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  1. 12 Tricks to Naturally Boost Your Body’s Collagen Production

    production collagenWant to know an anti-aging secret? There is no anti-aging secret.

    That’s right – when it comes to preventing and minimizing wrinkles, researchers have known what to do for generations.

    The key is to boost collagen production. It’s collagen production that keeps your skin smooth, plump, and wrinkle-free.

    And when you’re younger, your body makes all of the collagen it needs.

    As you age, collagen production slows down, just like so much else. But if you can boost collagen production, you can practically turn back the hands of time.

    No shots, no fillers, no harsh chemicals. Just the natural collagen your skin has depended on your whole life. So start here –

    1. Avocado oil. The best thing about avocado oil is you can use it topically, or in your favorite meals. Topically, you can use avocado oil as a lotion, in a bath, on its own, or combined with olive oil. The options are only as limited as your imagination. Or, you can boost collagen production internally, by adding it to salads, pastas, or even using it to sauté other foods. Either way, avocado oil stimulates the production of collagen and increases the ratio of collagen in the skin. It may even help reduce the appearance of age spots!

    2. Berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, whatever kind of berry you love is the berry you should stock up on. Because berries bring a one-two punch against wrinkles. First, they rev up collagen production, THEN they fight free radical damage with their antioxidant power. And don’t forget frozen berries during winter. The flash frozen ones are just as healthy as fresh.

    3. Citrus fruits. While we’re talking about fruit, remember citrus! It works like this: your body converts lysine and proline into collagen – and citrus fruits help make that happen. Plus, the oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes that you love are packed with anti-aging antioxidants.

    4. Dark leafy greens. No offense to romaine lettuce, but when it comes to increasing collagen production, the darker the leafy green, the better. The vitamin C levels in dark greens prevent collagen breakdown, while the antioxidants help shore up against free radical attack.

    5. Eggs. Protein…lysine…proline…even collagen itself. Eggs are a great source of practically everything your body needs to ramp up collagen production.

    6. Fish, especially cold water fish. The omega-3 fatty acids in many fish help protect and plump skin cells, which is key to preventing wrinkles! Most people know to eat salmon for its omega-3s. Not a fan of salmon? Give tuna, mackerel or whitefish a try instead. Any of the cold water fish will have high levels of omega-3s.

    7. Garlic. Sulfur is essential for collagen production – and garlic is an excellent source of sulfur! But it’s also a source of lipoic acid and taurine, both of which help rebuild broken and damaged collagen fibers.

    8. Orange vegetables. It’s easy to stock up on green veggies, and completely skip the orange ones, but that would be a mistake if you’re hoping to increase collagen production. The high levels of vitamin A found in orange vegetables restores damaged collagen and aids in regeneration.

    9. Red vegetables. Since you’re expanding your vegetable color wheel, be sure to grab some tomatoes, red peppers, and other red veggies. They’re carriers for lycopene, which protects the skin from sun damage, while at the same time, increasing collagen production.

    10. White tea. Mix it up from your usual black or green teas, and grab a cup of white tea next time. It supports skin cell structure, specifically collagen, by interrupting the enzyme activity that causes collagen to break down in the first place.

    11. Red light therapy. Not a food, but still a good trick to know when it comes to recharging collagen production – red light therapy can be done in the privacy of your own home. There are home devices that combine red and infrared lights to help with collagen production and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The devices helps nourish the skin and collagen, which in turn, plumps your complexion, keeping you younger looking.

    12. Take Lumivella. That’s an impressive list, but it’s also a lot of food. Making healthy dietary choices is vital to boosting collagen and looking as good as you feel. But it’s also just not possible to get all of those foods, every day. But taking Lumivella, our specially designed anti-aging formula, every day is easy. With just two capsules, an hour before bedtime, you can rejuvenate your collagen production, get the beauty sleep you need to restore your skin, and wake looking your absolute best.

    Collagen production may slow down, but that doesn’t mean you should.

    Look your best today, tomorrow, and every day, with the right foods and Lumivella!

  2. 17 Quick Ways to Thoroughly Cleanse Your Liver

    liver cleanse yourIn an ideal world, your body is designed to cleanse and detoxify without any help.

    But in today’s real world, it’s a different story.

    Your liver is exposed to chemicals, preservatives, and toxins that it was never designed to handle.

    Which is why it’s important to give your body the support it needs and cleanse your liver, so that it can function smoothly and well.

    Signs It’s Time to Cleanse Your Liver

    So how do you know? What if your liver is just fine, and doesn’t need a detox?

