You’re ready to stop losing hair! But surgery is expensive and chemicals aren’t your thing. You need Restore FX and its 14 natural, hair boosting ingredients. The ingredients in Restore FX are a bold new approach to theRestore FX natural hair loss support problem of hair loss, for men and women. A natural formula, specially designed to work together to help

  • Stop your hairline from retreating
  • Hold on to the hair you have
  • Recharge your roots to promote thick, healthy hair

Restore FX ingredients act in 5 ways to nourish the roots of your hair, to give the hair you still have the support it needs, and to keep hair killing hormones in line.  Starting in just 30 days, you can see the difference in the mirror, and feel the difference as your confidence soars. Here’s how –

Stable Sulfur with Restore FX Ingredients

What many people don’t realize is just how important sulfur is to healthy hair. It’s part of the very foundation of keeping hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. So we’ve used not just 1, but 3 separate nutrients that are loaded with sulfur as ingredients in Restore FX. With carefully measured amounts of DL-Methionine, MSM, and L-cysteine, you can be sure your hair is getting the sulfur it needs!

The Manly – and Womanly – Minerals of Restore FX Ingredients

Everyone knows that right minerals, in the right amounts, are important to overall health. But zinc and copper are 2 that are particularly important for healthy hair. The problem with those 2 minerals, though, is that their supplies in our bodies are limited. Making them 2 of Restore FX’s ingredients helps restore and refresh your supply – keeping your hair healthy. And Restore FX was designed to work equally well for both men and women. Guys, check out our Men’s Guide to Hair Loss for more information. Ladies, there’s a Women’s Guide for Hair Loss for you, too – and Restore FX is on both of them, because it works just as well for both of you!

Restore FX Ingredients Keep Hair Killers Contained

Most men think of having testosterone (DHT) as a good thing, and it usually is. But not always when it comes to hair loss. Think of the hormone DHT as a playground bully – when it gets “out of control” it actually orders your genes to kick the balding process into high gear. That’s why you want it under control and why we included pygeum as a Restore FX ingredients. Pygeum comes from evergreen trees in Africa and may actually stop the DHT from affecting your scalp.

Encourage and Enhance Hair Growth with Restore FX Ingredients

We went out of our way to find ingredients for Restore FX that actually encourage and enhance hair growth – and we found 5 of them. We started with biotin, because biotin is vital to hair’s health, strength, and look. Grapeseed extract is a crucial Restore FX ingredient, because in in vitro animal studies it was shown to promote the growth of hair follicle cells by 230%.

Next came gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), because not only are PUFAs  required for overall human well-being, but one of their functions is to stimulate hair growth. But we still weren’t done! We also added horsetail to the formula. Horsetail is an excellent natural source of cysteine, selenium and silica, which are believed to enhance hair growth. And we rounded off the formula withgreen tea, which may also encourage hair growth.

Beta Sitosterol, An Essential Restore FX Ingredient

Beta sitosterol works in partnership with another Restore FX ingredient, specifically saw palmetto, to address hair loss.  Together, they also deal with the hormone DHT, only instead of keeping in line the way pygeum does, these extracts actually help stop your body from creating excess DHT in the first place! In fact, in a small study, 60% of men taking this powerhouse combination saw the quality and quantity of their hair improve.

14 Restore FX Ingredients – 1 Great Product

Thousands of users, men and women, have already fallen in love with Restore FX and how healthy and strong it has made their hair. Feel free to read some of the Restore FX customer reviews we’ve received – and get ready to add your voice once you’re experienced the amazing healthy hair results .

We are so certain you’ll agree that Restore FX is worth every penny, we’ve backed it with our Gold Standard Guarantee. That means if starting in 30 days you aren’t looking better, seeing fewer hairs in the shower drain, and feeling sexier and more confident – send it back. Every bottle you bought, and we’ll refund the purchase price. Yes, of your entire order, every bottle – at any time, for any reason.

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Put away the hats and get ready to feel the wind through your hair again – with Restore FX. Order today!

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