They say things are better late than never. And I reluctantly agree.

However, when a bullheaded refusal to accept the facts that are staring you in the face means a delay in helping even one person back to good health, I must admit I get a little testy.

And this has been the case with one emerging heart-health superstar.

I first told you about the benefits of omega 7’s… kissing cousin to the well-known omega 3’s … well over a year ago now. As I explained then, this overlooked miracle oil is showing great promise as a natural cholesterol buster.

Research has found that omega 7 benefits may be able to help your body maintain a healthy inflammatory response and could even be the KEY to keeping your cholesterol healthy.

Well, it looks like mainstream medicine is finally starting to catch on. Coverage of this life-saver is starting to pick up. In fact, if the latest buzz is correct, one of America’s top TV docs may even reveal some news about omega 7 benefits soon.

Of course if that does happen, I should warn you that omega 7 is liable to start flying off the shelf so fast it will make your head spin. So if you’re interested in trying an omega 7 supplement to support your own heart health I would suggest you place an order for it fast.

Just make sure your omega 7’s come from a fish oil source, like the kind used in the studies. Sea Buckthorn, another common source, is high in an unhealthy saturated fat called Palmitic acid.

We already know it’s better late than never, but let’s just hope the mainstream coverage on omega 7’s doesn’t turn out to be too little too late.