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  1. Why Am I So Thirsty?

    thirsty soBeing thirsty occasionally is normal.

    Everyone goes too long without a drink of water.

    But if it seems you are just so thirsty all of the time, then you may be wondering what’s going on.

    Let’s look at seven common conditions that might cause you to be thirsty.

    Then, you can deal with them appropriately, instead of guessing!

    1. Anxiety. Thirst is frequently a result of the other symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety can make you sweat – which would lead to you being thirsty. It can give you dry mouth – which would also make you thirsty. It can make you forget about self-care, so you aren’t drinking enough water – which can make you thirsty. To be clear, just because you’re really thirsty doesn’t mean you have anxiety. But it can be related to one of the classic symptoms. If these symptoms of anxiety sound familiar, go ahead and talk to your doctor.

    2. Dehydration. The most common reason for thirst is plain old dehydration. You just haven’t gotten enough to drink in too long. Combine being thirsty with dry mouth, dark yellow urine, and lightheadedness and you’re probably looking at the beginnings of dehydration. So before you do anything else, sip a large glass of water – or two. Not only will you quench your thirst, but you’ll feel better, too!

    3. Diabetes. No matter how much you drink, you’re still thirsty! Being so thirsty that it feels like you can’t get enough water is a classic symptom of diabetes. The overabundance of sugar in your bloodstream draws water from the rest of your body, making you thirsty all the time. If you just can’t get enough to drink, talk to your doctor about your chances of diabetes, just to be on the safe side.

    4. Diet. Sure, salty foods and spicy foods can make you thirsty, but even if you’ve cut out salt and go easy on the spice, you may still find yourself thirsty because of your diet! Some of the healthiest foods you can eat can also make you thirsty. Foods that are diuretics, like many vegetables and fruits, cause you to need to go to the bathroom more. The more you go to the bathroom, the thirstier you may end up. Don’t stop eating them, though. Just add healthy carbs, like oatmeal and brown rice, to your diet to help keep things in balance.

    5. Dry mouth. While dry mouth may feel like thirst or dehydration, it’s actually a completely different condition from either of them. When your saliva glands stop producing as much saliva, you end up with dry mouth, as well as bad breath, irritated gum, change of taste, and even trouble chewing. And since it’s not caused by a lack of water, per se, drinking won’t resolve it. Usually dry mouth is a symptom of something else – a medication or another, underlying medical problem. If you’ve started a new medication, ask your health professional or pharmacist if it might cause dry mouth. Otherwise, mention it to your doctor.

    6. Hormone imbalance. There’s a specific hormone imbalance called diabetes insipidus, but it has nothing to do with the blood sugar diabetes. Instead, it’s when the body doesn’t make enough of the hormone that helps your kidneys control the water in your body. Since the amount of water in your body is low, you end up so thirsty, all the time. Only your doctor can diagnose and treat this one, so make an appointment if your thirst isn’t going away.

    7. Low blood pressure. Being thirsty is a lesser known symptom of low blood pressure, but it’s very real. Your body is trying to tell you to drink more so that you raise the level of water in your body – which in turn helps raise your blood pressure. Address the reasons your blood pressure is too low and you’ll address the reasons you’re thirsty.

    Being thirsty all the time may just mean you need to drink more water. Start there.

    But if it’s waking you up at night, or becoming a problem, don’t ignore it. Thirst is sometimes a sign of something else – something bigger.

    So talk to your doctor and figure out why you’re always so thirsty.

  2. Coffee and Headaches – Is the Caffeine Helping or Hurting?

    headaches and coffeeWhenever there are two schools of thought on a topic, it’s hard to know which is true and which is false – as is the case with caffeine and headaches.

    Some people swear by caffeine’s ability to relieve headache pain.

    Other people swear that coffee is the cause of their headache pain.

    So which is it? Will coffee help your headache – or make it worse?

    The truth is: it depends.

    Read on, and we’ll look at how caffeine helps your headaches, and why it might cause them, too.

    Caffeine Brings Relief…

    If you’re in the school of thought that believes your cup of coffee and its caffeine help ease your headache, you’ll be pleased to know you’re right. In fact, caffeine helps headaches two ways.

    The first way caffeine helps headaches is completely on its own. At the onset of a headache, the blood vessels in your brain expand, allowing for a painful rush of blood.

    Caffeine is what’s known as vasoconstrictive. In other words, it causes those enlarged blood vessels to constrict, which in turn restricts the blood flow.

    This reduces the pain and eases the headache. Nothing more needed than a cup of coffee.

    Or, you can combine caffeine with other pain relievers, which is the second way it helps relieve pain. Caffeine makes pain killers even more effective.

    This is why it’s often added to over-the-counter pain medications like acetaminophen and/or aspirin – because caffeine can make them up to 40% more effective than taking them alone.

    Some reports indicate that when caffeine is added to pain relievers, not only do headaches go away faster, they stay away longer.

    There’s even one specific type of headache – a hypnic headache – that responds particularly well to caffeine alone. Hypnic headaches are severe, tend to strike older people, and hit in the middle of the night, waking the sufferer with extreme pain.

    The first line of defense against this headache is to have a cup of coffee immediately when the pain wakes them. Some doctors even recommend a cup of coffee right before bedtime to prevent the onset of a hypnic headache.

    …Does Caffeine Trigger Pain?

    According to the National Headache Foundation, caffeine doesn’t actually trigger headaches. Instead, what you’re feeling when you get a “caffeine headache” is a lack of caffeine.

    This happens when people either drink a great deal of caffeine, or even drink a small amount but drink it regularly, and then go without caffeine.

    Once it’s out of their system, these people go through a withdrawal of sorts. This withdrawal, the lack of caffeine, is what triggers the headache.

    Caffeine can also play a role in what’s known as a rebound headache. They work like this – with any pain killer, if you take too much or take it too often, when the pain killer wears off, the pain comes back with a vengeance, worse than before.

    This is called a rebound headache. And while it can happen with any pain medication, it’s more common in formulas that include caffeine.

    Listen To Your Body

    Unfortunately, what this all means is that there’s no one answer. For some people, caffeine will be exactly what they need for their headaches. For other people, that same cup of coffee will trigger the headache.

    All recommendations are to pay close attention to how your body responds to each cup of coffee. Maybe you can handle the one first thing in the morning, but not the one later in the afternoon.

    Or maybe you need to cut caffeine out entirely. If you try that, be sure to wean yourself off of caffeine slowly, not cold turkey, to minimize the risk of getting withdrawal headache.

    If you don’t have a problem with caffeine, when a headache strikes, pour yourself another cup of coffee or tea. It very well might help.

    No, there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to caffeine and headaches. So do what’s right for you, and that’s your answer!


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