Gentlemen, if life has been handing you lemons lately and your stress level has gone into overdrive, grab onto something quickly and hang on tight. A new study published in journal Age and Ageing, has found that your risk of falling may have just skyrocketed.

According to researchers, if you’re an older guy who has been dealing with a stressful life event… like the death of a loved one or serious financial troubles, for example… your risk of falling within the year following the event could shoot up by as much as 41 percent!

Even worse, the study involving 5,994 men over the age of 65 found that there was a two-fold increase in the risk of multiple falls during that same year. Ouch!

It’s likely that a combination of strong emotions clouding your attention, the release of stress hormones, and inflammation all play a role in the sudden rise in risk of falling. When stress hits following your regular routines, including saying no to comfort foods and sticking to your healthy diet, can help keep you on track.

Be sure to keep your vitamin D levels topped off (visit the NorthStar blog to learn why vitamin D is so critical for maintaining your health) and add in some natural-stress busting vitamin C while you’re at it. And don’t forget, exercise is one of the best stress reducers there is. Perhaps try some low-impact tai-chi which has been shown to be good for both your body and mind and can help you avoid those falls by building muscles and improving your balance.