Everyone’s worried about one particular virus right now…

But don’t forget about ANOTHER tiny threat.

Because this one is MANY times worse… kills MORE Americans… and doesn’t give a whit about how well you “socially distance” yourself from others.

You could have a dangerous type of bacteria HIDING inside your body RIGHT NOW -- just waiting for a chance to do you in.

And new research reveals how you might accidentally give it the opportunity it’s looking for.

No, not by going out into a crowd…

But by simply staying home… and TAKING your “medicine.”

Specifically, the PPI drugs millions of Americans turn to daily for acid reflux.

Today, I’ve got a way OFF this crazy train.

You can use this period of “isolation” to wean yourself AWAY from reflux meds… and ONTO a better, safer, gentler option.

It can ease the worst of it… WITHOUT putting your life on the line!

The TRUE danger of acid reflux drugs… EXPOSED

As I’ve warned before, taking drugs to reduce stomach acid can turn your gut into a walking germ-farm.

You could be silently breeding an entire colony of dangerous bacteria

And a new study shows just what’s on the line right now.

Taking reflux meds… especially PPIs… can increase your risk of having multi-drug resistant germs by 74%.

“MULTI” as in these germs won’t just resist ONE drug the docs throw at it if you become sick…

But multiple OTHER drugs, too. 

That’s bad news in even the BEST of times. But right now… with U.S. hospitals overflowing with sick Americans… getting sick could mean you won’t get the attention you need.

Also, let’s face it: A hospital or medical office full of sick people is the LAST PLACE you want to be right now!

Fact is, you probably never needed these drugs in the first place.

Even the medical mainstream acknowledges that 70% of patients given PPIs don’t actually need them.

I’d say that number is even higher… MUCH higher…

Because I haven’t encountered a case of reflux yet that couldn’t be TREATED… REVERSED… and even CURED without medication.

First, for quick relief from the boiling, bubbling reflux agony, turn to licorice root – but not just any form. You want the one that has glycyrrhizin removed… or “deglycyrrhizinated licorice,” which you can more easily find under the name DGL.

And second, take steps to manage the long-term cause of the problem. I find many people get over their reflux/heartburn with a combination of acidophilus supplements and digestive enzymes.

That should do the trick for you, too…

But if it doesn’t, get yourself tested for other potential causes of reflux -- including a previously undiagnosed physical problem, like an ulcer, and/or hidden food sensitivities/allergies.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen