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  1. [BUSTED] Big Pharma caught BURYING the ‘Fountain of Youth’

    Imagine having a potential game-changer… a single molecule that can achieve what EVERYONE wants.

    It can slow… maybe even STOP… the aging process.

    Do you share it with the world? Or do you HIDE it?

    Guess which option Big Pharma has chosen.

    A few years back, GlaxoSmithKline bought a company doing some of the best research into one of the most promising compounds to fight aging… for a whopping $720 million.

    But just two years after this MASSIVE investment, they shut the WHOLE THING down!

    Suspicious? You bet it is!

    They’re spending money to HIDE the evidence… for as long as they can.

    Don’t let their scheme stop you from trying this miracle worker yourself.

    What have they got to hide?

    With its pricey investment, the Pharma giant likely had two goals in mind…

    And I GUARANTEE neither one was introducing the world to a cheap natural way to fight aging on a cellular level.

    The fact that these guys spent nearly three quarters of a billion dollars to shut resveratrol down should tell you EVERYTHING.

    Clearly, the “big boys” know that it works…

    So, why did they announce that all that expensive research was flawed?

    Clearly, they only had TWO options:

    1. To create, patent, and sell an expensive synthetic based on resveratrol, or
    2. Bury everything if they can’t.

    Looks like they went with that second option.

    Can’t have heathy old people who don’t need pricey meds now, can we???

    But don’t buy the line they’re trying to feed you…

    Resveratrol has worked miracles in mice.

    Now, I’ll admit that animal studies aren’t as good as human studies…

    But that $720 million made sure that no REAL human trials are coming anytime soon.

    We’re all mammals… so theoretically, there SHOULD be some human benefit.

    And I can tell you from experience that there IS.

    In fact, resveratrol tops my list of the best age-fighters out there.

    Most animal research I've seen tended to have resveratrol combined with quercetin, where they act together on more metabolic pathways.

    Along with curcumin, quercetinseems to enhance the absorption of resveratrol.

    And you get a bonus… because the resveratroland quercetinBOTH help you absorb curcumin.


    Finally, nobody talks about this as a “fountain of youth”… but the research on vitamin C is stellar.

    All tissue repair in your body requires vitamin C.

    And when it comes down to it, the fight against aging is ALL about helping your body make those repairs.

    Given that these are inexpensive and non-toxic, there’s no harm in trying them.

  2. [BUSTED!] Deadly risks of new blood thinners exposed

    Looking for a reason to escape Big Pharma’s DEADLIEST new blood thinners?

    I don’t just have ONE for you today…

    I’ve got 775 million reasons!

    Because that’s how many dollars two drug companies are shelling out to settle thousands of lawsuits that accused them of HIDING the deadly risks of a blood thinner med.

    Rather than face the music over those allegations… they faced their accountants.

    They struck a deal that – of course – admits to no wrongdoing.

    But that $775 million check sure speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

    In fact, it’s practically SCREAMING at you right now!

    The bloody truth about ‘newer and better’ blood thinners

    Now, it goes without saying that ANY blood thinner is dangerous.

    ALL of them are.

    But that was supposed to be the whole appeal of rivaroxaban, better known as Xarelto.

    It could supposedly thin the blood… WITHOUT the bleeding risks of the older meds.

    Or so they claimed…

    And as a result, it’s been selling like mad.

    Its makers were probably LAUGHING as they signed that $775 million check to make this problem disappear

    Because they can wipe that out with just THREE MONTHS of sales of this drug!

    But even early on, it was clear that American patients were being sold a bill of goods with this… and the rest of the new wave of blood thinners on the market.

    They started dropping like flies!

    That whole safety promise was a sham – because just like the old thinners, these meds can cause you to gush blood like a burst pipe.

    They’ve also been linked to heart attack, stroke and death.

    The FDA should ban the things…

    But who are we kidding? That’s not how they operate.

    They should’ve pushed for better and truly safer drugs.

    But they don’t do THAT either.

