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  1. 5 Muscle Trigger Points to Ease Pain

    trigger points muscleWhen you’re in pain, you want it to stop. That’s a given.

    But when you have long-term, ongoing pain, you know it’s not always as easy as popping a pill.

    After all, you want the pain to stop, but you don’t want to live your life constantly on medications, either.

    That’s what makes muscle trigger points that ease pain such an important tool in your pain management skill set.

    They are a completely natural, medication-free way of easing pain.

    You read that correctly: muscle trigger points do not use medicine to ease your pain.

    If you’re familiar with acupressure, those are the muscle trigger points we’re talking about.

    If you’re not familiar, or you want to know more, here’s how it works…

    A 2,000 Year Old Pain Remedy

    Using muscle trigger points, or acupressure, to ease pain has been practiced for more than 2,000 years, so you know it works – even if it doesn’t seem like it would be effective.

    The pressure on the muscle trigger points helps to relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow, so you end up relieving pain, sometimes in entirely different parts of the body.

    The key is to be patient and consistent. Hold steady firm pressure on the muscle trigger point for a full minute. Then massage in a firm, circular motion for at least another thirty seconds.

    And since there is absolutely no medicine involved, you can activate your muscle triggers points whenever and for however long you want!

    Where’s the Pain and Where’s the Muscle Trigger Point

    1. Neck Pain. If you’ve moved it too fast, or slept on it the wrong way, neck pain inhibits your whole day. When you can’t turn your head without pain, it’s hard to do anything else without pain!

    Try any or all of these three muscle trigger points to get you moving again.

    Inside wrist – Find the spot where your thumb and wrist connect. Now, measure approximately two finger widths up your forearm from there. That’s the muscle trigger point.

    Top of wrist – Feel where the bones of your forearm reach your wrist. You’ll find a small indentation. That’s the muscle trigger point, and where you want to put firm, but gentle, pressure.

    Between thumb and index finger – You know that fatty web between your thumb and forefinger? It’s a muscle trigger point. Squeeze that web between your other thumb and forefinger for best results.

    Note: this muscle trigger point works to relieve pain throughout most of your body. It will be mentioned throughout this article and makes an excellent starting place, no matter where your pain is.

    2. Shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can be difficult to treat because it’s difficult to get to. But not if you’re using muscle trigger points! So if you’re dealing with arthritis in the shoulder, or if you just lifted something too heavy, these three techniques will relieve even the deepest shoulder pain.

    Front shoulder – One of the few muscle trigger points located on the site of pain, you can relieve shoulder pain by putting pressure at the right place on your shoulder. Cross your arm over your chest, so the elbow bends at about a 90* angle. You’ll be able to feel a vertical groove at the front of your shoulder. Massage the center of this groove.

    Back of pinkie finger – Rest your hand on a table or your knee. Don’t worry about getting it perfectly flat. It may be easier to see the place if your fingers are in a natural position. You’ll find a groove between your pinkie and ring fingers. That’s the muscle trigger point. Yes, for your shoulder.

    Thumb and index finger – The web works for shoulder pain, as well.

    3. Upper back pain. If you spend too much time hunched over a computer or smart phone, you’re probably far too familiar with upper back pain already. Luckily, you’ve already learned how to alleviate that pain.

    Back of pinkie finger – The same muscle trigger point that helps ease shoulder pain can help relieve upper back pain. Find that groove between your pinkie and ring finger and press firmly for a minute or so.

    4. Lower back pain. Like shoulder pain, and perhaps even moreso, lower back pain can take over your whole day. Every move hurts. But it doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

    Either side of spine – You’ve probably dug your thumbs into this muscle trigger point before to help with lower back pain. It’s instinctive because it works. You’re aiming for your back, at about belly button level. Measure approximately two inches out from your spine, on both sides. Those are the spots that will help.

    Just above the hips – From those muscle trigger points, slide your thumbs down until they rest just above your hips. These are two more spots that will respond to pressure.

    Top of foot – Given that sandal season is wrapping up, you may need to work on this muscle trigger point at home. Start with your foot flat on the floor, and find where your big toe and second toe meet. Slide your finger down that groove along the top of your foot until you reach the place where the two bones meet in a V. The muscle trigger point is right in the crux of the V.

    Thumb and index finger – Yes, this one works for lower back pain, too!

    5. Knee pain. One of the most common places for arthritis pain is the knee. You keep moving it, so it doesn’t stiffen up, and that’s good, but you also just need pain relief. Try these…

    Shin – Start at your knee cap. Slide your thumb down, approximately four inches. Find the outside of your shin bone. Move your foot up and down. You should feel a muscle “popping out” underneath your thumb. That’s how to tell if you’ve found the right place.

