Remember Alan Funt?

People would find themselves in the most absurd situations… then be asked to smile, because YOU’RE on “CANDID CAMERA!”

This comic genius was crippled by a stroke in ’93, then died a few years later…

So you gotta believe he’d just LOVE the kooky irony of the latest stroke “treatment.”

It sounds like a wild idea he would’ve cooked up in his prime!

Picture it…

You’re RUSHED into the ER after a stroke – except docs have turned the whole thing into a game, complete with a clock and a buzzer.

Your stroke is being treated like a game – with your LIFE being treated as the prize!

And this absolutely CRAZY idea could be coming to an emergency room near you!

The new stroke game… where the stakes are your LIFE

The new plan is like a classic “beat the clock” game.

As crazy as that sounds, they actually tested it out in a hospital in Germany -- with a big clock hovering over the proceedings.

Like in a game show, docs had to hit a buzzer when they completed certain stroke procedures… such as a neurological exam

Otherwise an alarm would blare.

Talk about TENSE!

Not gonna lie. When the clock was going, it saved a few precious minutes here and there – and those minutes are absolutely critical after a stroke.

Every second counts!

But while the timing’s important… it’s the RESULTS that matter most, right?

And that’s where the clock stops… because there were NO differences in the two most important measures.

The time to the groin puncture was the same whether the clock was there or not… and 90 days later, outcomes in both groups were the same.

So much for the clock!

Yet they said they’re gonna keep testing this out some more.

And given how much mainstream medicine LOVES goofy gimmicks, I can’t help but think this will be coming soon to a hospital near you.

The problem is… once you’re in that room with the clock counting down, you don’t exactly have much say in what’s going on.

You might not even be conscious… much less able to lean over and hit the PAUSE button.

And you’re certainly not about the smile for a hidden camera.

So, your best bet is to make sure you’re never a contestant in this freaky ER game show scenario… and save your own life.

There are 2 great vitamins that can help dramatically cut your risk of stroke… and they’re both DIRT cheap!

  • Folic acid: Talk about an unsung hero! There’s a lot it can do for you, including help prevent a stroke. A study a couple of years ago found folic acid supplements will cut the risk by 10% overall… and as much as 15% if you have high inflammation.
  • Vitamin C: There’s probably nothing humbler… yet few nutrients are as important. C can boost your immune system… protect your heart… and prevent gout flareups. But most people SKIP it, assuming they’re covered (they’re not). Don’t be one of THOSE people. As I shared with you last year, it’ll cut your risk of dying from stroke by 28%.

Maybe set an alarm to remind yourself to take ’em.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen