joint pain randomSome days are just fine.

You move, bend, twist – all without a twinge.

Other days, though, not so much.

Other days you’re struck by random joint pain.

That may go away once you change position, or it may linger, effecting the rest of your day. Or even your week.

So how do you address random joint pain so it doesn’t take you by surprise and possibly ruin a good time? Keep reading…

1. Talk to your doctor. The odds are good that random joint pain is no big deal – but you still can’t manage a problem until you know what it is! And, on the off chance your random joint pain is a symptom of a bigger problem, the sooner you know, the better. But even if it’s just wear and tear from a lifetime of use, your doctor can help you identify the causes of your random joint pain.

2. Exercise. If you’re never quite sure when random joint pain is going to strike, it’s easy to be nervous about exercise. Get moving anyway, in spite of the nerves. Because movement helps keep the joints moving freely, which can help reduce pain. Stick to low-impact exercises, like walking, swimming, or cycling, in order to minimize any risk of damaging your joints.

3. Stretch. Many people embrace a good walk, but forget about the importance of stretching. This is a mistake. Stretching helps you maintain flexibility and range of motion, both of which are necessary when trying to avoid random joint pain. Forget the outdated school of thought that you should stretch before a workout, though. Stretching a cold muscle can cause problems. Instead, stretch after you’ve warmed up and definitely stretch once your workout is complete.

4. Work on balance. What does balance have to do with random joint pain? Think about it this way – when you lose your balance, you go to catch yourself. This jars your entire body and you may twist or irritate a joint. That could hurt regardless, but if you’re already prone to random joint pain, it’s going to make it even worse. So work balance exercises into your exercise routine, three or more days a week, and stay steady on your joints.

5. Wear the right shoes. Both when you’re working out and living everyday life, it’s important to have the right support. Get shoes that have a cushion – you should feel a little like you’re walking on air – and be willing to replace them as that cushion goes flat.

6. Lose weight if you need to. Time to be really honest with yourself. If you’re carrying too much weight, it is affecting your joints. Losing weight may be the only thing you need to do to protect yourself from further random joint pain. The new exercise routines will certainly help, but make sure you’re taking the other steps you need to in order to lose weight as well as be healthy.

7. Consider supplements. The best way to avoid random joint pain is to maintain your joint health from the beginning. And joint health supplements can help! Nourish your joints, keep them healthy, and avoid random joint pain altogether.

8. Be prepared with the right pain reliever. The thing about random joint pain is that it’s, well, random. Make sure you have a topical pain reliever, like Soothanol X2, around for those moments when the pain flares up. Topical pain relievers work especially well for random joint pain because you can apply them exactly where you need them and they work in seconds. No waiting around for a pill to take effect! Plus, it doesn’t matter where you are, or if there’s water available. If the container of pain killer is available, you can be pain free in seconds.

In spite of how random joint pain might be, you really can plan for it, with these eight easy steps.

Don’t get bogged down or held back by worrying. Get out and live life, knowing you’ve got random joint pain beat, no matter when it strikes!