is even scarier.

Don’t risk cancer to lower your BP. There’s a better way.

4-step plan to PERFECT blood pressure

Now, there’s no way of knowing the REAL cause of the problem. They may not even know themselves.

And what they’ve admitted so far is terrifying.

The feds right came out and said these cancer-causing contaminants slipped into so many millions of doses of so many drugs for one scary reason…


So far, they’ve found tainted batches of valsartan, losartan, and irbesartan… as well as their related meds.

But who knows how many OTHER drugs have contained – and still contain – similar contaminants?!

Clearly, the problem is WAY worse than some funky chemical just happening to kinda-sorta-WHOOPS! “slip in” to “some lots” of the drug.

It's happening far too often for that.

Think of it this way…

If you’ve ever been pulled over for speeding… and gotten a ticket… you know darned well you weren’t the only one cruising over the limit that day.

You’re just the one that got CAUGHT.

It’s the same with these meds.

ALL of them are toxic. Even the “known” ingredients – including the “active” ingredients that make the drug “work” – can be poisonous to your body.

That’s true with or without contaminants.

But you don’t have to face those risks, especially not for better blood pressure control.

I’ve got four steps that can help you avoid going on the meds or – with your doctor’s permission – ditch them if you’re on them.

STEP 1:Magnesium. Take 500-1,000 mg per day. Some people may need even more, especially if they’ve had ongoing constipation woes (yeah, I know we don’t like to talk about that).

STEP 2: Lose Weight. Did you know that 75 percent of adult men and two-thirds of women are overweight or obese? It’s THAT bad, and it’s one of the biggest drivers of high blood pressure.

STEP 3: Food Tests. Sensitivities to foods – including entire categories like dairy as well as “hidden” ingredients like additives, preservatives and sweeteners – can raise blood pressure. Tests can reveal what you need to avoid, and along with cutting blood pressure you’ll enjoy everything from better digestion to a sharper mind.

Or maybe skip all three of these and go straight to…

STEP 4: Home Monitoring. Between 10 percent and 50 percent of people with “high” blood pressure actually have NORMAL BP and need nothing at all. No drugs. No magnesium. No food tests.

It’s called “white coat hypertension,” a fancy way of saying BP that rises in the doctor’s office.

Simplest cure of all: Take your own readings at home, and let your doctor know what your real blood pressure is.