They’re spittin’ mad now… steamed at YOU.

The crime?

You had the NERVE to take matters into your own handsPROTECT your own health… and TRY something they don’t like.

Americans are turning to probiotics -- including some you can find in things like yogurt and sauerkraut (just don’t eat them together, blech) as well as from supplements.

Good reason for it, too. Promising studies show these all-natural bacteria can help:

  • IMPROVE digestion
  • PREVENT antibiotic side effects
  • BOOST immune function
  • FIGHT OFF colds and flu
  • STOP urinary tract infections

There’s even evidence some can help with moodmemory… and more.

So yeah, the mainstream hates it because anytime YOU can improve yourself on your own… you don’t need THEM.

And when you don’t need them… they lose dollars.

That, my friend, is that REAL reason for a new report you may have just seen SLAMMING probiotics.

Here’s the skinny behind their “sour grapes” mentality… and how to choose the right ones for the job.

The trick to taking probiotics effectively

The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) is out with new guidelines for taking probiotics

And, their conclusion can be summed up in a word.


The new guidelines claim that for the MOST part… in MOST cases… MORE research is needed.

And that’s just to figure out how SOME probiotics might do SOME things for SOME people SOME day.

They claim probiotics MIGHT help prevent C. diff infection after antibiotics use… and MAY have some other specific and limited functions… but for now?


They say you should ONLY use them as part of a clinical trial!

Here’s the REAL problem with probiotics, at least as far as the mainstream’s concerned…

And it’s NOT that they DON’T work.

It’s that they DO!

Just realize that probiotics aren’t a “one size fits all” kind of therapy.

There are many different bacterial species out there -- and they each can support your health in different ways.

Not all of them fall under the jurisdiction of gastroenterology, either.

So, if you’re looking for a specific benefit, you do have to break out the Google for a little investigative work.

Here’s what ELSE the mainstream CAN’T STAND about probiotics…

They’re also cheap and easy to get!

That makes it just about impossible to keep people from TRYING them out… and SEEING the results for themselves.

Now that the cat’s outta the bag, the AGA is busy doing damage control.

They’re saying that new research can lead to “next-generation” probiotics -- and that THOSE are the ones you should wait for.

Well, I know what that’s all about…

I’d bet anything that the probiotics they’ll get behind will be OVERPRICED, PATENTED forms of the bacteria.

Then, they can finally earn some coin selling them via prescription and at a massive markup. 

Don’t give into this nonsense. If you’re interested in probiotics, go ahead and give them a shot.

Just watch out for Big Food companies slapping a “WITH PROBIOTICS!” label on junk food in hopes of boosting sales.

Either get them from a supplement or right from the source -- especially yogurt (just eat real, fresh yogurt and not the icky-sticky-gooey “fruit on the bottom” junk).


In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen