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  • Experience the surging results of an ancient aphrodisiac
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  • Enhance your stamina, and always finish strong

Just what are these Prime Power ingredients that can set your sex life on fire, and have the 2 of you acting like silly, sex-crazed teenagers? There are only 4 of them, but these 4 Prime Power ingredients are more than enough…

Prime Power Ingredients: Blood of the Mountain

This first Prime Power ingredient gets its name from its physical appearance. Blood of the Mountain, or shilajit, is a dark, thick substance that oozes out from between cracks high on the cliffs of the Himalayan Mountains.  Men have literally risked their lives for this sexual powder keg of an ingredient because the locals consider it nothing less than a gift from the gods. And why? Because they believed it helped them to stay young, boost their libido, and revitalize their energy.

Guess what happened when this mysterious substance was actually studied in a controlled environment? It worked. It did everything the villagers in the Himalayans had claimed it could do. The benefits of shilajit are well documented, as you can read in this article. In one preliminary study, men boosted their sperm production, and increased their actual sperm count. Plus, it lifted levels of free testosterone, so even if sperm count is no longer a concern, performance certainly is.

Prime Power Ingredients: Stamina Strength, and Stress

The next Prime Power ingredient, Malaysian ginseng (or eurycoma longifolia), scores the hat trick by addressing 3 of the major issues for sexual satisfaction: preliminary studies show it can give you stamina, help with physical strength, and helps ease stress. And the less stressed you are, the easier it is to get in and stay in, the mood. In fact, it even enhanced sexual quality in one study on sluggish, middle aged rats. If it can help out a rat, imagine what it can do for you! Luckily for you – and for her – you don’t have to imagine. With Prime Power, you can experience the herb that may “significantly improve sexual health,” according to researchers. But we bet she describes it a slightly different way – once she gets her breath back.

Prime Power Ingredients: Robust Erection Support

Korean Red Ginseng is the next Prime Power ingredient – and its impact is red hot. It’s been used traditionally in Asia for centuries, and the reason is obvious. When studied in multiple randomized, controlled trials, science backed up the traditional use – which means that men really can have earth-shattering orgasms with Korean Red Ginseng.  And if your erections are already strong, expect to blow her mind with the stunning new levels you could reach.

Prime Power Ingredients: Longer Endurance = Better Performance

Here’s the truth – it doesn't matter how ready you are if you can’t last as long as she wants you to. She may never come out and say it, but you both know it’s true. With ViNotrox, the last Prime Power ingredient, that won’t be an option. No matter how long she wants you, you can be able to deliver! In fact, you can be able to give her 110% - literally! In one study, active men were given ViNotrox before a physical endurance test, and they lasted 110% as long before they tired out, when compared to the men taking a placebo.

And because ViNotrox is made of apple and grape extract, you don’t have to worry about any exhausting crash when it wears off. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about the timing of a crash. The only reason you’ll be exhausted is because you've been performing so long, and to such great satisfaction.

Be ready and able to say yes, when your wife begs for more. Expect to have to leave the party early, because she can’t keep her hands off of you. Rediscover the way she looks, feels, and sounds, when you are bringing her to the heights of pleasure.

Thousands of men, just like the ones who wrote these Prime Power reviews, are thrilled with the results they’re getting from Prime Power. And we have no doubt you will be as thrilled as they are.

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