RegeneCell IngredientsAging isn't just about getting older. There’s very little we can do about getting older, and truthfully, getting older can be a good thing. But we can fight aging – the tell-tale wrinkles, the more regular doctors’ visits, the ever lengthening list of specialists, even the physical changes. You don’t have to give into them without a fight. That’s why Dr. Mitchell Ghen developed RegeneCell – the single most comprehensive anti-aging supplement on the market.

Dr. Ghen has brought together more than 70 of the most effective, most reputable anti-aging fighters to create the formula that will help you rejuvenate every system and every cell in your body! How did he do this? By identifying the 10 signs of aging – and then researching the RegeneCell ingredients you need to address every single one of them and more.

What Causes Aging?

Aging is more than just the passage of time. Aging is the impact the passage of time can have on your body. And it’s this impact which the RegeneCell ingredients were designed to counteract. According to the “free radical theory of aging” aging is sped up when free radicals attack our bodies at the cellular level. Antioxidants can slow, and sometimes even reverse, this damage. But our bodies have to be able to absorb the nutrients containing the antioxidants.

What we've learned, though, is that as we get older, our bodies lose the ability to produce, process and absorb nutrients as well as they did when they were younger. So not only do we lose the ability to create the nutrients we need, we also lose the ability to process as efficiently. Just when we are making less of the essential nutrients we need, our bodies start needing even more. Since we are making smaller amounts, and absorbing less efficiently, the free radicals can cause uncontrolled damage – damage that we look at and call “aging.”

This aging can appear in several different areas of your body (and, of course, your mind). So, what were the 10 categories Dr. Ghen was able to address? Let’s look…

The Best Way to Protect Your Cardiovascular Health

When you hear the phrase “cardiovascular health” you probably think of your heart – and that’s appropriate. Your heart is the core of your cardiovascular system. But it’s so much more than that. Cardiovascular health is about blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, the blood’s ability to flow easily throughout your body - even the blood itself needs to be healthy in order to have optimal “cardiovascular health.” That’s why more than 15 of the RegeneCell ingredients are aimed at supporting your cardio health.

These RegeneCell ingredients for cardiovascular health include magnesium, which supports healthy blood vessels. Ribose, which can help enhance cardiac energy levels and support cardiovascular metabolism. Then there’s chromium, because getting enough chromium is linked to healthier blood sugar levels and  good cholesterol numbers. And a strange sounding supplement called nattokinase, which helps keep blood flowing smoothly and may help keep arteries flexible and healthy. These important nutrients for heart health are all included in RegeneCell, so you can feel confident revving up your heart rate and staying active.Ingredients in RegeneCell

Did you know 50-75% of people with cardiovascular concerns may have a CoQ10 deficiency? That’s why Dr. Ghen included CoQ10 as a RegeneCell ingredient. Plus, CoQ10 has been shown to support every cardiovascular health marker it’s been studied against! Taurine has been shown to help promote a healthy heartbeat. And green tea helps support cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. In fact, green tea has so many benefits, it may actually help increase your lifespan. And these are just a few of the cardiovascular health RegeneCell ingredients! But the ingredients in RegeneCell help out with other health concerns as well. Including…

Digestive/Colon Health – The “Hidden” Danger of Aging

Most of us don’t think much about our digestive and colon health when we’re younger – but it becomes a big deal as we get older and experience more bloating, gas, cramps, and general discomfort. So these RegeneCell ingredients were chosen to help keep everything healthy and moving. A specially formulated proprietary blend of digestive enzymes not only helps keep you regular, but also helps your body absorb the nutrients it may be lacking. Larch tree extract helps keep the levels of healthy bacteria that we all need in our digestive tracts in an optimal range. Not only do micro-encapsulated probiotics help keep healthy bacteria in normal range, but they may also help your gut stay balanced.

On top of that, it’s important you know…

Why Cell Health, Repair, and Energy Production Are So Important if You Want to Feel Younger

Some of the most common vitamins – like Vitamin A, C, E, and even some of the B-vitamins - are important because they help support your cells, and even go to work repairing them, keeping you feeling young and vibrant. But cell health, DNA repair, and the energy production that comes from healthy functioning cells is absolutely essential to fighting back the signs of aging, so we don’t just offer your common, everyday vitamins as the only RegeneCell ingredients.

