I’ve warned before about buying into the hype about new drugs. Sure -- they sound so promising, but we know too little about their long-term problems. Well, remember this little tidbit when you come across a new drug like Prolia, Prolia side effects have not yet been tested in the long-term.

A new study just hit the news wire that showed post-menopausal women who take Prolia for up to eight years increase their bone mineral density.

No doubt, Amgen Inc, the makers of this drug, will make the most out of this new study.

They want you to take Prolia. It's a great, safe alternative to other osteoporosis drugs like Boniva and Fosamax, they'll say. These older drugs -- known as bisphosphonates -- have come under recent attack for causing unusual fractures, jaw decay, and even cancer, which could mean potential Prolia side effects could be similar.

But don't buy Amgen's ploy. Newer doesn't = better. And if you think bisphosphonates are bad. Just think about how little we really know about a newer drug like Prolia and possible Prolia side effects!