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  1. Fight a Cold With These 5 Ultra-Nutritious Drink Recipes

    cold fightYou wash your hands regularly, use tissues when you sneeze, and make sure to get plenty of sleep.

    But with winter upon us, it’s sensible to wonder if you’re doing everything you can to fight a cold and stay healthy.

    If you’re looking to go the extra mile and supercharge your immune system – and who isn’t this time of year? – try these ultra-nutritious drink recipes, the easy and delicious way to fight a cold.

    Mix and Match Your Favorite Flavors

    When it comes to creating a drink that will help you fight a cold, you’re looking for certain nutrients, but where you find them can be entirely up to you.

    The Alphabet Vitamins: Most people know that vitamin C is a powerhouse when it comes to fighting colds, but it’s not the only alphabet vitamin that’s helpful. Vitamin A, all the vitamin Bs, vitamin D, E, and K can all play a huge part in boosting your immune system. And you can find them in a wide variety of foods, to satisfy any taste. Try any of these, just to start:

    • Almonds for vitamin E
    • Citrus fruits for vitamin C
    • Ginger for vitamin C
    • Kiwi for vitamins C and K
    • Papaya for B vitamins and C
    • Spinach for vitamins A and C – and so much more!
    • Yogurt for vitamin D

    Anti-inflammatories: More and more, researchers are learning that inflammation plays a huge role in just about every aspect of our health, from cancers to colds. Which is why it’s so important to work foods with natural anti-inflammatory benefits into your drinks. Don’t be afraid of some exotic flavors, or foods you wouldn’t usually think to add to drinks. The joy of juicing is that you can use more than just fruit! Start here, or use your favorites:

    • Apples – it’s the skin that has the anti-inflammatory properties, so be sure not to peel them or use juice
    • Butternut squash
    • Kale
    • Papaya
    • Turmeric
    • Watermelon

    Antioxidants: Arguably the most effective way to fight a cold – or any other condition – is to load up on antioxidants. They fight free radicals, preventing and even reversing the oxidative damage that causes aging, illness, and disease. Imagine what they can do for the common cold!

    • Beets
    • Berries
    • Carrots
    • Celery
    • Green tea
    • Kale
    • Tomatoes

    Drinks for Any Occasion

    You can brew, blend, steep, or stir any combination of your favorite healthy foods and spices to help you fight a cold. Or you can choose from the lists above, OR even you can give one of these recipes a try for an immune boost to keep you healthy this winter, and year-round.

    Apple-Ginger Juice – even though it’s served cold, this one is perfect for fall and winter

    Chop two beets and two apples. Peel one medium orange and ¼ inch of ginger root. Shred the ginger root, if using a blender. Add all ingredients to a blender or juicer and mix until smooth. Serve chilled or over ice.

    Beet Battle – this one works best in a juicer, due to the texture of raw beets

    Combine one large beet, one apple any variety (remember to leave the skin on!), one handful of spinach leaves, and two cucumbers.

    Green Ginger Tea – for when you want something warm

    Grate fresh ginger into boiling water. Let boil for twenty minutes to infuse water thoroughly. Pour water over green tea leaves or tea bag. Let steep for three to five minutes. Add a teaspoon of lemon or honey, if desired. Enjoy while still steaming.

    Sunrise Juice – another one that requires a juicer, rather than just a blender

    Peel and remove the seeds from one medium-sized butternut squash. Peel two lemons and cut into chunks. Combine it all with a two-inch piece of ginger and two teaspoons of turmeric.

    TACO Juice – read the ingredients before you panic

    Combine one chopped tomato, one medium diced apple, two peeled and shredded carrots, and one medium orange without the peel in a blender or juicer. Serve cold or over ice.

    Having a cold is horrible. Fighting a cold doesn’t have to be. Not when doing so is this delicious!

  2. The Ultimate All-Natural Ear Wax Treatment

    treatment ear waxLet’s be honest – ear wax is not something people talk about.

    It’s hardly something people think about.

    But if you’re looking for an ear wax treatment, suddenly you wish more people would talk about it!

    Because even if you’ve never thought about it a day in your life before now, by the time you need an ear wax treatment, you’ve probably been thinking about it a lot!

