A nutty way to drop diabetes risk

If you've been following my advice, you’re already reaching for super-healthy almonds and walnuts at snack time. These superfoods in hardshell jackets have been proven in study after study to help fight cancer, lower blood pressure, and drive down blood sugar.

Well I’m happy to report there’s another tasty nut you can add to your healthy snack list. A new Spanish study has found that regularly eating delicious pistachios may help reduce your diabetes risk.

In the study, volunteers with prediabetes who ate about two ounces of pistachios a day had significant drops in their blood sugar and insulin levels. But the good news didn’t stop there, they also had improvements in their insulin and glucose processing, and even saw some signs of inflammation plummet.

So be sure to add pistachios to your shopping list, your palette and your doctor will both be pleased.