    First, nothing this article suggests will hurt your liver. So if it doesn’t need cleansing, great! These are healthy steps for anyone to take.

    But there are signs that it’s time to cleanse your liver. If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to give your liver a boost.

    • Abdominal bloating
    • Trouble digesting fatty foods
    • Acid reflux or heartburn
    • Excessive belly fat
    • Inability to lose weight
    • Acne
    • Itchy, blotchy skin
    • Dark spots, sometimes even known as “liver spots”
    • Overheating and excessive perspiration for no reason
    • Sluggishness, tiredness
    • Headaches
    • Pain or discomfort around your liver (NOTE: If you are experiencing pain around your liver, be sure to see your doctor to eliminate a serious medical condition)

    If you recognize any of those and need to cleanse your liver, or if you just want to make sure it’s working at optimal levels, you can combine the following food, drinks, and behaviors to thoroughly cleanse your liver!

    Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

    Cleansing your liver starts at the grocery store! Stock up on these five foods…

    1. Avocado – Lots of healthy foods are good for your liver, but even when compared to them, avocadoes are especially effective when it comes to cleansing your liver. They help protect your liver from damage caused by galactosamine, a toxin that’s particularly harmful to you liver.

    2. Beets and carrots – You can thank the beta carotene in these root vegetables for how well they help cleanse your liver. They help boost and support liver function.

    3. Cruciferous vegetables – Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli…whichever cruciferous veggies you like best, it doesn’t matter. They are all good for your liver because they help flush the toxins that can lead to serious medical conditions.

    4. Leafy greens – If you pay attention to healthy foods list, they always seem to include leafy greens, and there’s a reason for that! They’re good for just about anything that ails you, including boosting liver health. Leafy greens help absorb toxins from the bloodstream and neutralize heavy metals that can clog up your liver.

    5. Walnuts – Not only do the fatty acids in walnuts help cleanse your liver, but the amino acids in them help neutralize the ammonia that can impact your whole body!

    Drinks to Cleanse Your Liver

    What you drink can go a long way toward cleansing your liver, as well, so don’t just focus on foods…

    6. Lemon water – Hot or iced, the high levels of vitamin C in lemons and the clear fluid of water work together to help cleanse your liver. Start your morning, every morning, with lemon water and jumpstart your whole body.

    7. Fresh grapefruit juice – Stay away from the cocktails you can pick up in the juice aisle of your store, and pick up a couple grapefruit from the produce section, instead. A small glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice boosts the liver’s natural processes, and helps purge dangerous toxins.

    8. Green tea – Not only is green tea good for your overall health, it’s especially good at cleansing your liver, thanks to its specific antioxidants, catechins, that are known for promoting liver health and function.

    9. Dandelion root tea/coffee – If you call it coffee or tea, a hot drink made from roasted dandelion roots has been treasured for centuries as an all-natural liver cleanser. And don’t be intimidated by the thought of gathering and roasting your own dandelion roots – you can buy them ready to brew!

    Herbs to Cleanse Your Liver

    The main complaint people have about healthy foods is that they don’t taste good. But that’s just because those people haven’t discovered how healthy herbs and spices can be.

    Choose these herbs and improve the taste of your meals while helping cleanse your liver, too!

    10. Turmeric – Enzymes work within the liver to help break down and remove toxins from the body. Turmeric, a popular Indian spice, supports those enzymes, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively.

    11. Garlic – Those enzymes we were just talking about? Garlic helps boost those the same way turmeric does. But garlic does more than that, as well. It naturally delivers two compounds your body liver needs to be self-cleansing.

    12. Cilantro – One of the main reasons livers need help is often heavy metal build-up. That’s where cilantro comes in. It helps remove heavy metals from the body, so your liver doesn’t have to do all the work.

    Bringing It All Together

    For better or worse, you can only cleanse your liver so effectively with dietary choices. Making a few, simple behavioral changes can be the final piece of the puzzle.

    13. Stop drinking – As much as you may enjoy your cocktails, your liver doesn’t. No one should be drinking excessively, but if you’re at the point where you want to cleanse your liver, it’s time to stop completely for a while. Yes, even your nightly glass of red wine. Give your liver a chance to detox, then decide if you want to go back to the wine.

    14. Watch your skin care routine – Remember that everything that gets absorbed by your body has to be processed through your liver eventually. You may be eating cleanly, but if you’re putting chemicals and toxins on your skin and hair, you’re putting those chemicals and toxins into your liver. Cleanse your liver by cleaning up your skin care routine.