    What To Know About Ear Wax

    Just because you have ear wax doesn’t mean you need an ear wax treatment. Ear wax is a natural, important part of ear health. It helps lubricate and protect your ears.

    Usually, the body produces and dissolves ear wax without a problem, which is why a little build-up isn’t a concern. Give it a few days, and the ear wax could dissolve without treatment.

    However, if the build-up increases or continues longer than a few days, an ear wax treatment could be in order. When that happens, it’s important to dissolve the blockage appropriately.

    Do NOT use cotton swabs in the ear canal, no matter how tempting it is. Rather than clearing the ear wax, a cotton swab can push the ear wax deeper into your ear, causing a hard plug that can be even more difficult to remove.

    And that’s not even the worst case scenario. If you push the cotton swab too deeply into your ear canal, you can rupture your ear drum. That’s not the ear wax treatment you’re looking for.

    Instead, try these ear wax treatments that will soften, loosen, and rinse your ear cleanly and safely. You’ll need cotton balls, eye droppers, and a little patience for each of these.

    Then it’s just a matter of deciding which ear wax treatment works best for you.

    Directions for Ear Wax Treatments

    Apply each ear wax treatment the same way:

    1. Start with your head tilted to the side, the ear in question toward the ceiling. You may find it easier to stretch out for this.
    2. Hold the top of your ear and gently stretch it up and away, so you have a more direct line into your ear canal.
    3. With your other hand, apply the solution as directed.
    4. Keep your head on its side for several minutes.
    5. Drain solution into a towel, tissue, or sink.

    It may take a few days, but the ear wax should drain as well. Be prepared to perform each treatment twice a day, for several days.

    Which brings us to the ear wax treatment options…

    Baking soda – You’ll want approximately a 10% solution, so dissolve ¼ teaspoon into two teaspoons of warm, but not hot, water. Using an eye dropper, squeeze several drops into your ear canal, as directed above. Wait ten minutes, then drain. Using a second, clean eye dropper, rinse your ear with warm water. Clean the rim of your ear with a cotton ball.

    Coconut oil – Add ear wax treatment to the list of ways you can use coconut oil to improve your health! And since it’s antimicrobial, it can help protect against ear infections, as well. Just squeeze a few drops of coconut oil into your ear, and wait ten minutes. Now drain.

    Hydrogen peroxide – Not only does hydrogen peroxide make a good ear wax treatment, because it’s effervescent, it helps scrape out any other microscopic debris that might have built up in your ear, too. And it disinfects, so you’re dealing with so much more than just ear wax buildup when you choose this option. Mix hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water. Apply seven to ten drops, wait, and drain.

    Olive oil – Like coconut oil, you’re probably already using olive oil for so many other reasons, why not use it as an ear wax treatment, as well? Warm a few teaspoons of olive oil, until it’s slightly more than room temperature, but NOT hot. Using an eye dropper, squeeze ten drops of oil into your ear. You may need to add a cotton ball to keep the oil from dripping out. Wait ten minutes, then drain. Since it may help reduce ear infections, olive oil can be a particularly useful treatment.

    Vinegar and… - Vinegar may be the most versatile ear wax treatment on this list. You can combine it with water, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol and whichever you choose, you’ll resolve your ear wax buildup. Keep two things in mind – only use white vinegar, and create a 1:1 solution, whatever mixer you choose.

    Use common sense when tackling ear wax buildup. Make sure to follow the recipes and directions.

    Be patient. And, as always, if you can’t resolve the issue at home with any of these ear wax treatments, be sure to talk to your doctor.

  3. Clean Your Lungs Naturally in 12 Easy Steps

    lungs clean yourDetoxing is all the rage these days.

    You’ll find articles on how to clean your liver, your kidneys, your digestive tract...

    But did you know you could also clean your lungs? And doing so is important!

    So many people smoked when they were younger, before society knew just how bad it was for your health.

    But even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life, you’ve inhaled pollutants, toxins, and chemicals. There’s just no way to avoid them all.

    Luckily, it’s easier than you may realize to clean your lungs. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll clean your lungs naturally, in just three days! Continue reading

  4. 8 Ways to Improve Night Vision At Any Age

    night vision improveMost articles that talk the talk about vision only address daytime vision.

    And they always seem to ignore ways to improve night vision. Why?

    You still need to see once the sun goes down, after all!

    Which is why in this article, we’re going to break out of the usual routine and look at how to improve night vision, so you can still see in the evenings.

    You may learn some new tricks – and be surprised to find out that some of the steps you’ve taken to protect your daytime vision are helping improve night vision, too. Continue reading

  5. Tasty Beauty Recipes Revive Your Skin’s Glow

    recipes beautyTopical ointments can only do so much to help revive your skin’s glow, so it’s important to work from the inside out, too.

    Which means diet, beauty recipes, and supplements are vital to looking your best.

    But what if you’re not the greatest in the kitchen? Or just don’t enjoy making elaborate meals?

    That’s when it’s important to know which foods work to help protect your skin – and have a few simple, delicious beauty recipes you can reach for.

    Mix and match any of these foods to create your own beauty recipes, or try one of ours, as is or for inspiration. Continue reading

  6. What Does Your Tongue Say About You and Your Health?

    health tongueYou can’t always tell much about your health just by looking in the mirror – unless you’re looking in the right place: your tongue.

    That’s right. You may be able to tell what’s going on with your health by paying attention to your tongue!

    Look for any of these tell-tale signs, because your tongue could be telling you more than you ever imagined. Continue reading

  7. Shrink Your Stomach Naturally with 10 Quick Techniques

    stomach shrink yourIf you’ve already turned your health around, or if you’re just looking to start, there tends to be one stubborn area that seems hardest to shrink: your stomach.

    Belly fat has a reputation for being some of the hardest to lose – which is even more frustrating because it’s also some of the most detrimental to your health.

    However, there are ways to shrink your stomach, even if you’ve already changed up your diet and embraced crunches! Continue reading

  8. The Mysterious Link Between Wine and Sex

    sex and wineEverybody knows there’s a mysterious link between wine and sex.

    After all, even when the restaurant’s overcrowded and the meal is mediocre, all it takes is a little wine and the evening can take a decidedly romantic turn.

    And it’s more than just the liquid courage that comes from a couple of cocktails, because hard liquor doesn’t have quite the same effect.

    In fact, at least one study showed that red wine has a greater effect on sexual desire and arousal than other liquors or abstaining completely.

    So why do wine and sex go so well together? Researchers are finally beginning to figure it out… Continue reading

  9. What Does Your Eye Color Say About Your Health?

    You and your doctor use several markers to predict your health, but you may not even be aware of this one – your eye color.

    As it turns out, eye color can indicate health risks you may be facing.

    Now, eye color isn’t a diagnostic tool – just because your eyes are a certain color doesn’t guarantee you’ll have any of these conditions – but it may help you understand and take precautions. Continue reading

  10. Get These 9 Essential Brain Nutrients in Everyday Foods

    nutrients brainNo one thinks about brain nutrients when they’re younger.

    Memories are sharp, decisions are easy, and learning is a snap.

    Then you have your first “senior moment” and you realize that maybe it’s time to start thinking about brain health, specifically, along with overall health in general.

    Those brain nutrients become a little more important.

    Luckily, the brain nutrients you need to stay sharp for years to come are easy to find, and come wrapped in delicious packages! Continue reading

  11. How Much Exercise is Enough Exercise?

    exercise enoughEveryone talks about the fact that staying active is vital to maintaining overall health and independence.

    Nobody talks much about what that means, though.

    How much exercise is enough? What kind of exercise do they mean?

    What’s the difference between exercise and activity? The list of questions goes on and on.

    So we’ve compiled all the information you need in one place.

    From activity to exercise to avoiding over exercising. You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answers… Continue reading

  12. The Foolproof Plan to Stop Dieting for Good

    dieting stopLosing and gaining, and losing and gaining again – there’s reason to believe yo-yo dieting is as unhealthy as being overweight.

    And yet it’s a cycle so many people have fallen into.

    Luckily, others are finally coming to realize the dangers of fad diets and are trying to stop dieting for good.

    If you’re ready to get off the diet roller coaster, you can.

    There are ways to be healthy, lose weight, and stop dieting. Continue reading

  13. Improve Blood Flow in 60 Seconds

    blood flow improveOften, when men are looking to improve performance in the bedroom they focus on two things: stress levels and diet.

    These are essential factors to an exciting sex life, but they aren’t the only ones.

    Too often, men forget about the need to improve blood flow in order to get the physical response they’re looking for.

    Don’t be one of these men!

    Blood flow is the key to a strong, powerful, long-lasting erection.

    But you can’t just focus on what’s going on between your legs.

    Improve blood flow throughout your entire body, and blood flow will increase where you need it most.

    Remember, poor blood flow in any part of the body probably means poor blood flow in every part of the body. Continue reading

  14. Why Am I So Thirsty?

    thirsty soBeing thirsty occasionally is normal.

    Everyone goes too long without a drink of water.

    But if it seems you are just so thirsty all of the time, then you may be wondering what’s going on.

    Let’s look at seven common conditions that might cause you to be thirsty.

    Then, you can deal with them appropriately, instead of guessing! Continue reading

  15. 5 Muscle Trigger Points to Ease Pain

    trigger points muscleWhen you’re in pain, you want it to stop. That’s a given.

    But when you have long-term, ongoing pain, you know it’s not always as easy as popping a pill.

    After all, you want the pain to stop, but you don’t want to live your life constantly on medications, either.

    That’s what makes muscle trigger points that ease pain such an important tool in your pain management skill set.

    They are a completely natural, medication-free way of easing pain.

    You read that correctly: muscle trigger points do not use medicine to ease your pain.

    If you’re familiar with acupressure, those are the muscle trigger points we’re talking about.

    If you’re not familiar, or you want to know more, here’s how it works… Continue reading

  16. Eliminate Bloating and Gas: 9 Quick Fixes That Last

    bloating and gas eliminatingIt’s embarrassing. It’s uncomfortable. It’s bloating and gas.

    And when it hits, you feel like you’re the only one who’s ever experienced anything like it.

    However, it’s incredibly common, and luckily, it’s easy to manage.

    You just have to take some easy steps and you’ll eliminate bloating and gas once and for all. Continue reading

  17. Trouble Staying Hard: 5 Common Habits Hurting Your Erections

    staying hard troubleHere’s the truth: every man has trouble staying hard at some point in his life.

    So know that it’s not just you, no matter how it feels.

    If you’re having trouble staying hard more consistently than you’d like, it’s important that you deal with that.

    So you eat right, get exercise, and try to keep your stress under control.

    But what if you’re still having trouble staying hard?

    Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and look at these common, but unexpected, habits that could be hurting your erections.

    Continue reading

  18. 9 Surefire Ways to Fade Sunspots

    sunspots fadeAt this point in your life, you know to wear natural sunscreen and stay in the shade as much as possible.

    But what about the sunburns you got when you were younger, and either didn’t know or, let’s be honest, didn’t care?

    Is it possible to fade the sunspots that are on your skin?

    The answer is yes! Absolutely!

    And it doesn’t even require peels, or chemicals, or anything that has to be done in an office.

    These ways to help fade your sunspots can be done right at home, with all natural ingredients that you may already have.

    Continue reading

  19. Erase Stiff Neck Pain For Good With These 6 Techniques

    neck pain stiffIt’s hard to explain what makes stiff neck pain so difficult to live with.

    You’re not sick. You’re not really injured. There’s no need for a cast or a brace.

    You can still move, go to work, and live your life. But it hurts, all the time.

    Which means stiff neck pain will take its toll on your mood, your energy level, and your quality of life. Even though “nothing’s wrong.”

    Well, we think if something is affecting your quality of life then something is wrong. And if something’s wrong, you deserve to have it managed.

    So, we’ve come up with these six ways for you to erase stiff neck pain and get your – pain-free – life back!

    Continue reading

  20. Coffee and Headaches – Is the Caffeine Helping or Hurting?

    headaches and coffeeWhenever there are two schools of thought on a topic, it’s hard to know which is true and which is false – as is the case with caffeine and headaches.

    Some people swear by caffeine’s ability to relieve headache pain.

    Other people swear that coffee is the cause of their headache pain.

    So which is it? Will coffee help your headache – or make it worse?

    The truth is: it depends.

    Read on, and we’ll look at how caffeine helps your headaches, and why it might cause them, too.

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