    Thumb and index finger – As always, this is a good muscle trigger point for knee pain, as well.

    And for the final touch, combine muscle trigger point massage with Soothanol X2 for a one-two combination that will give you long-term pain relief, without pills or scary medications.

    No need to worry about where you are when pain strikes, or when you last took a pill. Muscle trigger point massage and Soothanol X2 – live the natural, pain-free life you’ve been longing for!

  2. Eliminate Bloating and Gas: 9 Quick Fixes That Last

    bloating and gas eliminatingIt’s embarrassing. It’s uncomfortable. It’s bloating and gas.

    And when it hits, you feel like you’re the only one who’s ever experienced anything like it.

    However, it’s incredibly common, and luckily, it’s easy to manage.

    You just have to take some easy steps and you’ll eliminate bloating and gas once and for all.

    1. Go back to natural sugars. While you definitely need to watch how much added sugar you eat, that’s not permission to eat artificial sweeteners. Along with all the health problems they cause, artificial sweeteners also cause gas and bloating. They’re made of chemicals that the digestive system can’t break down. Plus, they may increase your appetite so you eat more, which can also lead to bloat.

    2. Take ten. Yes, a good 30-60 minute exercise routine is essential to good health and proper digestion, but sometimes it only takes ten minutes to eliminate bloat. If you’re uncomfortable after a big meal, go for a ten minute power walk. That quick walk will help the bloat, causing gas bubbles to move through your system faster. The couch may be tempting, but getting moving will help eliminate bloat.

    3. Watch your salt intake. The fluid retention that comes when you eat too much salt is completely different from being well-hydrated. The fluid from salt is one of the most common causes of bloating and gas. So cut back on how much salt you eat (both that you add to dishes and that’s already in dishes) by seasoning with herbs and other seasonings. On days you do eat too much salt, eating water-based foods, like watermelon, and potassium-laden foods, like bananas and melon, can eliminate bloating caused by sodium intake.

    4. Cut out club soda. Club soda is an excellent choice for health and hydration – but not for eliminating bloat. The bubbles can build up in your stomach, and that can lead to digestive distress. It’s still better than regular and diet sodas, but if you’re having problems with bloating and gas, reach for other drinks instead. Several different kinds of tea – peppermint, green, and chamomile – can help hydrate while helping eliminate bloating.

    5. Start the day right. Waking up to a glass of water instead of immediately reaching for the coffee is a good idea for several reasons. And if you add a squeeze of lemon to that water, one of the reasons it can be good for you is it eliminates bloating. It becomes a natural diuretic, wakes up your digestive tract, AND helps with water retention.

    6. Keep your gut in check. Nothing can cause bloating and gas faster than an unhealthy gut. The balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive system is key to overall health, tummy health, and yes, eliminating bloating and gas. You just have to know how to maintain the healthy balance. Antibiotics can kill the healthy germs you need, as well as the unhealthy ones, you’re targeting, so use antibiotics judiciously. But probiotics feed and nourish the healthy bacteria. So eat yogurt and other probiotic foods like yogurt in order to maintain your gut health and eliminate bloating.

    7. Stop chewing gum. Using gum to make sure you aren’t snacking may be a good idea to keep from over-eating, but not if you’re looking to eliminate bloating. When you chew gum, you swallow air. That air gets caught in your stomach and digestive system – and that makes you feel bloated.

    8. Skip the fried foods. There are so many reasons to cut fried foods out of your diet. Here’s one more – they can cause bloating and gas. And not just because people tend to eat too much of them. Fatty, fried foods are more difficult to digest. The more difficult a food is to digest, the more likely it is to cause gas and bloating. Eliminate the fried foods and eliminate the bloating.

    9. Get the right type of fiber. Here’s what makes fiber difficult when it comes to gas and bloating – too much fiber will give you gas and bloating, but not enough fiber will also give you gas and bloating. So what are you supposed to do? Find the right fiber balance. Getting soluble fiber and insoluble fiber will keep your regular without giving you diarrhea, will fill you up while eliminating bloating and gas. Rather than guess at your fiber intake, reach for BenVia Gold. BenVia Gold has both types of fiber, in perfect balance, so your tummy stays in perfect balance, too!

    Don’t live with discomfort, or embarrassment! Eliminate bloating and gas – easily – with a few easy changes and BenVia Gold.

