The mainstream is pleased as punch. They couldn’t be happier with themselves.

It’s for doing what they’ve always claimed to be practically IMPOSSIBLE.

They say they’ve discovered a way to help ease back pain in some of the toughest of all cases… without dangerous and addictive pain pills.

I’d stand up and pat ’em on the back, except for one little problem…

They didn’t “discover” jack.

What they’re REALLY doing can only be described as a brazen theft.

They’re STEALING a natural cure… and trying to pass it off as a new “drug” for people with back pain.

Reduce back pain by more than 20%

Now, I’ll admit I was a little surprised by this one…

While I’ve often recommended this all-natural therapy for a number of reasons, back pain was never very high on the list.

It’s called pregnenolone.

An age-fighting steroid hormone, it’s often EXCELLENT for problems that often slap you around when you get older… like mood, memory, andenergy.

When they put it to the test for back pain in war veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, it worked… somewhat.

More than half got at least a 20% improvement in pain levels, often more.

That was about double the placebo group.

The also had less pain intensity and less pain interference, meaning the pain improved enough so they could get back to work and doing stuff.

So far, so good.

But the key thing here is that it’s NATURAL… so you can get it anywhere, starting at about 9 cents a day.

But is that what they tested?


They tested a “pharmaceutical-grade” form of pregnenolone – because of course, by calling it “pharmaceutical-grade,” they can slap a patent on it and charge WAY more than 9 cents a day for the stuff.

That’s why they’re URGING people NOT to use the oh-so-scary supplements, claiming that they don’t meet “FDA standards for purity” the way their special, magical, “pharmaceutical-grade” form does.


Supplements ALSO have to meet Current Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, established by the FDA… and that includes PURITY standards.

If a supplement is found adulterated or contaminated, the feds can yank it off the market.

Care to guess what the feds have had to use that yank-power on lately?

Big Pharma’s drugshave routinely FLUNKED purity standards!

That includes blood pressure meds that millions of people had ALREADY taken, not knowing that they were ingesting cancer-causing contaminants.

Don’t let them feed you this line of crap.

If you want to try pregnenolone, talk to your doc… and get a high-quality supplement from a trusted maker.

That said, I wouldn’t call it my first option for back pain.

I’d start with a topical formula built around capsaicin and/or mentholwhich have been tested and proven to work specifically for this form of pain.

You can get way more than 20% reduction in pain levels.

P.S. On this Memorial Day, I hope we can come together and honor the men and women who served our country… and paid the ultimate price. Let’s never forget their sacrifice.