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  1. Achieve Better Joint Mobility With These Tips and Tricks

    mobility jointJoint mobility probably isn’t something people think about often – until they’ve started to stiffen up and lose mobility.

    At which point, joint mobility becomes more important than they ever expected.

    So don’t wait to deal with joint mobility until you’ve started to feel the effects of losing it.

    Start now, with these tips and tricks, and stay moving for years to come…

    Whole Body Mobility

    Cardio aerobic exercise is important. Joint mobility is important. So address both at the same time with these full-body activities.

    1. Swimming. Perhaps the best exercise you can find for joint mobility and health, swimming is completely no-impact, so you don’t risk damaging your joints at all. The strokes work your shoulders, elbows, and wrists, while the kicks keep your hips, knees, and ankles moving. Plus, if you’ll swim for thirty minutes or longer, you’ll get a great cardio workout for your heart, lungs, and overall health!

    2. Rowing machine. Don’t have the ability or inclination to get out on the river, but still want the results of rowing? Rowing machines will give them to you! A very low-impact activity, stationary rowing helps protects your joints, while working them enough to keep them mobile. The pull in your arms works your shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands. The push in your legs is good for hip, knee, and ankle joint mobility. And don’t be fooled by the first two or three minutes on the machine. Give it time and you’ll get a great cardio workout.

    3. Elliptical machines. These work joint mobility and balance, to help keep you independent. Go slowly at first, because the coordination between the arm motions and the stepping can take some getting used to. But once you find your rhythm, your hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows will all thank you. And as with the others in this category, it won’t take long before you’ve worked up a good, aerobic sweat.

    Targeted Joint Mobility

    While whole body mobility is key to overall health, balance, and independence, sometimes you need to target specific joints. They’re the ones beginning to stiffen up or become a bit of a problem.

    Keep up with your aerobic, cardio workouts – and add easy exercises for specific joint mobility!

    They may seem easy, but that’s what mobility is all about, the ability to keep doing the easy stuff for yourself. Repeat each exercise ten to twenty times.

    Elbow 1 – Sit or stand up straight, with your arms relaxed at your sides. Slowly, bend your elbows, bring your fist to your shoulder. Hold, then straighten your arm, slowly. Be sure not to hyperextend your elbow on the downward motion.

    Elbow 2 – Bend your elbows 90*, so your forearms are parallel to the floor and your palms are up, facing the ceiling. Without moving your shoulders, rotate your palms so they face the floor, then return to the upright position.

    Hand 1 – With your palm facing upward, make a loose fist. Release your fist, extending your fingers long, and spreading them wide. You should feel a stretch in your fingers and palm. Relax.

    Hand 2 – If you can’t make a fist without pain, start with your palms up, and your fingers pressed together. Spread your fingers and thumb as widely as you can without pain. Hold, then relax.

    Hand 3 – Hold your hand out flat, palm up, fingers relaxed. Bend your thumb to the tip of each finger, one at a time. If you can’t reach the tip of one of your fingers, close the gap between your thumb and finger to the best of your ability. Move through all four fingers, then relax.

    Hip 1 – Lie on the floor, flat on your back, arms relaxed by your side. Bend one leg, bringing your knee as far toward your chest as you can without pain. Slowly lower your leg. Repeat other side. This is one cycle.

    Hip 2 – Stay on the floor, in the same beginning position. Move your leg to the side, as far as you can. You can lift your leg an inch or so, or you can scoot it along the floor. The focus is on opening the hip, not lifting your leg, though. Slowly, bring your leg back to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg. This is one cycle.

    Knee – This is a good one to combine with the hip joint mobility exercises because they start in the same position. For the knee, though, bend your leg so your foot is flat on the floor. Depending on how much joint mobility you have, this may be the whole exercise. If so, slowly extend your leg back to starting position, and repeat with the other leg. If you can, however, slide your foot – keeping it flat on the floor – as close to your buttocks as possible. Then slowly slide the leg back, and release into starting position. Repeat with your other leg. Going through the motion with both legs makes a full cycle. Remember, this shouldn’t hurt your knee.

    Final Touches for Joint Mobility

    You’ve gotten whole body joint mobility, and targeted exercises for your trouble spots. Now, bring it all together with the final pieces –

    Get some sleep! Your body restores and rejuvenates itself while you sleep, and your joints are no exception. Give them their best chance to maintain mobility, strength, and health by getting the sleep they – and you – need. Aim for seven to nine hours a night.