  3. Trouble Staying Hard: 5 Common Habits Hurting Your Erections

    staying hard troubleHere’s the truth: every man has trouble staying hard at some point in his life.

    So know that it’s not just you, no matter how it feels.

    If you’re having trouble staying hard more consistently than you’d like, it’s important that you deal with that.

    So you eat right, get exercise, and try to keep your stress under control.

    But what if you’re still having trouble staying hard?

    Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and look at these common, but unexpected, habits that could be hurting your erections.

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  4. 9 Surefire Ways to Fade Sunspots

    sunspots fadeAt this point in your life, you know to wear natural sunscreen and stay in the shade as much as possible.

    But what about the sunburns you got when you were younger, and either didn’t know or, let’s be honest, didn’t care?

    Is it possible to fade the sunspots that are on your skin?

    The answer is yes! Absolutely!

    And it doesn’t even require peels, or chemicals, or anything that has to be done in an office.

    These ways to help fade your sunspots can be done right at home, with all natural ingredients that you may already have.

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  5. Erase Stiff Neck Pain For Good With These 6 Techniques

    neck pain stiffIt’s hard to explain what makes stiff neck pain so difficult to live with.

    You’re not sick. You’re not really injured. There’s no need for a cast or a brace.

    You can still move, go to work, and live your life. But it hurts, all the time.

    Which means stiff neck pain will take its toll on your mood, your energy level, and your quality of life. Even though “nothing’s wrong.”

    Well, we think if something is affecting your quality of life then something is wrong. And if something’s wrong, you deserve to have it managed.

    So, we’ve come up with these six ways for you to erase stiff neck pain and get your – pain-free – life back!

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  6. Coffee and Headaches – Is the Caffeine Helping or Hurting?

    headaches and coffeeWhenever there are two schools of thought on a topic, it’s hard to know which is true and which is false – as is the case with caffeine and headaches.

    Some people swear by caffeine’s ability to relieve headache pain.

    Other people swear that coffee is the cause of their headache pain.

    So which is it? Will coffee help your headache – or make it worse?

    The truth is: it depends.

    Read on, and we’ll look at how caffeine helps your headaches, and why it might cause them, too.

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  7. Achieve Better Joint Mobility With These Tips and Tricks

    mobility jointJoint mobility probably isn’t something people think about often – until they’ve started to stiffen up and lose mobility.

    At which point, joint mobility becomes more important than they ever expected.

    So don’t wait to deal with joint mobility until you’ve started to feel the effects of losing it.

    Start now, with these tips and tricks, and stay moving for years to come…

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  8. 4 Deadly Effects of the Beer Belly – And How to Lose It!

    beer belly theYou’re carrying a little extra weight around your middle, a bit of a beer belly, but that’s okay right?

    Because it’s just the beer belly, and your weight is fine otherwise.

    Sadly, no. The beer belly is a larger problem than you may realize.

    In fact, having a beer belly can be more dangerous to your health than a higher overall BMI.

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  9. My Doctor Gave Me the Wrong Diagnosis – Now What?

    diagnosis wrongGetting the wrong diagnosis for a medical condition isn’t just an irrational fear.

    It’s a fact of life for 12 million Americans every year.

    That’s almost 1 in 20 people who are given the wrong diagnosis.

    Suddenly, that concern feels far more plausible.

    In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most common misdiagnoses, and then empower you to get the medical advice you need in the aftermath of a wrong diagnosis.

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  10. Why a Lack of Fiber Could Be Killing You

    fiber lack ofThe average adult needs between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day.

    Unfortunately, the average American adult only gets about 15 grams of fiber per day – just about half the amount you need!

    And it turns out this lack of fiber could be killing you.

    Sound alarmist? That’s because it’s alarming – but it’s also the truth.

    Getting enough fiber isn’t just about feeling fuller, longer, so you stick to your diet.

    It’s not even only about the sustained energy that comes from the healthy carbohydrates where most people find their fiber.

    Getting enough fiber is about fighting off diseases that can actually kill you.

    Now that we’ve gotten your attention, let’s look at what a lack of fiber is doing to your health…

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  11. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Crystal Clear Vision

    vision crystal clearDo you think that aging automatically means thicker glasses?

    Does it mean giving up sharp focus for blurry lettering?

    If so, we’ve got good news for you – you really can keep your crystal clear vision, even as you age!

    Yes, you have to be willing to make a bit of a commitment, but you’ve already committed to your health, so this is not much different.

    Getting crystal clear vision even has the same three commitments you make for overall health: diet, exercise, and behavior.

