Here's what MOST people think about diabetes…

It is what it is… and you gotta swallow every pill they shove down your throat.

Well, that's what THEY want YOU to believe…

Because for them, diabetes isn't a disease so much as a cash machine… one that NEVER runs outta dough.

But new research exposes the ugly truth about this crooked system.

It finds they could be PUSHING drugs and insulin on you…

Even when you don't need them.

And that could RUIN your life… instead of SAVING it!

Despite what you've heard…

Despite what they want you to believe…

Despite the relentless TV ads for people with diabetes…

Not every case needs heavy medication!

That's even going by CONVENTIONAL guidelines. (My own guidelines make it even EASIER to avoid drugs – but more on that in a moment.)

When blood sugar is well-controlled, docs are supposed to reduce or remove many meds and potentially even skip the insulin, leaving you with ONLY metformin…

And in some cases, you may not even need that.

It's called de-prescribing -- but docs AREN'T doing it when they should.

A new analysis of veterans in nursing homes finds that 17% are OVERTREATED…

Meaning they have good control over glucose but are STILL taking heavy-duty meds…

And, no doubt, struggling with the side effects… including numbers that can drop too low.

In addition, the analysis says 23% are POTENTIALLY overtreated – a.k.a. their medical records certainly made it LOOK like overtreatment, but the researchers would need more info to say for sure.

Add those two together, and 40% are either DEFINITELY or VERY LIKELY taking meds they don't need…

Yet only a SMALL fraction of those patients had their medication reduced!

These were folks in nursing homes… who are NOTORIOUSLY overmedicated.

But don't think this isn't happening out in the rest of the world.

A 2019 study estimated that 2.3 million Americans – NOT nursing home patients, but everyone else – are being given UNNECESSARY diabetes treatments.

You could even be one of them!

Talk to your own doc about glucose control targets for "de-prescribing"… and what it would take to hit those goals.

Even if you're not there yet, you COULD be with a little effort – because despite what you've heard, diabetes could be REVERSED and even CURED .

Start with a diet extremely low in carbs. Get absolutely STRICT about it – because this one step alone will bring glucose back into line naturally far more effectively than any meds.

And for an even BETTER shot at beating this thing, consider natural therapies such as…

  • chromium
  • berberine
  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • cinnamon extract
  • and perhaps a little vanadium.

Don't quit meds on your own, of course.

You need to work with a doc… ideally a naturopathic physician who can help guide you through this process and get you off meds the right way.