    Eat the right foods. By eating foods that trigger a healthy inflammatory response, you’re eating foods that will help maintain your joint mobility. The omega-3s in fish…the antioxidants in cherries…the vitamins in green vegetables…keeping your joints healthy can taste great!

    Work with your body. Give your joints the support they need, even while you sleep, with LunaFlex PM – the only joint support supplement on the market that targets your joints all day and all night. It’s like waking up with “new” knees (and hips and shoulders and fingers…) every morning.

    Don’t dread losing joint mobility. And don’t panic over keeping it, either. It can be fun and can improve your overall health, too. If you choose general exercises, targeted ones, or both – and LunaFlex PM – maintaining joint mobility is nothing to worry about any more!

  2. 4 Deadly Effects of the Beer Belly – And How to Lose It!

    beer belly theYou’re carrying a little extra weight around your middle, a bit of a beer belly, but that’s okay right?

    Because it’s just the beer belly, and your weight is fine otherwise.

    Sadly, no. The beer belly is a larger problem than you may realize.

    In fact, having a beer belly can be more dangerous to your health than a higher overall BMI.

    So, What Makes It Different?

    The problem with fat that causes a beer belly is that it’s not just subcutaneous, or immediately under the skin, the way fat elsewhere on your body is.

    This fat is indicative of visceral fat – the fat that goes deep into your body, and envelopes your vital organs. And fat that covers your vital organs is particularly dangerous.

    So you can have an otherwise healthy weight, but if you’re carrying a beer belly, you’re at greater risk for serious, systemic medical concerns.

    Deadly – and Not So Deadly Effects of the Beer Belly

    There are three potentially deadly effects of the beer belly that affect men and women. Then there’s a fourth, embarrassing one that men will just want to avoid on principle.

    1. An unhealthy heart. Visceral fat, the kind that creates that beer belly, slows down the heart’s ability to receive blood and oxygen, the two things a healthy heart needs most. It also creates an unhealthy inflammatory response throughout the body that can negatively impact your heart’s health.

    2. Metabolic syndrome. While metabolic syndrome isn’t a disease, per se, it is a collection of health conditions that are all linked to poor health and greater risk of disease. The five markers considered in metabolic syndrome are:

    • High triglycerides
    • Low HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels
    • High blood sugar
    • High blood pressure
    • And yes, the beer belly

    Re-read that: a beer belly is so significant to your health that it is considered a marker for metabolic syndrome. That’s very different from carrying around a little extra weight in your hips or thighs.

    3. Brain and Memory. What’s happening in your gut is directly impacting your brain. Without getting too scientific, your brain depends on a specific protein (among other things) to stay healthy. But the abdominal fat that creates the beer belly actually reduces the amount of that protein in your body. Which puts cognitive function at risk.

    4. The fourth effect of the beer belly isn’t dangerous, but it’s also not one most men want to deal with or think about: performance issues. Because yes, in men, the beer belly can interfere with sexual performance – and not just because you may not feel as sexy as you’d like. Excessive belly fat interferes with blood flow, so you don’t get the response you want. But also, a beer belly can wreak havoc on your testosterone levels. Visceral fat produces an enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen, so your testosterone levels drop. Definitely not as bad as heart problems, but still not something you want to ignore.

    Defining, and Fixing, the Beer Belly

    Now that you know the beer belly is more than just a beer belly, what are you supposed to do about it? First, make sure you’ve got a beer belly.

    Take a fabric tape measure and wrap it around your tummy, just at the belly button. If it measures more than 35” for women, and more than 40” for men, you’ve got a beer belly.

    In spite of its name, simply cutting out beer probably won’t solve the problem. Diet, exercise, age, and genetics play as much of a role in the beer belly than actual beer consumption.

    Realistically, the only way to get rid of the beer belly is to lose weight the old fashioned way:

    • Make healthier food choices. Cut out processed foods. Get plenty of leafy greens, lean proteins, healthy fats, and good-for-you carbs.
    • The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes per day of aerobic activity. That’s just to stay healthy. In order to lose weight, try to get more than that and aim for 10,000 steps a day.
    • Get your sleep. Not getting enough sleep can actually keep you from losing weight. So aim for seven to nine hours a night.
    • Learn to relax. When you’re stressed, your body produces the stress hormone, cortisol, which can completely undo the positive effects of diet and exercise. Plus, it targets the fat, putting it directly into your beer belly. It’s not enough to pretend to be calm, either. Your body knows when you’re faking it. Find a way to really relax and let go of the stress.
    • Keep portions under control. The truth is that when you’re actively trying to lose weight, portions and calories matter. Even the healthiest of foods can cause you to gain weight if you eat too many of them. So don’t overeat anything, including those lean meats, healthy fats, and good-for-you carbs. BenVia Gold may help here, by keeping you fuller, longer, with fewer than 100 calories!