    Instead, they approved antidotes for these meds.

    Yep -- we now live in a world where the drugs are so bad that we need other meds standing by to cancel them out.

    How kooky is that?

    Maybe this recent attention will get some people to switch to safer meds… but like I said, safety is relative when it comes to blood thinners.

    The oldest and best-tested, of course, is warfarin -- a drug so deadly it was used in rat poison. But at least we know its risks… and docs know what to watch for.

    With the new stuff, they don’t even know all the risks yet!

    Frankly, you couldn’t pay me to take any of them.

    Some non-drug options include:

    • nattokinase
    • vitamin E
    • essential fatty acids

    Big Pharma has, of course, ensured that there’s ZERO funding to truly study them.

    But they can work in some cases.

    This is important: Don’t try this on your own.

    If you want to try to thin your blood without a blood thinner, work closely with a naturopathic doctor who really knows what he’s doing… and can give you his honest take on your best options.

  3. [OUTBREAK] Measles scare PROVES the vaccine is FAILING

    Welcome to the dystopia of our nightmares, my friend. If you don’t let them inject you with whatever they want… you could now literally GO TO PRISON! Amid the latest measles outbreak, officials in Rockland County, New York, have issued a state of emergency – one that BANS anyone under 18 who isn’t vaccinated from going out in public. They claim...
  4. [EXPOSED] Researchers are FAKING drug success stories in MAJOR scandal

    I’ve been called a kook… a crank… a quack… and a conspiracy theorist. And those are just the ones I can print! It’s all because I have the NERVE to question mainstream “science”… and point out the HUGE and UGLY conflicts of interest that motivate researchers to chase moneyinstead of truth. And if that sounds like a conspiracy theory to...
  5. Mainstream aims to INFILTRATE your next doctor appointment with MISINFORMATION

    They’re not even TRYING to hide it anymore! The mainstream has openly declared war on vitamins and supplements. They’re PROUDLY pushing a prohibition plan that would FORCE nearly every nutrient you use off the market. This newest attack repeats the age-old slam of vitamins as being responsible for “expensive urine.” I wonder if these clowns have seen the price of drugs...
  6. Is the mainstream FINALLY accepting this FORBIDDEN diet?

    Yesterday’s “voodoo”… is tomorrow’s mainstream medicine! And if you need any more proof, just take a look at the latest news on fasting. Let’s start with the fact that there IS news on fasting! Back in the day, fasting was as quacky as it got. It was right up there with bat’s breath and eye of newt. The mainstream wouldn’t...
  7. [Breakthrough] WIPE OUT pain with this ‘miracle’ oil

    It’s the latest craze in healthcare… a proven natural therapy for everything from pain to cancer. But it’s pretty much doomed already. It’s got FOUR big “problems” working against it … It’s safe. It’s cheap. It’s effective. It’s natural. Now, I know that none of that SOUNDS like a problem. Of course, It’s NOT a problem for you –  but it’s a BIG problem for Big Pharma! If it ain't...
  8. [Shocking] Is POLIO making a SECRET comeback?

    Whaddaya do when the disease you claim to have ELIMINATED stages a terrifying return? Rebrand it! I can’t quite PROVE that this is what’s going on right now… YET. But it sure is suspicious that a disease even the mainstream experts are branding as “polio-like” is suddenly on the rise. It’s a terrifying and debilitating condition called acute flaccid myelitis. It seems to...
  9. Get PERFECT blood sugar… without risky meds

    REALLY???? THIS is what passes for PROGRESS at the FDA? A few years back, the agency screwed up big time by allowing a dangerous drug for diabetes onto the market with little true testing. What could possibly go wrong? Well, obviously, EVERYTHING went wrong… But leave it to the screwballs in the mainstream to see this as a positive. They’re actually...
  10. ERASE gout pain without DEADLY drugs… in 4 easy steps