    15. Supplement wisely – Supplements can help fill in any nutritional gaps you may have, or even offer health benefits you aren’t going to get from diet. When it comes to cleansing your liver, look to milk thistle supplements and a high-quality vitamin B complex.

    16. Avoid vegetable and animal fats – While your body needs fats to function properly, vegetable and animal fats can clog up the works. Stop putting them into your system and your liver will thank you.

    17. Focus on the healthy fats – Since your body does need fat, make sure you give your liver the healthy fats it can process easier. Stick to sources of plant-based fat, like almonds, coconut, and flax.

    Yes, ideally, you wouldn’t need to cleanse your liver. But who lives in an ideal situation?

    So cleanse your liver, feel better, and improve your health – in seventeen easy steps!

  3. 5 Unknown Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

    hyaluronic acid benefitsThere was a time, not long ago, that the only people who could reap the benefits of hyaluronic acid were people willing to risk painful, temporary injections.

    Luckily, that time has passed. Now, everyone can benefit from hyaluronic acid.

    The only problem today is that so few people know they should be considering the benefits of hyaluronic acid!

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  4. The Ultimate Guide to Stronger Joint Cartilage

    cartilage Joint There’s a lot of information out there about how to keep your joint cartilage – and in turn, your joints – healthy and strong.

    But sometimes, when there’s so much information, it’s easy to get confused. How much should you be moving your joints?

    Is there a way to protect joint cartilage? Which is better: ice or heat?

    You’ve got questions, so we’ve got answers. It’s time to cut through all of the noise, which is why we developed the ultimate guide to stronger joint cartilage!

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  5. 4 Secret Minerals to a Strong Sex Drive

    sex drive strongAre you ready to take your sex life to the next level?

    Want to support a strong sex drive, but do it naturally, without a scary prescription or the risk of a six hour erection?

    We’re not going to send you into some back alley.

    Or ask you to buy a questionable product off late-night television. And certainly no strange looking devices.

    All you need for a naturally strong sex drive are the right minerals. Seriously. These four minerals can be the key to rejuvenating your sex life and revving up your sex drive.

    Who knew it could be so easy?

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  6. Zap Poor Eating Habits With These 5 Simple Tricks

    eating habits poorMaybe your weight isn’t moving.

    Or your numbers just aren’t as good as you and your doctor want them to be.

    Or maybe you’re just not happy with the way you’re eating any more.

    There doesn’t have to be a specific reason to want to change poor eating habits.

    You can just want to be healthier and have more energy. But if you’ve tried in the past to change poor eating habits into healthy ones, you know it’s not always easy – but that may be because you tried to do too much too fast.

    Now isn’t the time to think in terms of “go big or go home.”

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  7. 12 Empty Calorie Foods Disguised as Healthy Foods

    Eating healthily is easy – stay away from junk foods and empty calories.

    But what happens when you think you’re eating well, but really you are not?

    That can happen when you’re dealing with empty calorie foods disguised as healthy foods.

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  8. Are You in a State of Sexual Depression? [Take the Quiz]

    depression sexualCall it sexual depression. Call it a rut.

    Whatever you want to call it, you may not even be certain you’re in it.

    Sexual depressions can sneak up on you.

    You go a week…two…a month…and that stretches into so long that you’re not quite sure when the last time you had sex was.

    But if you don’t even know you’re in a sexual rut, how do you fix it?

    Like any other problem, you start by identifying it.

    Answer these questions, and see how you feel when you’re done…

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  9. How to Treat Back Pain WITHOUT a Doctor

    back pain treatGenerally speaking, you really can treat back pain without going to the doctor.

    In fact, nearly 90% of all back pain resolves itself within six weeks!

    So before you run to the doctor for a scary shot or dangerous prescription, try to treat your back pain at home, with these simple steps –

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  10. You’re Always Exhausted Because of These 7 Everyday Items

    exhausted alwaysNo matter how much sleep you get, or how much you exercise, it seems you’re always exhausted.

    Even changing your diet only improved your energy so much.

    If this sounds familiar, it may be time to start looking around your home for less obvious reasons you’re always exhausted!

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  11. 12 Tips to Stay Regular While on Vacation

    regular stayIt’s summer and that means summer vacation!

    Whether you’re globetrotting, heading to the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between, the last thing you want is to deal with stomach issues on the road.

    Luckily, it doesn’t take much effort or even planning to stay regular every step of the way!