    It’s not just a beer belly. It’s a health risk. You owe it to yourself to be honest, and to do something about it.

  3. My Doctor Gave Me the Wrong Diagnosis – Now What?

    diagnosis wrongGetting the wrong diagnosis for a medical condition isn’t just an irrational fear.

    It’s a fact of life for 12 million Americans every year.

    That’s almost 1 in 20 people who are given the wrong diagnosis.

    Suddenly, that concern feels far more plausible.

    In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most common misdiagnoses, and then empower you to get the medical advice you need in the aftermath of a wrong diagnosis.

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  4. Why a Lack of Fiber Could Be Killing You

    fiber lack ofThe average adult needs between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day.

    Unfortunately, the average American adult only gets about 15 grams of fiber per day – just about half the amount you need!

    And it turns out this lack of fiber could be killing you.

    Sound alarmist? That’s because it’s alarming – but it’s also the truth.

    Getting enough fiber isn’t just about feeling fuller, longer, so you stick to your diet.

    It’s not even only about the sustained energy that comes from the healthy carbohydrates where most people find their fiber.

    Getting enough fiber is about fighting off diseases that can actually kill you.

    Now that we’ve gotten your attention, let’s look at what a lack of fiber is doing to your health…

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  5. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Crystal Clear Vision

    vision crystal clearDo you think that aging automatically means thicker glasses?

    Does it mean giving up sharp focus for blurry lettering?

    If so, we’ve got good news for you – you really can keep your crystal clear vision, even as you age!

    Yes, you have to be willing to make a bit of a commitment, but you’ve already committed to your health, so this is not much different.

    Getting crystal clear vision even has the same three commitments you make for overall health: diet, exercise, and behavior.

    And we’re about to look at all three of them –

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  6. 8 Critical Metabolism Vitamins Missing From Your Diet

    vitamins metabolismYou don’t worry about metabolism vitamins because you’re healthy.

    You eat well most of the time with a treat or two just often enough to keep you from feeling deprived.

    So you don’t worry about metabolism vitamins because you don’t have to.

    Except you probably should. Here’s why –

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  7. Stop Thinning Hair With These 9 Salon Secrets

    thinning hair stopIf you’re hoping to stop thinning hair, you’re not alone.

    60% of women experience thinning hair by age 70.

    And for men, those numbers are even higher – 85% of men are thinking about how to stop thinning hair by age 50!

    Don’t wait until thinning hair becomes a bald spot – or wide part – or an island.

    Listen to the experts, salon stylists, and stop thinning hair starting today.

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  8. The Answer to Instant Pain Relief is in Your Kitchen

    pain relief instant The drugstore is full of products promising instant pain relief.

    Unfortunately, that instant pain relief comes along with scary side effects and questionable ingredients.

    You can roll those dice and hope your health doesn’t suffer just because you needed instant pain relief, or you could stick to the all-natural route and look to your kitchen…

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  9. The Secret to Stronger Erections: How Your Health Affects Your Erections

    You know you should take better care of your health.

    You do. But there’s always a reason to order another round… or the chili fries… or sit and watch the game instead of go for a walk.

    Would it help make taking care of your health easier if we told you that doing so could support stronger erections and a better sex life?

    Now that we’ve got your attention, it’s true – your overall health is directly linked to your sexual health.

    Stronger erections. More powerful orgasms. Greater drive. You can get it all, by taking care of your health.

    Let’s look at how…

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  10. What Correcting Bad Posture Could Mean For Your Health

    bad posture correctingWhen you were younger, you were probably taught to sit up straight, walk with your shoulders back, and generally maintain proper posture.

    But that was years ago, and you’ve let it slide a bit.

    You don’t really think about correcting bad posture these days. That’s okay, right?

    Interestingly enough, it might not be. It turns out that correcting bad posture may have positive effects. And not just on your height, but on your overall health.

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  11. 9 Tips to Get the Best Urinary Function of Your Life

    function urinaryUrinary function is an aspect of health that most people never consider – until it becomes an issue.

    Suddenly, it seems you’re going all the time…not going completely enough…haven’t slept through the night in weeks…

    Whatever the specific reason, once you become aware of urinary function, it becomes important to deal with it!

    Or, you could take steps to keep your bladder healthy so you never have to worry about urinary function.

