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  1. Coronavirus hope from potential vitamin therapy? [Trials underway!]

    I’m sure you’ve read all the breathless media reports about quick action by the government as Congress has allocated BILLIONS of dollars for the coronavirus pandemic.

    More than a little bit of it of it is a big, wet kiss to Big Pharma – a massive infusion of cash to pay for the development of drugs and vaccines.

    Yet there’s ALREADY a cheapeasy… and already-available potential treatment being tested in China 

    The only problem?

    It’s not a drug. Big Pharma can’t get rich off of it.

    So, instead of researching this potential game-changer

    Big Pharma is putting all its eggs in a basket that it’ll not only OWN… but could potentially make BILLIONS in profits from, too.

    Fortunately, American MDs aren’t waiting for that ship to come in… and are taking a cue from Chinese researchers.

    Here’s what’s happening with the therapy that American docs are now starting to turn to.

    Beat the odds

    In China, clinical trials are underway to test using intravenous vitamin C therapy for coronavirus.

    It’s not a CERTAINTY that it works – that’s the point of the trials, of course.

    But they at least SUSPECT that IVC can improve the prognosis for those with severe acute respiratory infection associated with COVID-19.

    That makes sense, given how IVC can rein in an inflammatory response.

    And since one of the complications experienced by COVID-19 patients has been sepsis… and IVC is one of the three key ingredients in the “sepsis cocktail”… the science could back their theory up.

    Are they onto something?

    Well, it’s too soon to tell for sure.

    But even American researchers are now testing IVC in patients with the novel coronavirus, in hopes that it can help them somehow.

    In a clinical trial sponsored by the Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, the hope is that IVC could help coronavirus patients STAVE OFF respiratory failure.

    That would mean they could maintain PLENTY of physical distance from a mechanical ventilator

    And according to a recent report published by The Washington Post, older COVID-19 patients who get put on one of those ventilators “usually” don’t survive.

    I’ll take this opportunity to point out that this clinical trial is NOT funded by Big Pharma.

    Don’t expect ANY of them to be – at least not anytime soon.

    Some American MDs didn’t even wait for the clinical trials to begin. Docs in NYC have been dosing coronavirus patients with IVC since March.

    Now, I’ve already shared with you how taking vitamin C supplements can help boost your immune system and shore up your defenses in the age of coronavirus.

    But this is a SPECIAL version of the vitamin – one that you can only get in a clinical setting.

    It’s perfectly safe

    And it’s not mutually exclusive to any mainstream care they throw your way.

    It COMPLEMENTS conventional medicine.

    So, they’ll likely play along… and provide this complementary vitamin therapy without too much griping.

    Even better, you don’t have to wait for it. It’s available right now at many hospitals and clinics.

    Compare that to the drugs or vaccines that Big Pharma is cooking up, which could take months or years to get to you… even as they work at “warp speed.”

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. SHORE UP your defenses by beating back sleeplessness and anxiety

    You’re so anxious that you can’t sleep

    And because you haven’t slept, now you’re even more anxious the next day.

    Sound familiar?

    Yeah, there’s A LOT of that going around right now!

    It’s a minor miracle that any of us are getting any sleep at all.

    And that leads to the ultimate irony.

    Your immune system DEPENDS on sleep.

    When you’re out for the night, that’s when your immunity army gets a chance to rearm itself… so it’s locked, loaded, and ready for battle.

    When you miss out on shuteye, it’s not just YOU that feels rundown and ragged.

    Your disease-fighting cells could be positively POOPED – exposing you to a HIGHER risk of infection and illness.

    So today, let’s take a look at how to TURN OFF the noise… and SHUT DOWN for the night.

    Sleep like a baby without a care in the world

    If all good things must come to an end…

    Then the SAME must go for bad things, too.

    As they say, “This too shall pass.”

    But until it does… the FIRST thing I want you to do is this.

    Pick up the remote… and turn the television OFF every now and again. (Or at least switch it to something other than news.)

    DON’T turn to meds for anxiety.

    Instead, try some nutritional therapy to help ease your worries… and ensure calm.

    I’m talking about…

    • B vitamins
    • calcium
    • magnesium
    • the neurotransmitter GABA, and
    • some herbal teas.

    Second, you’ll want to make sure you get those full nights of restful sleep that are so essential to helping your ward off disease.

    As with anxiety, many sleepless folks are popping pills.

    But the next day, sleep meds can leave you feeling hungover and, well, weird.

    And if you think you have anxiety NOW, just wait ’til you see the long-term risks of those drugs… which include everything from dementia to early death.

    There’s a simpler way.

    Once again, I want you to turn everything off – the lights, the TV, your cell phone, wifi, EVERYTHING. Make the room as DARK as possible.

    For an EXCELLENT sleep aid that’s natural, try that same GABA that can help ease anxiety.

    Need something a little stronger?

    You got it -- melatonin. The “sleep hormone” tells your brain when it’s time to shut down.

    I like the “spray” form. Since you don’t have to wait for your stomach to digest a capsule, it kicks in pretty much right away.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

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