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  1. Do acid reflux drugs pack the world’s most DEVIOUS side effect?

    Here’s a question for ya today…

    If you got on a plane and the pilot announced it was a “largely safe” aircraft… and that he has a record of landing intact “for the most part”… what would you do?

    I know I’d calmly get up from my seat… and walk right back out the door and straight to the rental car counter.

    Looks like I’m driving!

    Now, keep that in mind when you hear about a new study that claims a common type of drug… one that’s used by MILLIONS of Americans, often every day…  is safe.

    Well… MOSTLY.

    Not COMPLETELY safe presents TOO MUCH DANGER

    The new study looked at proton pump inhibitors, a.k.a. PPIs.

    They’re supposed stop acid reflux… but they come with the minor cost of, say, a broken bone.

    Or a deadly infection.

    Or pneumonia.

    Y’know. Fun stuff.

    They can even drain you of magnesium – leaving your levels so low you could suffer a serious heart problem.

    But the new study wants you to forget all that bad stuff!

    As Medscape put it, the drugs are “largely safe” when taken over the course of up to three years… “for the most part.”

    This is hilariously stupid.

    The drugs themselves have a warning right on the label that they’re for short-term use only… BECAUSE of the risks.

    And the FDA ain’t exactly known for being TOO cautious!

    Even the NEW study finds these drugs can increase the risk of stomach infections by about 40%.

    I don’t know in what world that would be considered “safe.”

    Oh right, in Big Pharma Fantasyland!

    But what makes this so far BEYOND idiotic is that the study completely IGNORES one of WORST parts of these drugs

    They practically FORCE YOU into staying on them… FOR LIFE.

    The drugs cut acid levels, as advertised… but then they play a dirty little trick, laying the groundwork for an ugly side effect.

    It’s called rebound acid hypersecretion.

    In other words… once you quit, your body actually makes MORE acid than ever before.

    “OH MY GOD!” you think, as the acid reflux returns with an intensity you never imagined.

    “Look at what this drug was protecting me from! I’d better take some more!”

    But the drug didn’t PROTECT you. It CAUSED this.

    The drug creates a condition that ENSURES you continue to need it.

    Whoever came up with THAT “side effect” probably got a nice, fat bonus!

    I’ve been doing this a very long time… and I’ve NEVER needed to put a patient on these meds for reflux problems.

    The following three things work roughly two-thirds of the time:

    • Acidophilus supplements can protect your esophagus without harming acid levels. When you have reflux, don’t just swallow the capsule; pop it open and dump the contents of the capsule into your mouth, and let your saliva do the rest.
    • Digestive enzymes help ensure proper digestion, which in turn will restore and protect the critical junction that stops acid from bubbling up where it shouldn’t. Be sure to get one with betaine hydrochloride.
    • DGL is a form of licorice that has one component removed (DGL means De-Glycerrhizinated Licorice). Chewing or sucking on a lozenge 20 minutes before eating can be very effective.

    If you’re in that other third… and get no relief… see a naturopathic doc who can help nail down the true cause.

    Whether it’s an undiagnosed ulcer, food sensitivity, or whatever – it can be FOUND and FIXED without a single PPI.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. Mainstream now admits THIS can beat diabetes [MAJOR turnaround!]

    It’s time to update that old saying about fooling some of the people, some of the time…

    At least when it comes to diabetes.

    No one’s being FOOLED by the mainstream anymore!

    They’ve figured out the truth: You can STOP, REVERSE, and even CURE this disease…

    And you can do it without drugs.

    I’ll tell you EXACTLY how in a moment.

    But first -- you’ll have to stop listening to them.

    Because a new report shows how they’ve been WRONG all along.

    And now, they’re trying to save what little face they have left.

    Lying to diabetes patients for fun and profit

    A new report in Medscape – a mainstream news service for docs and such – claims they’ve been behind the diabetes-destroying low-carb diet all along.

    They even dusted up some weird study from the 1860s as “proof.”

    Yep. If you can’t beat ’em… pretend you invented it!

    But the very same new report also notes – oops! – that it “…took until 2019 for the American Diabetes Association to include low-carbohydrate diets as a therapeutic option."

    If they KNEW all along that it worked… why in the heck would it take 150 years to admit it?

    Here’s the real reason: Thanks to the internet, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to keep the lid on something like this anymore.

    People found out… tried it… and witnessed the life-changing results.

    And they started telling everyone else!

    The ADA and others in the mainstream REALIZE they can’t hide this anymore.

    So, they’re pretending they thought of it first.

    Nice try, guys.

    But we’re onto you.

    No one’s falling for it anymore – and that includes your OTHER nonsensical proclamations, too.

    The ADA still recommends AGAINST chromium for blood sugar, claiming there’s no evidence it works.

    C’mon. It’s been proven again… and again… and again… and again.

    A cost analysis by Frost & Sullivan calculated that every $1 on chromium supplements leads to $3.90 in savings.

    And THAT, my friend, is the REAL reason the ADA won’t recommend chromium…

    Every dollar saved by taking supplements is a dollar OUT of Big Pharma’s pockets.

    Don’t believe me? Go and Google the ADA’s sponsors.

    You’ll find the ones that have given $1 million or more – and ALL SIX are drug companies!

    Sure, they’re giving that $1 million eac with no strings attached… purely out of the goodness of their hearts… and NOT AT ALL to ensure the ADA favors expensive meds over stuff like chromium and low-carb diets.

    Right below them are drug/device companies that have kicked in $500K or more. More pure goodwill. Right.

    And in recent years, the organization made big-money deals with junk food companies including Cadbury-Schweppes and Coca-Cola… and sugar kingpin Domino.

    I’m sure that’s had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the ADA’s insistence for years that carbs aren’t the problem.

    But when you get enough coincidences in a row… at some point they stop being coincidences!

    So, forget these corporate hacks and their drug money… and get on board with REAL solutions.

    A low-carb diet and chromium, for starters -- along with berberine, Gymnema sylvestre and maybe some vanadium.

    Who knows? Maybe someday the ADA will pretend they invented all that, too.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

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