    Either way, if you’re looking to deal with restoring urinary function or you’re looking to maintain urinary health, these tips will get you back where you want to be – not worried about it!

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  12. 12 Quick and Fun Exercises to Improve Brain Function

    brain function improvePhysical function is important. Absolutely!

    It’s what keeps you mobile, independent, and active.

    But it’s not all there is.

    Brain function is just as important as physical function and health.

    Yet so many people just focus on the one and hope for the best when it comes to their brains, minds, and memories.

    Don’t roll the dice and hope for the best. Improve brain function and stay in shape mentally, as well as physically! It’s easier than you think…

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  13. 6 Vitamins to Turn Poor Sex into Marathon Sex

    sex poorYou don’t want to admit it, but your rich sex life has turned into a poor sex life in the last little while.

    Nothing’s stopped completely – it’s just not quite what it used to be. Or what you want it to be again.

    Your wife is patient, and as sexy as she ever was, so it’s not her. And you’re not happy with a poor sex life, so it’s not that you’ve checked out.

    It’s just that the body isn’t responding the way it used to.

    Before you give up and resign yourselves to a life of snuggling and falling asleep, check and make sure you’re getting enough of these powerhouse vitamins that are bound to turn poor sex into marathon sex!

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  14. 12 Tricks to Naturally Boost Your Body’s Collagen Production

    production collagenWant to know an anti-aging secret? There is no anti-aging secret.

    That’s right – when it comes to preventing and minimizing wrinkles, researchers have known what to do for generations.

    The key is to boost collagen production. It’s collagen production that keeps your skin smooth, plump, and wrinkle-free.

    And when you’re younger, your body makes all of the collagen it needs.

    As you age, collagen production slows down, just like so much else. But if you can boost collagen production, you can practically turn back the hands of time.

    No shots, no fillers, no harsh chemicals. Just the natural collagen your skin has depended on your whole life. So start here –

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  15. 17 Quick Ways to Thoroughly Cleanse Your Liver

    liver cleanse yourIn an ideal world, your body is designed to cleanse and detoxify without any help.

    But in today’s real world, it’s a different story.

    Your liver is exposed to chemicals, preservatives, and toxins that it was never designed to handle.

    Which is why it’s important to give your body the support it needs and cleanse your liver, so that it can function smoothly and well.

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  16. 5 Unknown Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

    hyaluronic acid benefitsThere was a time, not long ago, that the only people who could reap the benefits of hyaluronic acid were people willing to risk painful, temporary injections.

    Luckily, that time has passed. Now, everyone can benefit from hyaluronic acid.

    The only problem today is that so few people know they should be considering the benefits of hyaluronic acid!

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  17. The Ultimate Guide to Stronger Joint Cartilage

    cartilage Joint There’s a lot of information out there about how to keep your joint cartilage – and in turn, your joints – healthy and strong.

    But sometimes, when there’s so much information, it’s easy to get confused. How much should you be moving your joints?

    Is there a way to protect joint cartilage? Which is better: ice or heat?

    You’ve got questions, so we’ve got answers. It’s time to cut through all of the noise, which is why we developed the ultimate guide to stronger joint cartilage!

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  18. 4 Secret Minerals to a Strong Sex Drive

    sex drive strongAre you ready to take your sex life to the next level?

    Want to support a strong sex drive, but do it naturally, without a scary prescription or the risk of a six hour erection?

    We’re not going to send you into some back alley.

    Or ask you to buy a questionable product off late-night television. And certainly no strange looking devices.

    All you need for a naturally strong sex drive are the right minerals. Seriously. These four minerals can be the key to rejuvenating your sex life and revving up your sex drive.

    Who knew it could be so easy?

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  19. Zap Poor Eating Habits With These 5 Simple Tricks

    eating habits poorMaybe your weight isn’t moving.

    Or your numbers just aren’t as good as you and your doctor want them to be.

    Or maybe you’re just not happy with the way you’re eating any more.

    There doesn’t have to be a specific reason to want to change poor eating habits.

    You can just want to be healthier and have more energy. But if you’ve tried in the past to change poor eating habits into healthy ones, you know it’s not always easy – but that may be because you tried to do too much too fast.

    Now isn’t the time to think in terms of “go big or go home.”

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  20. 12 Empty Calorie Foods Disguised as Healthy Foods

    Eating healthily is easy – stay away from junk foods and empty calories.

    But what happens when you think you’re eating well, but really you are not?

    That can happen when you’re dealing with empty calorie foods disguised as healthy foods.

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