RegeneCell includes L-Carnosine. This is important because research on test tube cultures of human cells exposed to carnosine is nothing short of breathtaking. Carnosine actually extended the lifespan of those cells. And then, in later research, carnosine rejuvenated cells that were nearing the end of their lifespan. The cells got younger. Then, there’s pantothenic acid, which is found in every living cell and is required for energy production. And magnesium, which doesn’t just help support your cardio system, but is also especially critical to the activity of enzymes involved in energy production.

This is such an important category when it comes to anti-aging that these are only a few of the ingredients that take on cell health. Riboflavin…folic acid…D Ribose…the list goes on.

You've Heart About Antioxidants… But Does Your Supplement Give You This Many?

You probably know that antioxidants are good for you. They are your number one defense against oxidative damage – the number one cause of aging! Have you ever left an apple out too long after you cut it? It turns brown. That’s oxidative damage, also known as oxidative stress, and it’s caused when free radicals attack the cells – and it’s happening in your body right now. There is no way to avoid free radicals. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat. We can even be exposed to them through sunlight. In other words, if you’re feeling “run down,” it’s not your fault. But the antioxidants in RegeneCell can help slow the damage caused by oxidative stress.

Usually, we think about getting antioxidants through dark, richly colored foods. So what if you could get the antioxidant benefits of all the fruits and vegetables you eat in an entire week in one serving? That’s what the RegeneCell ingredients can give you. Over 15 powerful antioxidants, all taking on oxidative stress, at once, in one serving of RegeneCell. Beta carotene, vitamins C and E, green tea extract, grape seed extract, the carotenoids, even a proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables for good measure. Are you overwhelmed yet? We hope not, because there are still more antioxidants in RegeneCell

If there was an antioxidant so strong it was called a free radical “scavenger,” it could regenerate other antioxidants, and it could actually repair oxidative damage, wouldn't you want access to it? That’s why alpha-lipoic acid, that very antioxidant, is one of the key RegeneCell ingredients. As is curcumin, an antioxidant stronger even than vitamin E, an impressively powerful antioxidant in its own right. And molybdenum, one of the most important antioxidants you've never heard of – it’s associated with more than 30 oxidation reduction enzymes. There are so many more antioxidants in the RegeneCell ingredient list that we’re confident saying this is the most comprehensive single antioxidant supplement on the market today. Period.

Plus, Improve Your Muscle Health Day After Day…

Part of beating back the aging process is being able to move, dance, lift, and walk – and RegeneCell has ingredients that focus on muscle health. Ingredients like potassium that is essential for muscle contraction and health. Potassium deficiency can cause muscle cramps, weakness, or damage as well. RegeneCell combines potassium with magnesium, because magnesium is involved in muscle impulses, and it also helps the body absorb potassium.

Stay Strong, Confident, and Independent with Optimal Bone Health

Hand in hand with muscle health, in terms of feeling young and staying active, is bone health. Moving with confidence and ease is a sure sign of a youthful body, as well as a youthful spirit. No conversation about bone health is complete without calcium – the major mineral component in bones and teeth – so of course it’s the primary bone health RegeneCell ingredient. After all, calcium is required for bone growth and maintenance. But calcium is not the only nutrient you need for strong bones.

A lesser known, yet still important, bone health ingredient is magnesium. Not only is 55-60% of the body’s magnesium associated with bone strength, but magnesium assists with the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D is considered the sunlight vitamin, but as you get older, it becomes more difficult to convert sunlight into vitamin D. So even if you’re spending time outside, you still may be vitamin D deficient. While some people may consider these nutrients enough, they are only 3 of many of the RegeneCell ingredients for bone health.

Healthy Immune Response – So You Can Feel Great All Year Long

Our immune response is how your body defends itself against anything that might be perceived as a threat, so a strong immune system is key to staying healthy and active. Like every other system in your body, the immune system can begin to slow down and respond sluggishly as you get older, so RegeneCell supports a healthy immune response. Luckily, vitamin E supports many of the immune responses that decrease with age. Selenium is a trace element that is essential for optimal immune function. A healthy immune response is just one of the many metabolic functions that requires vitamin B6 – so it’s just one reason this multipurpose vitamin is a RegeneCell ingredient.