    And we’re about to look at all three of them –

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  12. 8 Critical Metabolism Vitamins Missing From Your Diet

    vitamins metabolismYou don’t worry about metabolism vitamins because you’re healthy.

    You eat well most of the time with a treat or two just often enough to keep you from feeling deprived.

    So you don’t worry about metabolism vitamins because you don’t have to.

    Except you probably should. Here’s why –

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  13. Stop Thinning Hair With These 9 Salon Secrets

    thinning hair stopIf you’re hoping to stop thinning hair, you’re not alone.

    60% of women experience thinning hair by age 70.

    And for men, those numbers are even higher – 85% of men are thinking about how to stop thinning hair by age 50!

    Don’t wait until thinning hair becomes a bald spot – or wide part – or an island.

    Listen to the experts, salon stylists, and stop thinning hair starting today.

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  14. The Answer to Instant Pain Relief is in Your Kitchen

    pain relief instant The drugstore is full of products promising instant pain relief.

    Unfortunately, that instant pain relief comes along with scary side effects and questionable ingredients.

    You can roll those dice and hope your health doesn’t suffer just because you needed instant pain relief, or you could stick to the all-natural route and look to your kitchen…

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  15. The Secret to Stronger Erections: How Your Health Affects Your Erections

    You know you should take better care of your health.

    You do. But there’s always a reason to order another round… or the chili fries… or sit and watch the game instead of go for a walk.

    Would it help make taking care of your health easier if we told you that doing so could support stronger erections and a better sex life?

    Now that we’ve got your attention, it’s true – your overall health is directly linked to your sexual health.

    Stronger erections. More powerful orgasms. Greater drive. You can get it all, by taking care of your health.

    Let’s look at how…

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  16. What Correcting Bad Posture Could Mean For Your Health

    bad posture correctingWhen you were younger, you were probably taught to sit up straight, walk with your shoulders back, and generally maintain proper posture.

    But that was years ago, and you’ve let it slide a bit.

    You don’t really think about correcting bad posture these days. That’s okay, right?

    Interestingly enough, it might not be. It turns out that correcting bad posture may have positive effects. And not just on your height, but on your overall health.

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  17. 9 Tips to Get the Best Urinary Function of Your Life

    function urinaryUrinary function is an aspect of health that most people never consider – until it becomes an issue.

    Suddenly, it seems you’re going all the time…not going completely enough…haven’t slept through the night in weeks…

    Whatever the specific reason, once you become aware of urinary function, it becomes important to deal with it!

    Or, you could take steps to keep your bladder healthy so you never have to worry about urinary function.

    Either way, if you’re looking to deal with restoring urinary function or you’re looking to maintain urinary health, these tips will get you back where you want to be – not worried about it!

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  18. 12 Quick and Fun Exercises to Improve Brain Function

    brain function improvePhysical function is important. Absolutely!

    It’s what keeps you mobile, independent, and active.

    But it’s not all there is.

    Brain function is just as important as physical function and health.

    Yet so many people just focus on the one and hope for the best when it comes to their brains, minds, and memories.

    Don’t roll the dice and hope for the best. Improve brain function and stay in shape mentally, as well as physically! It’s easier than you think…

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  19. 6 Vitamins to Turn Poor Sex into Marathon Sex

    sex poorYou don’t want to admit it, but your rich sex life has turned into a poor sex life in the last little while.

    Nothing’s stopped completely – it’s just not quite what it used to be. Or what you want it to be again.

    Your wife is patient, and as sexy as she ever was, so it’s not her. And you’re not happy with a poor sex life, so it’s not that you’ve checked out.

    It’s just that the body isn’t responding the way it used to.

    Before you give up and resign yourselves to a life of snuggling and falling asleep, check and make sure you’re getting enough of these powerhouse vitamins that are bound to turn poor sex into marathon sex!

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  20. 12 Tricks to Naturally Boost Your Body’s Collagen Production

    production collagenWant to know an anti-aging secret? There is no anti-aging secret.

    That’s right – when it comes to preventing and minimizing wrinkles, researchers have known what to do for generations.

    The key is to boost collagen production. It’s collagen production that keeps your skin smooth, plump, and wrinkle-free.

    And when you’re younger, your body makes all of the collagen it needs.

    As you age, collagen production slows down, just like so much else. But if you can boost collagen production, you can practically turn back the hands of time.

    No shots, no fillers, no harsh chemicals. Just the natural collagen your skin has depended on your whole life. So start here –

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