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  1. Is Big Pharma using coronavirus… to ROB you?!

    They ought to lock these criminals up… and throw away the key!

    The world is absolutely PANICKING over the COVID-19 coronavirus.

    Americans are DESPERATE for anything that can cure or even treat the disease.

    It’s SO BAD now that you can’t even buy a roll of toilet paper… as terrified shoppers stock up like the apocalypse is upon us.

    And what’s the drug industry doing?

    They’re NOT stepping in to help… they’re NOT out to ease our fears

    And they’re NOT following up on a cheap, easy, and already-available treatment that’s showing promise in China. 

    They’re using this panic to ROB US BLIND!

    The multi-billion-dollar BOONDOGGLE

    I’m sure you’ve read all the breathless media reports about quick action by the government as Congress allocated $8.3 billion to fight the spread of coronavirus.

    More than $3 billion of it is a big, wet kiss to Big Pharma – a massive infusion of cash to pay for the development of drugs and vaccines.

    All that, when the most promising treatment of all already exists… and is super cheap!

    It’s so promising… it’s already become the OFFICIAL recommended treatment in Shanghai!

    Yet instead of researching this potential game-changer

    The drug industry has its hands out for YOUR money.

    If they develop something with it, care to guess who owns it?

    Not you!

    Big Pharma will not only own it… the bill specifically allows them to make BILLIONS in profits from it, too.

    See, the bill states that anything they make for coronavirus must be “affordable in the commercial market”… but never defines what that is.

    What’s more, the bill also says the feds can’t delay the development just to keep it affordable.

    Quite the Catch-22 there!

    One likely way they’ll “solve” that by requiring insurers including Medicare cover the shots and treatments. Then, they can charge whatever they want… while still claiming it’s “affordable,” since you’ll just have to kick in your copay.

    But let’s run some numbers…

    If they manage to vaccinate half of America at $100 a pop, that’s a $16 billion windfall.

    If it’s a $1,000 a pop – and who’s to stop them, really??? – that’s $160 billion.

    Yet a cheaper potential therapy is hiding in plain sight.

    In China, multiple trials are under way right now on intravenous vitamin C therapy for coronavirus.

    It’s not a certainty that it works – that’s the point of the trials, of course – but the results so far are so encouraging, Shanghai isn’t wasting time.

    They now recommend it.

    Here in America, here’s what I would do if I were concerned about coronavirus…

    I would not panic, and I would not hoard toilet paper.

    If the disease really IS spreading rapidly, then the best place to catch it would be standing in the middle of a packed supermarket or bulk store!

    More importantly, I’d boost my vitamin C.

    I’d take about as much as I could without getting gassy, a number that varies from person to person. Start with smaller doses more frequently, such as 500 mg several times a day.

    If you get sick… if a loved one gets sick… demand IVC.

    They might look at you like you’re nuts…

    But since it’s perfectly safe… and you’re not REJECTING any mainstream care… they’ll likely play along.

    If they resist, point to the work being done in China, where cases are now mercifully leveling off.

    Seems to me they’re onto something!

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. The drugs your doc should NEVER give you… but MIGHT anyway

    The worst kind of addiction isn’t a street junkie looking for a fix…

    And it’s not an American in pain struggling with opioid drugs.

    It strikes your doc… and EVERYONE else in mainstream allopathic medicine.

    They’re ADDICTED to prescribing meds you should NEVER get! 

    Even when they KNOW they’re bad for you

    And the studies PROVE they’re more likely to hurt than help

    They just CAN’T STOP prescribing these meds!

    New research shows just how HOOKED they are…

    Because doctors keep DISHING out a dangerous antibiotic, despite literally a decade or so of warnings against it.

    So today, let’s end this cycle.

    I’ve got a plan to get everyone off of these drugs… and onto something a whole lot better, safer, and more effective.

    AVOID this antibiotic

    You know something’s bad when even Medscape gets in on the act.

    An uber-mainstream publication for medical professionals URGING you to stop prescribing a drug too often is like a bartender telling you that you’ve had too much to drink.

    You should’ve NEVER reached this point.

    But mainstream docs clearly don’t know when to cut themselves off – as they continue to pump out prescriptions for fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

    Even after some of the most horrific warnings you can imagine!

    A dozen years ago, the feds warned that patients on these drugs… ESPECIALLY seniors… were suffering from sudden tendon ruptures, often in the Achilles.

    It’s when the tendon down there in your foot literally snaps, like a rubber band stretched one too many times.

    No, that’s not as painful as it sounds. It’s WORSE.

    It’s pain you can’t imagine – and it can lead to permanent disability, to boot.

    You’d think docs would pause right there…

    Nope. They kept at it!

    And sure enough, the risks kept piling up.

    Now, it’s not just your tendon that can pop. It’s your darned aorta, too!

    A 2015 study found that seniors on fluoroquinolone drugs face nearly triple the risk of aortic aneurysm.

    That’s STILL not all. These meds have ALSO been linked to:

    • hypoglycemia
    • neurological problems
    • peripheral neuropathy
    • mental health problems
    • …and a whole lot more.

    So now Medscape -- about as drug-friendly as it gets -- is telling doctors that this class is the “antibiotic you should (almost) always avoid.”

    I’d like to THINK docs will get the message now…

    But given that they’ve IGNORED about a dozen years of warnings, I won’t hold my breath.

    So, watch for this entire class of drugs -- which includes levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, moxifloxacin, ofloxacin, gemifloxacin, delafloxacin, as well as dozens of generic versions.

    If you have an infection… and your doc is rushing to put you on a drug that ends in -oxacin… put up a stop sign.

    Ask WHY and WHAT OTHER options you have.

    In most cases, older antibacterial meds are a whole lot safer… including plain ol’ penicillin.

    Think you need a fluoroquinolone because you’re allergic to penicillin?

    Medscape says to ask the doc to check again – because many people who’ve been told they have this allergy actually DON’T.

    And don’t forget to ask about NON-DRUG options, too…

    Especially for conditions most likely caused by a virus (such as sinus infections), which can often be treated with time, rest, and natural therapies.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen


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