Yogurt ProbioticsIf you have digestive problems, you've probably been told that the probiotics in yogurt will help ease your discomfort.

And, they’re right. Yogurt can be great for easing digestive issues. After all, it does have probiotics which help clean out your gut.

But for some people the dream of finally relieving digestive pain becomes a nightmare practically overnight.

So, what’s really happening when you eat yogurt? Let’s take a closer look…

What’s the Key to a Healthy Gut?

While you probably don’t think much about your gut and how it works, there’s a lot going on in there.

There are healthy bacteria, which your body needs, and there are unhealthy bacteria that show up from food you eat, colds you catch, and even your environment. And it all has to exist together in a precarious balance in order for your gut to stay healthy.

When it all gets out of balance, and the unhealthy bacteria take over, that’s when you suddenly start feeling it in your gut.

The cramps, bloating, gas, and other discomforts make it hard to think about anything else.

This is when so many people turn to yogurt. But, it’s time you discover…

Why Yogurt Isn't Helping

 One of the ways your system can be thrown out of balance by exposure to histamines in foods. These histamines can cause all of those symptoms – the gas, cramping, bloating, even diarrhea, and more. You are exposed to histamines so often that your body has a natural defense against them, an enzyme called Diamine oxidase (DAO), which is the body’s primary way of neutralizing the impact of histamines.

But when you overwhelm your body with histamine-rich foods, the DAO simply can’t keep up. Your system gets thrown out of balance, and you end up feeling horrible. This is when conventional wisdom says you should eat yogurt, which contains live active cultures, to feel better.

These live active cultures will feed off of the “bad” bacteria and all will be well again. In theory.

Except that… histamines are found in fermented foods. Like yogurt. So you eat yogurt twice a day, because it’s good for you and will make you feel better, and end up achieving the exact opposite result.

And why is that unfortunate? Because yogurt is a fermented and highly processed food. In other words, a breeding ground for histamines. The very same histamines that can overwhelm the DAO, throw your system out of balance, and keep you feeling bad.

All this can help counter-act all the good the probiotics in yogurt are doing for your stomach.

Instead of rebalancing your system, you overwhelm the DAO with histamines, and make the situation even worse than it was.

The Worst Part Is Thinking This Is “Normal”

The biggest problem is that people who struggle with histamine overload aren't bedridden with a stomach flu. They just don’t have as much energy. Or they get cramps and bloated after eating. And they keep eating their “healthy” yogurt.

And because this feeling isn't as bad as a stomach flu or official food poisoning, people start to believe that this feeling of not-quite-right is normal. They accept this as their “healthy.” Only it’s not. They think they are being healthy, and taking smart steps, by eating yogurt twice a day, and instead they are making themselves worse.

So How Can You Get a Truly Healthy Gut, Without Any of These Nasty Side Effects?

The good news is that, if yogurt isn't helping you the way it’s supposed to, you have an alternative: BenVia Gold.

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You won’t throw your system out of balance by eating BenVia Gold every day. You won’t overwhelm your body’s levels of DAO. And you won’t have to deal with the discomfort caused by the very food that was supposed to make you feel better – yogurt.

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And it’s packed with more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than any yogurt you’ll find.

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