It’s like a scene out of a crime thriller…

You wake up in a bathtub full of ice -- with one of your kidneys missing.

Except this ain’t a movie… and there’s a good chance you’ll NEVER wake up.

Hospitals are in such a rush to harvest organs from donors that in at least some cases, they’re trying to pop the parts out of patients too early.

Because they’re not even dead yet!

And this isn’t a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of mistake.

It KEEPS happening.

And that should be a HUGE embarrassment for today’s “state-of-the-art-technology” modern medical establishment.

Yet the stories go on and on…

Here are some steps you and your loved ones need to take to protect yourselves… and each other… from the SCAVENGERS.

The DARK SIDE of checking the ‘organ donor’ box

Last year, a teen “woke up” from “brain death” just a day before his organs were supposed to be plucked.

Of course, he didn’t “wake up” from “brain death.”

There’s no waking up from that.

It was almost certainly a botched diagnosis!

Medscape– a specialty website for doctors and others in the biz – had a report on another “brain dead” patient who managed to “wake up” just in time.

But what’s really shocking isn’t the story.

It’s the comments!

Doctors and nurses around the country reported their own horror stories.

One wrote of a “dead” patient WAKING UP and GRABBING the wrist of the transporter as he was being brought in for an organ donation. That patient walked out of the hospital two weeks later, after making a full recovery from his “death.”


Another wrote that she herself had once been written off as “dead,”and her spouse was urged to take her off life support. She LIVED to tell the tale.


One doc spoke of refusing to participate in an organ donation when there was no EEG to check brain activity and prove brain death– so the transplant team took the patient to ANOTHER HOSPITAL.


And still another doctor reported seeing at least TWO brain death misdiagnoses from neurologists who failed to do ALL of the tests needed to confirm it.

You gotta be KIDDING me!

Makes you wonder just how many patients FAILED to wake up “just in time”before having their organs harvested.

The number is WAY higher than you’d think.

One ICU nurse compared the organ “procurement” team to vultures… circling critically ill patients… just waiting for them to die.

Another called the hospital transplant coordinator “ghoulish.”

None of this means you shouldn’t sign up to be an organ donor.

Just make sure you have a loved one willing to be YOUR advocate in the event you’re in the hospital and things are looking grim. And of course, do the samefor your own friends and loved ones.

The time to talk about this with each other is NOW.

Discuss what you each want… when to pull the plug… and how to get every possible determination first, including both an EEGand the apneatest.

One Medscape commenter reported of a hospital that required discontinuing all medications for two to three days… PLUS getting opinions from TWO neurologists and a non-attending cardiologist… before removing life support.

Sounds reasonable to me.

Ask the see the results… and to speak to the doctor who did the test.

If they balk, go straight to the hospital’s ethics committee.