There's not a man I know who doesn't worry about prostate cancer. One in six will get it in their lifetime. But the truth is...prostate cancer is usually so slow growing that you're much more likely to die with it than from it. Plus, a new study shows there may be a way to slow down prostate tumor growth even more: Eat more walnuts.

Scientists from UC Davis made this discovery when they programmed mice to develop prostate cancer. They gave one group of mice walnuts every day (the human equivalent of 2.4 ounces). The other mice just ate a regular diet.

After just 18 weeks, they found that eating walnuts every day resulted in smaller and slower-growing tumors. In fact, it appeared to reduce the growth of tumors anywhere from 30 to 40 percent.

Now, I know we're talking about mice, not men. But the researcher is hopeful and so am I. He said, "This study shows that when mice with prostate tumors consume an amount of walnuts that could easily be eaten by a man, tumor growth is controlled. This leaves me very hopeful that it could be beneficial in patients."

Bottom line, men? Eat a handful of walnuts every day. It makes a great snack. Plus, not only are they good for your heart...they may also help support your prostate health.