As important as your immune response is, you’re not going to truly feel great without a…

Healthy Inflammatory Response

What many people don’t realize is that a healthy inflammatory response is part of a healthy immune response. However, if the inflammatory response gets out of hand it can lead to problems like premature aging and discomfort. So Dr. Ghen included RegeneCell ingredients that are targeted to maintain a healthy inflammatory response. He started with Resveratrol because, according to a 2005 study, this superstar ingredient may help promote a healthy inflammatory response by regulating the body's pro-inflammatory enzymes. Then he added curcumin, because Dr. Ghen himself believes it to be the best natural inflammation regulator known to mankind. But he didn’t stop there. He added selenium, quercetin, and flaxseed – all supporters of a healthy inflammatory response.

The Body’s Anti-Aging “Multiplier”: Support Your Liver Function

Because the liver’s job is to detoxify the entire body, an healthy liver sends healthy ripples throughout your entire body. That’s why there are not one, not even two, but three RegeneCell ingredients that target the liver. Just like it’s unwise for you to have too much fat, it’s equally as unwise for your liver to have too much fat. Inositol helps move fat out of the liver. Choline works the same way as inositol, helping flush fatty deposits from the liver. Finally, calcium d-glucorate helps support the liver by limiting the reabsorption of some materials.

One Last HUGE Anti-Aging Benefit: Support Your Brain Health and Avoid Those “Senior Moments”

Possibly the most frightening aspect of aging is concern about the health of our brains and our minds. Sure, “senior moments” might be amusing – until they start happening a little too often. But there are RegeneCell ingredients that can ease your concerns and help keep you sharp as a tack for years to come.

Along with several B vitamins, RegeneCell has boron, because boron deficiencies may lead to poorer performance in attention and short-term memory testing. Plus grape seed extract, which as an antioxidant doesn’t just take on general oxidative stress, but has been shown to inhibit oxidative stress in various parts of the brain, in animal studies.

Then Dr. Ghen included alpha-lipoic acid, because it can help support the brain in the fight against age-related mental decline. But perhaps the most impressive RegeneCell ingredient to help protect your brain and mind is acetyl-l-carnitine.

First, the most common role of acetyl-l-carnitine is to help produce the energy that keeps your brain functioning, your synapses firing, and your mental faculties sharp. In fact, study after study show acetyl-l-carnitine helps slow mental deterioration, including logical intelligence, verbal ability, long-term memory, selective attention, and more! As potent as these supplements are they aren’t even all the RegeneCell ingredients aimed at defending your memories, and mental abilities.

So, How Much Will These RegeneCell Ingredients Cost Me?

Now, to be honest, RegeneCell is the most expensive product we sell. We understand that looking at the price of a bottle might be a little daunting at $399.95. But let’s take a closer look…

Each of the RegeneCell ingredients is essential to fighting the effects of aging and keeping you feeling young and vibrant. Nothing is filler. Yet, if you were to buy fewer than half of these ingredients separately, it would cost you $765.00 – that’s before shipping costs or sales tax. $765.00 for 28 vital anti-aging ingredients. You’ve already spent almost twice what you will spend on a bottle of RegeneCell – and you don’t even have half the ingredients! By the time you’ve combined every single one of the 70+ RegeneCell ingredients, you’re looking at more than a $1000, easily. You can get 3 bottles of RegeneCell for less than that!

Plus, if you were to take them all individually, you’d have to choke down more than 70 pills every single day. With RegeneCell, you get all the life-changing benefits of this groundbreaking formula in a great tasting drink that you can mix with water, juice, fruit, whatever you like.

And RegeneCell is backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee, no matter how many bottles you buy, so you can try it risk free. Dr. Ghen recommends you give it 30 days, but after that, if you aren’t completely satisfied with how you look, how you feel, how much energy you have, return every bottle you bought and we will refund your entire purchase price.

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RegeneCell – the last anti-aging supplement you’ll ever need. Order today.

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