    I just love it when the FDA pretends to talk tough… like they’re doing now as they try to “tackle” a gout drug. The drug was DANGEROUS when they approved it. It REMAINED dangerous after it hit the market. And naturally, it’s STILL dangerous today. Nothing’s changed… The drug febuxostat (Uloric) will increase your risk of death from heart disease by more than...
  11. URGENT warning for those about to go under the knife

    When they put you on a blood thinner, they’ll INSIST it’s to save your life. They KNOW the dangers. Even a paper cut can make your home look like a crime scene. The risks – which also include internal bleeding – are INFAMOUS. But take it anyway, they’ll say. Take it EVERY DAY.Never miss a dose, and never quit. But there’s...
  12. The ‘silver bullet’ for mood your shrink will NEVER prescribe

    It’s the biggest racket in modern medicine. When you’re battling energy and fatigue issues… THEY DRUG YOU UP! When you’re a little down… THEY DRUG YOU UP! When you’ve got a “personality” issue… They’ll DEFINITELY will DRUG YOU UP for that one! But there’s something ELSE that can SOLVE some of today’s BIGGEST problems. Even the ones that are supposedly all...
  13. [Scary] Your BP meds are LITERALLY poisoning you!

    When a germ in lettuce makes a dozen people sick, they sound the alarm… call the press… and launch a nationwide effort to hunt down every last leaf. But when it’s a common drug taken by seniors? Shhhhhhh! Don’t want to upset the patients (…or the profits)! That’s SERIOUSLY what’s going on right now. You’ve no doubt seen the headlines...
  14. [Shocker] The only thing ‘complicated’ about your diabetes is your MEDS!

    There’s a health crisis hiding in plain sight. Nearly EVERY doctor has SEEN it… yet almost NONE have been able to RECOGNIZE it. And even those who know something’s wrong can’t explain it. But I can… Millions of Americans with diabetes are quietly suffering from a debilitating nutritional deficiency. Docs CAN easily test for it, but almost none DO. It’s time to...
  15. The cancer SHOCKER that’s got doctors SPOOKED

    The mainstream is running scared! They’re NOT terrified of a new disease. They’re NOT worried about hurting patients with the side effects of their sickening meds. And they’re certainly NOT scared of an FDA slap on the wrist. But there’s one thing they’re absolutely terrified of… and they just admitted it out loud for perhaps the very first time. They’re...
  16. The flu med your doc is pushing on you could make you SICKER

    So many people suffer needlessly every winter… And here’s why. The TOP reason so many people suffer with the agonizing symptoms for days on end… is that we don’t recognize those first warning signs. Sure, it FEELS like something’s wrong… But early on, the flu can masquerade as something more minor. By the time we realize we’ve been bitten by...
  17. This Superfood REVERSES Aging

    If you love mushrooms, you’ve got lots of company. After all, mushrooms taste good… and they’re great for perking up a pizza or sassing up your salad. But mushrooms have also treated more patients for disease than you might believe. And the reason is simple – mushrooms learn to survive in some pretty tough environments. That means they develop specific...
  18. How to Get a "Super Senior" Brain (It's EASY)

    We all know people who seem to defy aging. No matter how old they get, their brains stay sharp as a pin. Well these "super senior" brains don't just SEEM different... they ARE different. New research has just uncovered some key differences in brains that seem to stay "eternally young." And here's the REALLY good news – there are some...
  19. Do These 3 Things RIGHT NOW to Keep Dementia Away

    For generations, the odds of getting dementia -- or hopefully, avoiding it – pretty much came down to luck. Essentially, you would get older and hope that most of your cognitive abilities remained intact. But no more. These days, researchers have learned that avoiding dementia is possible, and more importantly, relatively easy. The three keys to avoiding dementia include these...
  20. Study finds glyphosate levels in people up 1,200 percent

    Dear Reader, Do you have cancer-causing weed killer glyphosate, a.k.a. Roundup, inside of your body? How about your kids and grandkids? According to some new research, that's not just a possibility... but a probability. Some stunning findings have just been released showing that we're all being turned into walking test tubes in Monsanto's long-running experiment with this chemical. And doing...