It’s the letter you were NEVER meant to see.

It was sent to doctors around the country on the hush-hush… to quietly warn them about a whole mess of new dangers linked to a popular drug.

People with inflammation of the large intestine are suffering horrific, newly uncovered drug risks.

But all the dirty details were being HIDDEN from those patients!

Well, guess what? They sent this letter to ME…

And I’m about to blow the lid off this thing… and let you know the REAL risks of the drug.

The hidden horrors of a billion-dollar blockbuster

The new warning -- oh, sorry, they call it a “safety signal” (you just can’t make this up) – is for a drug called tofacitinib (a.k.a. Xeljanz).

It’s givento patients with such nasty conditions as rheumatoid arthritis… psoriatic arthritis… and ulcerative colitis.

Last year alone, it brought in $1.77 billion for its maker, Pfizer. That’s a LOT of money on the line.

But Pfizer isn’t just adding a little sticker to its label…

It sent out a ridiculously massive joke of a pamphlet-- one that just keeps unfolding when you open it up, ultimately reaching about one foot by two and a half feet, covered in fine print on both sides (and good luck trying to fold it back up again).

Once I broke out my magnifying glass, the first thing I spotted was that a higher dose that’s only approved for ulcerative colitispatients -- 10mg/twice-a-day dose -- increases the risk of pulmonary embolism.

That’s already bad… and MUCH worse than the abdominal pain and diarrhea that come with chronic cases of UC.

And then this pamphlet gets to “overall mortality,” a.k.a. PATIENT DEATH.

Even with THAT, those pharma giant jugheads were just getting warmed up.

Because later on, they warn of hospitalization and death from serious infections… specifically from pneumonia, cellulitis, shingles, UTIs, diverticulitis, and appendicitis.

Then, FOUR pages into this thing, they throw in one heck of an “oh by the way” revelation…

The drug’s been linked to CANCER, too!

Now, ulcerative colitis is certainly no picnic.

But bear in mind: This drug won’t CURE it. There is NO cure.

Xeljanz is just a “treatment” that can MAYBE help… but ONLY if you’re willing to risk ALL these ways to DIE horribly.

Here’s the kicker…

At the VERY END of the letter… after several feet of warnings on all the ways the drug will KILL you… they declare that “patient safety is of the utmost importance."

Uh, if safety is “of the utmost importance,” wouldn't it be best for Pfizer to pull the drug off the market???

Here’s a better plan…

You can ease this condition dramatically with a combination of probioticsprebiotics (also called fructooligosaccharides, or FOS), upon which probiotics feed and multiply… and a diet that’s careful to avoid food allergies and sensitivities (which can include dairy, among others).

You may also want to try chlorella.

Extracted from green algae, it’s extremely rich in bowel-cleaning chlorophyll. And studies have shown that it can help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life.

Speak to a naturopathic medical doctor who can help you through these changes and keep tabs on your progress.