Antibacterial soaps, detergents and hand gels are “all the rage” these days. Thanks to prime-time advertising, Americans have a relatively new-found obsession with anything “anti-bacterial.”

There are some theories, however, that implicate this obsession with maintaining a perfectly germ-free environment with the increased incidence in autoimmune disorders like asthma and both seasonal and food allergies.

Regarding the sanitizing hand gels specifically, there’s an additional, yet 100 percent avoidable, danger.

There have been at least two reported cases of children suffering from severe alcohol poisoning as a result of finding and ingesting hand sanitizer.

It seems these gels are about 124 proof (62% alcohol). For basis of comparison, a typical bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey is 80 proof, or 40% alcohol.

In fact, the gels were recently banned from most prisons due to the increased incidence of inmate intoxication!

The necessity of such anti-bacterial products is probably a debatable one. But if you’re going to keep them around, it’s very important that you keep them where your kids, grandkids or...well...prison inmates, can’t get at them.