There’s ONE THING standing between you and a potential case of cancer years from now….

So naturally, the mainstream wants to LITERALLY strip it right off your body!

There’s a new push by the establishment to do away with the lead aprons used during imaging tests.

They’re what’s supposed to stop stray radiation beams from going where they shouldn’t.

During dental X-rays, these bibs could give you at least a little (better than nothing!) protection from conditions such as thyroid cancer.

For scans lower down, those same aprons will protect your “junk” from some of the nightmare cancers we all fear.

And for all scans, in general, it can protect your bones, organs, and more from radiation… cellular damage… and disease.

But a group of radiologists now says it’s time to DO AWAY with them.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong???

What imaging tests REALLY do to you

There’s absolutely no denying it… not even from the most mainstream of all mainstream voices.

Americans are exposed to far too much radiation…

Especially from imaging tests such as X-ray and CT scans.

There’s also no denying that all that radiation leads to cancer in some people, years later.

One study found CT scans done in just the year 2007 alone would lead to 29,000 future cancers.

Given that it’s now 13 years later, people are almost certainly living with those cancers right now… and some may have died from them.

For what?

Not as much as you’d think, given the risks… as studies show that many imaging tests are completely unnecessary.

What I’m getting at here, is virtually EVERYONE agrees on two things.

  • Radiation is dangerous.
  • We’re exposed to far too much of it.

But instead of cutting that exposure, they’re cooking up a plan to INCREASE it.

Because as I mentioned, now they want to do away with lead aprons, claiming they don’t help as much as people think.

The new report claims the aprons are:

  • Difficult to position: When they’re not placed right, they won’t protect what they’re supposed to.
  • Could block the area being screened: That could lead to another test and more radiation overall.
  • Might mess up the machine’s automated exposure controls: It could detect the thick apron and automatically fire off more radiation to get through it.

Notice the issue here? NOT ONE of these problems suggests lead aprons are ineffective against radiation when used right.

The key is in those last three words… when used right.

Seems to me the best, safest, and easiest solution would be to make sure EVERYONE using these machines is trained correctly… and that the “automatic” settings are re-automated.

But this is the mainstream… and they love to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

So, here’s my advice…

If your doc wants an imaging test, ask if you REALLY need it… or if there’s a “wait and see” option.

If he really needs an image, an ultrasound or MRI may do the trick in some cases – and neither of those uses radiation.

And if you DO need an X-ray or CT, don’t trust ANYONE who says you don’t need a lead bib. Insist on wearing it for your own protection.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen