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  1. Why Sex Really IS the Best Form of Exercise

    You’ve probably heard that the best form of exercise is the one you’ll actually do.

    That’s supposed to mean that if you hate your workout routine, you won’t stick to it.

    At which point, you get no health benefits from it.

    And maybe you’ve heard that the best form of exercise is one that works several different systems at once.

    So you are working your heart and your muscles. Or your strength and your flexibility.

    So that you get more bang for your buck when it comes to your workouts. Once you look at those requirements, it becomes clear – sex really is one of the best forms of exercise.

    But how exactly does sex help as an exercise? Let’s look closer…

    Counting Calories

    Exercise should help burn calories, right? Well, sex burns about five calories a minute. While that doesn’t sound like much at first, if you do the math, it’s about 150 calories in thirty minutes.

    And that’s just intercourse. Add foreplay to the mix and you’ve got even more calories burned.

    Giving a sensual massage can burn up to another 80 calories or more in an hour. And dancing in the living room before you head to the bedroom can burn about 100 calories in 30 minutes.

    Suddenly, a romantic hour or so is burning nearly 300 calories! It may not compete with a thirty minute run on the treadmill in terms of total calories burned, but it’s a lot more fun.

    Healthy Heart

    There are so many factors at play when it comes to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Now you can count sex as your favorite of them all!

    The way you lose those 150 calories in thirty minutes is because your heart rate goes up. And like with any other muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

    But it’s not just about the heart muscle alone. It’s your entire cardiovascular system.

    Several studies have linked sex – intercourse, specifically – to healthier blood pressure numbers. At least one other study found that men who had sex at least twice a week were more less likely to have heart-related health issues than men who had sex less often.

    Don’t Discount Hormones

    You know that energized, alive feeling after a really great workout? It’s sometimes called “runner’s high” but you can get it in the bedroom, as well.

    People tend to forget this one, important thing when it comes to sex: the more you have it, the more you want it. Rather than “runner’s high” you get a libido boost.

    But hormones are only about sex. When hormone levels get out of balance, you can face a range of health problems, not necessarily related to your sex life.

    However, your sex life can help prevent them! Regular sex helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels balanced, so you have less risk of those associated problems.

    The Foundation of Every Workout Routine

    Burning calories, protecting your heart, building your energy, maintaining healthy hormone levels – and we’re still not done.

    Think about exercise routines for a moment. A well-rounded one includes cardio, strength building, flexibility, and balance. Now, think about sex.

    We’ve already established sex gets your heart rate up and burns calories, so that takes care of the cardio aspect of a workout. Plus, it’s low-impact, so you aren’t jarring your joints!

    Which takes us to strength building. No matter who’s on top, there’s some upper body strength building going on there. Think back to the back to the last time you did a push-up. Or a plank. Or a chest press.

    Now think back to the last time you made love. Any of those motions seem similar? Told you that your upper body strength was getting a workout in bed!

    As for flexibility and balance, without getting too graphic here, sex doesn’t happen if no one moves. There’s bending and adjusting and fitting and lifting and twisting…

    And even if you aren’t doing handstands and backbends, all that movement is contributing to better flexibility and balance. Arching your back is good for you if it happens in the gym or the bedroom.

    Age is a Number, Not a Problem

    Finally, exercise keeps you feeling young, vibrant, and alive – just like sex. Proving sex really is the best form of exercise!

    If you’re at all concerned about being healthy enough for sex, talk to your doctor. Otherwise, enjoy yourself! Age doesn’t have to slow you down, especially not with Prime Power, to give you a natural boost.

    You’re never too old, too out of shape, or too out of touch to continue to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. In fact, since sex is the best form of exercise, it can be what helps keep you looking and feeling younger!

  2. 10 Delicious Foods To Improve Brain Power

    Brain power improveIf you’re looking for ways to improve your brain power, let’s be honest…

    You can only do so many logic or crossword puzzles in a day.

    Luckily, you don’t have to look any further than your kitchen to find the brain boost you’re after!

    Try these delicious foods, along with the occasional puzzle, and improve your brain power and your health!

    1. Whole grains. If it’s whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, or even a big bowl of oatmeal to start your day, whole grains can help improve brain power by honing your ability to focus and concentrate. They give you the steady energy that keeps your brain functioning smoothly all day. No spikes and no crashes. Just the steady energy you want to be your best mentally, all day, every day.

    2. Omega-3 fatty acids. Technically, this one’s not a food itself, but a group of foods. Still, this group of foods can do wonders when it comes to improving brain power! Not only do they help with brain function directly, they also help promote cardiovascular health which helps keep the blood flowing to the brain – and essential step in keeping your brain healthy.

    3. Pumpkin seeds. Take this Halloween treat out of autumn and enjoy them year ‘round for a potent brain boost. Zinc is important to maintaining both memory and the ability to think clearly. And pumpkin seeds have enough zinc that a handful a day will meet your zinc needs. Plus, pumpkin seeds may help stave off depression and the blues, for an added bonus.

    4. Nuts. Peanuts, walnuts, whichever nut you prefer. Most nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E, which may help prevent age-related cognitive decline. Also, nuts are another great source of omega-3 fats. Just be careful because as healthy as they are, they’re also high in calories. A handful a day is plenty.

    5. Avocado. Looking to change up your sandwich spread or need a new favorite veggie dip? Look no further than avocados. Not only are they a great tasting food, but they boost brain power the way ranch dip just won’t do. In fact, avocadoes are so healthy, we’ve written an entire post on their health benefits! But even if you’re just looking for better brain power, the avocado is still worthwhile. Packed with antioxidants and healthy fats, avocadoes can be your brain’s new best friend.

    6. Dark chocolate. Here’s the best news – dessert can be good for your brain health! The key is to stick to dark chocolate because dark chocolate can improve your brain power in several different ways. First, it can help improve blood flow, which ensures your brain gets the nutrients and oxygen it needs for peak performance long-term. But it also helps with a short-term boost, as well. Finally, dark chocolate has antioxidants for overall health, including brain health.

    7. Blueberries. While most people think about long-term memory, taking care of your short-term memory is just as important, and that’s where blueberries come in. This luscious fruit provides support in delaying short-term memory problems. But that’s not necessarily all – advanced animal studies are linking blueberries to a myriad of brain health benefits. While those are still just animal studies, there’s good reason to hope for similar results in human beings!

    8. Leafy greens. Every healthy diet includes leafy greens and it’s no wonder. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, leafy greens can improve your brain power no matter which one you prefer. Stay focused, stay sharp, and stay present, all because of a daily salad.

    9. Turmeric. If you ever want to spice up your meals, you can do so and improve your brain power, all at the same time, with this exotic Indian spice. The curcumin in turmeric may help boost memory, create brain cells, and even calm an unhealthy inflammatory response which can cause cognitive decline.

    10. Red wine. By now you know that a glass of red wine at night may be helpful for heart health, but it turns out that same glass may help improve brain power, too! The antioxidants in the skin of grapes may be linked to better cognitive function, memory, and learning skills. Don’t care for red wine? Get the benefits from grapes themselves, or our brain health supplement, Sense of Mind with grape seed extract.

    You don’t have to let your memories slip away or hope to get through your days focused and alert. Instead, choose foods that will improve your brain power, hold onto the things that really matter – and get back to living instead of worrying!

  3. 8 Health Benefits of Massage That Will Make You a Believer

    massage health benefitsMaybe you think about massage as an indulgence on vacation.

    Or maybe you think of massage as something too far out there that just doesn’t interest you.

    Either way, you’re missing out on some amazing health benefits of massage that you should know about. Continue reading

  4. The 8 Dangerous Foods That Are Killing Your Vision

    foods dangerousYou’ve learned about the foods that are good for your vision, but what about the dangerous foods that are killing your vision?

    Because the sad truth is that being good to your eyes is only so helpful if you’re undoing all that hard work by leaving dangerous foods in your diet. Continue reading

  5. The Six Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking That Could Save Your Sex Life

    quitting smoking health benefitsYou know the health benefits of quitting smoking. You do. And yet it hasn’t quite happened so far.

    As it turns out, quitting smoking may be one of the greatest challenges of your life.

    You’ve heard the statistic: smoking is as addictive – and as hard to quit – as alcohol, heroin, or cocaine.

    And if you’re a smoker, trying to quit, you’ve lived out that statistic more often than you probably want to admit.

    But you’re not alone. In fact, 70% of all smokers wish they could stop.

    And the average smoker tries to quit between eight and eleven times before it finally sticks. Luckily, the more often a person tries to quit, the better their chances of success become.

    Since motivation is a key component of successfully quitting smoking, here’s one more health benefit you might not have thought of – quitting smoking can improve your sex life!

    Check out these six new health benefits of quitting smoking and stay motivated - Continue reading

  6. Avoid These 12 Harmful Foods for Your Best Blood Sugar Diet

    Perhaps you’re a little concerned about your blood sugar levels.

    Or maybe you just want to make sure they stay where they are.

    Either way, it’s important to avoid harmful foods and adopt a healthy blood sugar diet!

    The hardest thing about that, though, isn’t eliminating the cookies and sodas from your diet.

    Sure, you may miss them, but your health is worth it. No, the hardest thing is recognizing the harmful foods masquerading as healthy foods.

    Don’t be taken in by these twelve harmful foods that will ruin your best blood sugar diet! Continue reading

  7. 10 Shocking Foods That Keep You Regular

    How often should you be having bowel movements?

    What are foods that keep you regular?

    These aren’t exactly questions people ask each other openly.

    But just because most people are uncomfortable discussing digestive health doesn’t mean people aren’t thinking about digestive health.

    Between 15% and 20% of the American population deals with ongoing constipation issues. Which is why it’s important that you have answers.

    You deserve to understand what’s normal. And know all the foods that can keep you regular – including the ones you don’t expect! Continue reading

  8. The Shocking Link Between Sleep and Blood Pressure

    Blood pressure and sleepWhen you were younger, you probably didn’t even think about maintaining healthy blood pressure numbers.

    They were just where you needed them to be. Now that you’re older, it’s a little different.

    These days, your doctor is more likely to look closer at those numbers.

    And you’re more likely to look closely. Because you both realize maintaining healthy blood pressure is more important than ever.

    But what happens if, in spite of your best efforts, you just haven’t quite figured out the proper equation for keeping those numbers exactly where you want them?

    Maybe that’s when it’s time to look at how much sleep you’re getting.

    That’s right – sleep. Because sleep and blood pressure are linked in ways you may not realize. Continue reading

  9. The REAL Truth About Hair Grafting

    So you’re thinking about hair grafting.

    You’ve seen the commercials and it doesn’t seem that bad.

    Plus, you’re getting a little thin up top. It would be nice to nip hair loss in the bud, while it’s still just a little thin.

    And it’s true - there’s nothing, no pill, cream, or spray that works as well as an effective hair graft.

    It makes sense – so long as you only watch the commercials.

    Once you look closer at hair grafting, you might feel differently. So, let’s do it. Let’s really look at the hair replacement surgery, or hair grafting, and then you can decide for yourself. Continue reading

  10. The TRUTH About Cartilage Replacement

    replacement CartilageYou may have heard about cartilage replacement and repair.

    You may have even started to get excited about it if you have sore, achy knees.

    After all, a joint is made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and muscles.

    The cartilage is at the very end of the bones, where they would rub together – except the cartilage acts as a cushion.

    When cartilage gets damaged or injured, you end up with creaky, stiff, painful joints.

    Which certainly sounds like a good time to get excited about cartilage replacement.

    Unfortunately, that excitement might be premature. Only a portion of people with problematic knees are eligible for cartilage replacement surgeries. The only thing you can do is research, ask your doctor, and see if this option is for you.

    So let’s look at closer at cartilage replacement and repair, and see if you could be a good candidate… Continue reading

  11. 13 Natural Remedies for Wrinkles

    wrinkles natural remediesLet’s be honest – aging really does have its benefits.

    Confidence, wisdom, self-awareness… there are a lot of good things that come with being around for a while.

    Wrinkles and saggy skin, however, don’t happen to be on that list. After all, you don’t necessarily want to look like you’ve been around a while.

    So put all that hard-earned wisdom to good use and fight back against the signs of aging with these natural remedies for wrinkles!

    Think about natural remedies for wrinkles in three categories: behaviors, what to put on your body, and what to put in your body.

    Pull at least one – or more! – from each category and you’ll love the results. Continue reading

  12. 8 Quick Tips for Ankle Pain Treatment

    treatment ankle painIf it’s a dull ache or a sharp pain, ankle pain requires treatment.

    Because let’s be honest, you’re not going anywhere on ankles that hurt.

    Your fingers, shoulders, even you neck, as painful as they can be… If you have to, you can make it through your day.

    But unless your day consists of sitting in one place and not moving for any reason, when it’s your ankles that hurt, ankle pain treatment is a necessity.

    The key, though, is to make sure your ankle pain treatment matches what’s wrong with your ankle… Continue reading

  13. 7 New and Improved Exercises for Arthritic Knees

    arthritic knees exercisesKeeping your knees moving is key to maintaining control over your arthritis and you know it.

    That’s why you walk, swim, dance, cycle, or otherwise focus on maintaining fluid motion in your knees every single day.

    But did you know that there are exercises for arthritic knees that can target your joints and help keep them healthy?

    Ideally, you should be combining your favorite aerobic, fluid motion exercises with strength and stretching exercises for your knee arthritis. Continue reading

  14. 13 Surprising Foods and Drinks for a Healthy Digestive System

    digestive system healthyYou try to take care of yourself but some days it doesn’t always work. Some days, it feels like every attempt to keep a healthy digestive system backfires.

    Those are the days that a little patience, and the right dietary choices are in order. Make sure you’re getting these foods and beverages on a regular basis and make for a healthy digestive system, every day. Continue reading

  15. 8 Tips to Ease Your Achy Neck For Good

    neck achyMaybe you feel your achy neck first thing in the mornings. Or after sitting for too long. Or at the end of a long day.

    Whenever your achy neck starts bothering you, it’s time to manage it, and manage it for good!

    The key, though, is to make sure you don’t make your achy neck worse. There are two steps to easing neck aches properly: knowing what’s causing the problem, and taking the right steps to treat it. Continue reading

  16. 10 Natural Ways to Help With Jaw Pain Relief

    relief jaw painWhen you think of joint pain, most people think of knees…fingers…maybe hips.

    But the pain you’re feeling in your jaw is joint pain, too!

    And jaw pain relief is just as important as any other kind of joint pain relief. Continue reading

  17. The Ultimate Skin Diet: 16 Foods to Help Rejuvenate Your Skin

    diet skinWhen you’re looking for a skin diet, you’re not looking for one or two ingredients that might help your skin stay looking good.

    You’re looking for an entire diet for your skin. To stay radiant. Glowing. Youthful.

    That’s why we’ve come up with the ultimate skin diet – sixteen foods, from entrees to side dishes, drinks to desserts – that will keep you loving what you see in the mirror. Continue reading

  18. What Leg Circulation Has to Do With Your Joints

    circulation legJoint health has been on your radar ever since you found out that arthritis in your knees and leg joints isn’t inevitable.

    Now, you exercise properly, eat right, and take care of your joints to minimize joint stiffness and pain. But have you given any thought to your circulation?

    That’s right – the same blood circulation that can affect your heart also impacts your joint health.

    Leg circulation plays a huge role in the health of your hips, knees, and ankle joints. The blood flow throughout your whole body can support – or weaken – your joints.

    Here’s how … Continue reading

  19. The One Bladder Exercise You Need to Boost Urinary Health

    exercise bladderWhen was the last time you slept through the night without your bladder waking you up?

    Or made it through a full round of golf without having to take a bathroom break?

    Or was able to focus on a romantic dinner without needing to excuse yourself?

    Luckily, there’s a solution. If you’ve struggled with bladder control for months or if it’s just starting to be a problem, you need to start working out!

    That’s right – you can use bladder exercises to boost your urinary health the same way you use bicep curls to boost your arm strength.

    And you can achieve impressive results with one simple bladder exercise. Imagine not having to time your day around trips to the bathroom. It’s possible – and it’s not even that much work.

    The bladder exercise you need can be done anywhere, anytime, and no one will ever even know. It’s that easy.

    Working out without breaking a sweat? That hardly seems worthwhile – but it’s more than worth it, especially when you start living with the results.

    You may have even heard of the bladder exercise you need, and just didn’t think it would do anything for you: Kegels. Continue reading

  20. What You Need to Know About the Zika Virus

    virus zikaGlobal health concern. Travel warnings. Spreading throughout the United States.

    The Zika virus is everywhere these days. On the news, in the papers, all over online resources.

    First, it was spread through mosquito bites. Now, it’s showing up in bodily fluids like urine and semen. Some people are even discouraging kissing.

    With headlines about “public health emergencies,” new cases showing up in our borders, and even fears about athletes attending the Olympics, it’s easy to panic about this new disease and what it might mean for you.

    But panic doesn’t serve you or your health. So, we’re going to cut through the sensationalism and the soundbites and look at the facts about the Zika virus.

    • What is the Zika virus?
    • How is it transmitted?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • How can you avoid catching it?
    • And how concerned should you really be? Continue reading