    We’ve even compiled this go-to guide, with the tips you need to keep “going”, no matter where you’re going.

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  12. 5 Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Muscle Cramps at Night – and 10 Ways to Fix Them

    at night muscle crampsThe lights are out, you’re just about to sleep, and they hit: muscle cramps at night.

    If you’re lucky, they’re an annoyance keeping you awake.

    If you’re unlucky, they’re painful enough to bring tears to your eyes.

    Either way, pretending you don’t have muscle cramps at night is impossible, wishing them away doesn’t work, and hoping tomorrow night will be better gets you nowhere.

    You have to deal with your nighttime muscle cramps.

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  13. How Getting in a Good Daily Routine Can Improve Your Sex Life

    daily routine goodMany people equate having a routine with being in a rut, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    A good daily routine can make just about anything easier – your health, your stress levels, even your sex life!

    Since sex is often spontaneous though, the key to a good daily routine that helps rather than hinders your sex life is focus on the big picture, rather than the clock.

    It’s not about a rigid calendar. It’s about being engaged, interested, and connected whenever the mood strikes.

    Make each one of these steps part of your day, every day, and you’ll find you’ve got a good daily routine with very little effort.

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  14. The Secret to All-Day Energy in 8 Easy Steps

    energy all dayMaybe you wake up feeling rested and alert.

    Or maybe you wake up feeling like you didn’t get any sleep at all, no matter how many hours you’ve been out.

    Either way, by afternoon, you’re already ready for bed because all-day energy is a dream that seems to stay just out of reach.

    But a nap is out of the question – you’re too busy and won’t sleep come bedtime.

    You need to find a way to have all-day energy without sleeping your day away or loading up on caffeine!

    The good news is having all-day energy, is easier than you might think.

    Just follow these eight steps and see what it’s like to be able to go all day, every day –

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  15. 6 Common Metabolism Myths Explained and Debunked

    myths Metabolism Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight – and who hasn’t – has probably also struggled with metabolism myths.

    There’s so much misinformation out there, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s false when it comes to your metabolism and losing weight.

    Rather than leave you guessing, we’re going to take a closer look at six common metabolism myths, so you know what’s real – and what’s not.

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  16. 5 Healthy Cooking Oils to Boost Your Health

    cooking oils healthyWhen it comes to healthy cooking oils – or health in general – we want decisions to be black and white, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy.

    And sometimes, the choice is that clear cut. We know that trans fats are bad and should be avoided. Period.

    For better or worse, though, when it comes to cooking oils, it’s not always so straight forward.

    That’s why we wanted to look at cooking oils and clear up some confusion.

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  17. 4 Delicious Easy-to-Digest Meals

    digest easy toMany things change as our bodies age, some good, some not so good.

    For some people, it becomes more important to eat east-to-digest foods and meals than it once was.

    But that doesn’t mean your meals have to be bland, uninteresting, or tasteless.

    Your digestive tract may need a little TLC, but your taste buds are just fine!

    So, we’ve collected four recipes, and even a few tips, that taste good AND keep your tummy happy.

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  18. 10 Nighttime Beauty Tips to Help You Age Gracefully

    gracefully ageIn an ideal world, how young you look would reflect how young you feel.

    Reality, though, is rarely ideal, which means you have to worry about how to age gracefully every day.

    But don’t just focus on every day – pay attention to every night, too!

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  19. 9 Tasty Recipes That Can Help With Stress

    stress help withSo much has people stressed these days – health, work, finances, family.

    As far as your body’s concerned it’s like you’re in a state of fight or flight all the time!

    You need help with stress.

    So why not get help with stress from a health source you’re already thinking about: your diet!

    That’s right, what you eat can help with stress.

    And since you’re already taking care to make healthy food choices, it’s not much of a stretch to start making dietary choices that will help with stress, too.

    Give your body a break from stress with these recipes –

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  20. The Ultimate Brain Fog Test: How is Your Brain Really?

    test brain fogWouldn’t it be nice if there was a brain fog test that could analyze just how healthy your brain is?

    You get that some things will start to slip as you get older, but a brain fog test could give you a better idea of whether your senior moments are from living a long, full life – or if they are indicative of a bigger problem.

    We agree with you: it would be nice if there was a brain fog test to let you know how you’re doing.

    So, we developed one.

    We realize that no at-home brain fog test is the answer to everything.

    And we can’t promise that you’ll stay sharp forever, but these are good questions to get you started, and to, hopefully, alleviate any immediate concerns you may have.

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