Protect your hearing with resveratrol

If you’ve been paying any attention to natural news the past few years, you’ve no doubt heard of the the potent antioxidant resveratrol, which has been labeled a cancer fighter, and is considered by many to be an anti-aging superstar. What you may not know, is another of resveratrol’s effects may be to help ward off noise induced hearing loss.

This hard working multi-tasker promotes heart health, brain function, and circulation. And, despite what one poorly constructed study implied, the extract even appears to support insulin regulation, normal blood pressure, and cholesterol control.

The key to resveratrol's effects lies in the supplement's antioxidant nature. You see, antioxidants naturally fight the inflammation that's at the heart of countless diseases and assaults on your health. And, according to a study of the effects of resveratrol published in the journal Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, it's this same inflammation-fighting ability that, may offer some surprising protection for your hearing.

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Researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit wanted to find out if resveratrol effects had any influence on noise-induced hearing loss.

You see exposure to loud noise doesn't just rob people of their hearing it can also interfere with sleep and communication, and is linked to increases in blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. So, in other words, the researchers were getting a whole lot of bang for their study buck.

Since subjecting people to deafeningly-loud rock concerts seemed like a bad idea the scientists turned to rats to carry out their experiment. They dosed up the rodents on resveratrol and then exposed them to loud noise for a long period of time.

After having the rats rock out to loud noise, the scientists noticed something interesting. The rats' bodies were reacting to the noise much like they would with a sport's injury or arthritis...with inflammation. Being exposed to the noise triggered an increase in COX-2 proteins.

You may already be familiar with COX-2s because of the drugs that are often used to combat them, called COX-2 inhibitors. They include Celebrex, Vioxx, and Bextra...although two of the three have been removed from the market because of side effects.

When you have an injury or disease, COX-2 enzymes pump out prostaglandins that cause the pain, swelling, and inflammation that goes with it. And COX-2 inhibitors drive back that inflammation. (And, unfortunately, bring along a boatload of potential side effects for the ride.)

And here's where things got REALLY interesting.

Reduce hearing loss naturally

The scientists observed that the resveratrol effects significantly inhibited the COX-2 and, as a result, significantly reduced the rats' hearing loss. In other words, the resveratrol had literally protected those little rodent ears from the effects of the noise.

Resveratrol had acted as an all-natural COX-2 inhibitor, dousing the inflammation without any of the potentially dangerous drug side effects!

Now, with so many good reasons to recommend resveratrol, it's not like I need another one...but it looks like I just got one, anyway.

If you've read about resveratrol effects in the GTGH before, and you're already taking it, that's great -- you're giving your ears some much-needed added protection! If not, talk with a doctor skilled in natural healing about what this all-natural COX-2 inhibitor may be able to do for you.