Peak Adrenal X6 schisandra berriesDo any of these symptoms sound familiar - constant tiredness, moodiness, the struggle to stay awake during the day followed by the struggle to get to sleep when it’s finally time for bed? If so, then you need to know about the ingredients in Peak Adrenal X6.

What about “senior moments” and brain fog? Do those sound familiar, too? You may have thought all of these were just normal signs of aging and there was nothing you could do about them. We’re here to tell you that that’s not true.

These could all be signs that your adrenal glands are exhausted. This exhaustion is known as adrenal fatigue; you can learn more about adrenal fatigue in this article. And adrenal fatigue is what the specially formulated ingredients in Peak Adrenal X6 are designed to address.

That’s right, these symptoms aren’t just a part of aging, but possibly symptoms of something bigger – something you can actually manage. The adrenal glands moderate your body’s response to stress, so when they are tired, you are tired. To learn more about the adrenal glands and how they work to support energy levels, you can read this article.

Because once you understand what the adrenal glands do, the only question left will be how to manage the symptoms of over-taxed adrenal glands and get back to having the abundant energy you want – you need – to keep up with your active life. And that’s where Peak Adrenal X6 comes in!

The ingredients in Peak Adrenal X6 help relieve every sign of overworked adrenal glands:

  • stiff joints
  • occasional headaches
  • muscle weakness
  • trouble sleeping
  • moodiness
  • brain fog

…and more. Peak Adrenal X6 ingredients provide a perfect energy balance, so you’re awake during the day, but slip easily into a deep, restful slumber at night. These ingredients can even improve mental performance, making you sharper, more focused, and faster-thinking.

So just what are the Peak Adrenal X6 ingredients that can revitalize your life?

Peak Adrenal X6 Ingredients: Concentration, Focus, and Mood

When we’re stressed, our whole attitudes change. We get snappish, moody, and have a hard time concentrating. But you can be your happy, focused self again by taking some very simple, natural steps to boost your energy (just check out these natural energy boosters), and finding the right adrenal support supplements is a powerful, important step.

Schisandra extract – This berry extract has been used in Russian traditional medicine for everything from quenching thirst to fighting exhaustion in hunters. This multi-purpose ingredient is an adaptogen, but it also stimulates nitric oxide production for improved blood flow, and has been shown to reduce exhaustion-related errors.

Ashwagandha – What doesn’t this herb do!? In study after study, ashwagandha has been shown to improve well-being, reduce fatigue and irritability, improve concentration and memory, and improve sleep.

Peak Adrenal X6 Ingredients: The Adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbs that literally help your body adapt to external and internal stressors. For a more detailed explanation of adaptogens, click here. To sum it up, these herbs help support your adrenal glands, giving them the break they need to help them recover from being so tired.

Eleuthero – Known as “Siberian gensing” or “the Siberian Secret”, eleuthero has been used and studied extensively in Russia since the 1950s for stress issues and to support the body’s stress response. In at least one study of college athletes, it measurably increased their endurance over the course of 8 weeks. If it can increase endurance in athletes who are already in peak condition, imagine what this Siberian Secret can do for you!

Licorice – That’s right, the same licorice you taste in candies has adaptogenic properties, which is a really fancy way of saying that it provides adrenal gland support. Not only is it an adaptogen, but it also may help restore cortisol levels, which are key to reducing fatigue.

Peak Adrenal X6 Ingredients: Healthy Support

Our adrenal glands need certain nutrients to function properly. Ensuring our bodies have these nutrients is a solid step toward providing a worn out adrenal system with the support it needs.

Vitamin C – A high concentration of vitamin C is found in healthy, efficient adrenal glands, and it’s believed that vitamin C may support the adrenal stress response.

Panthotenic Acid – Also known as vitamin B-5, this nutrient is found in healthy adrenal glands. It plays a part in how our bodies utilize energy. In fact, in animal studies, a vitamin B-5 deficiency has actually been shown to be damaging to the adrenal glands (although deficiency in humans is rare).

Peak Adrenal X6 Ingredients: The Right Formula, The Right Amounts

Can you imagine a day with abundant energy…mental clarity and focus…improved mood and attitude… followed by a night of deep, restful, restorative sleep? It’s all right here, at your fingertips, thanks to the ingredients in Peak Adrenal X6.

And, you can get it all for less than your monthly coffee budget! Just check out this article to see how the price of Peak Adrenal X6 compares to a daily coffee habit. Not only is Peak Adrenal X6 effective, but it’s a great value, too.

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