With so many companies out there that sell vitamins and supplements, it makes sense to ask why you should use NorthStar Nutritionals for your supplement needs. It’s a question we respect and can easily answer – with not 1 but 6 reasons you should turn to NorthStar Nutritionals.

1. NorthStar Nutritionals is in partnership with Dr. Allan Spreen, MD, one of the most highly respected doctors in the mainstream medical and alternative medicine communities. Nationally recognized as the Nutrition Physician, Dr. Spreen has been committed to helping patients find their ultimate health for decades. His vision guides every vitamin, supplement, and pain relief formula we develop. You could even say Dr. Spreen is our North Star, the man who guides us and keeps us on track, making sure NorthStar Nutritionals keeps us on the cutting edge of nutritional supplement breakthroughs.

Here’s an enthusiastic NorthStar Nutritionals Review from Lynda H:

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2. NorthStar Nutritionals doesn’t just sell individual vitamins, but supplement formulas. Formulas are more efficient and save you money. Instead of having to buy individual ingredients separately, you get all the top natural health products you need for a particular health concern in a single dose, at a single price. Plus, these formulas take each of the best ingredients for a health concern and combine them in specific formulas, allowing them to work together. This creates the additional benefit of synergy, in most cases making each ingredient even more powerful and effective than it would be alone.

Keith B. gives NorthStar Nutritionals a great review:

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3. NorthStar Nutritionals offers a wide range of natural health products, covering just about every health concern you may have. From pain relief to dietary supplements, men’s health to women’s health, the cosmetic to the systemic – whatever your health concern, NorthStar Nutritionals has the formula you need. No more driving around, or surfing the web, looking for several different supplements, vitamins, and pain relief formulas. NorthStar Nutritionals gives you one-stop shopping from a company you trust.

Here’s another great NorthStar Nutritionals review from Barbara W:

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4. NorthStar Nutritionals demands exacting quality control standards. First, we begin with the purest, most powerful ingredients available – even when it means braving the jungles of South America or the cliffs of the Himalayan Mountains. Our nutrients are not just “good enough” or grown in mediocre soil. From the very beginning of the cycle that starts with planting a seed and ends with a vitamin or supplement delivered straight to your door, we monitor our partners to ensure you are getting the very best quality possible. Second, our partner facilities don’t just meet FDA standards for good manufacturing processes. They also meet the rigorous NSF safety and sanitation certification process. And then, because we aren’t satisfied yet, each of these facilities is personally inspected by trusted members of the NorthStar Nutritionals family.

This NorthStar Nutritionals review shows how satisfied Fred H. is with our products:

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5. NorthStar Nutritionals cares about the little details, as much as you do. We choose natural, healthy ingredients over artificial or chemical alternatives. We are American-owned and operated. While we scour the globe looking for the most powerful, effective ingredients available, every one of our products is researched, formulated, manufactured, and shipped right here in the United States, from our family-owned company to you.

We stand behind every product we have with our Gold Standard Guarantee – if you aren’t satisfied, we refund your purchase price. Every product. No questions, no hassles. And with our Auto-Delivery Service, you can save money and ensure you never run out of the supplements you’ve come to rely on and love. When you sign up for Auto-Delivery Service, you are assured 3 things:

• Your cost will never go up. Even if we increase prices, you will still pay what you are paying today for your supplement
• Your next month’s supply of product will arrive before your current month runs out. There’s enough overlap that you won’t need to go without for a single day.
• You won’t pay a cent on shipping. Every order that gests mailed out with auto-delivery will mail out with no extra charge for shipping.

These little details, the ones you care about as much as we do, truly set NorthStar Nutritionals apart from other supplement companies. And that’s why this NorthStar Nutritionals review from Teresa R. is so positive:

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6. NorthStar Nutritionals isn’t just a sales site. We recognize that health is a journey, one that we want to take with you. And NorthStar Nutritionals is uniquely positioned to bring you the latest research and developments that will have the greatest, positive impact on your well-being. We recognize that our mission is two-fold: to provide you with the most relevant, current medical information available, as well as provide you access to the vitamins and supplements that will keep you on your personal path to optimal health.

At www.NorthStarNutritionals.com, you have access to information from the Nutrition Physician himself, Dr. Allen Spreen, MD. His insights and clear, no-nonsense explanations can help you cut through the jargon and truly understand what scientific breakthroughs you need to pay attention to, and which ones you can discard as fads. You can access his knowledge, along with other cutting edge information on our wellness blog -- a source of information, research, and leading advances in health. The NorthStar blog on health and wellness also contains videos, infographics, and all the information you need to continue your journey to optimal health, at any age. All of this information is yours, free of charge. You don’t have to make a purchase, or pay an enrollment fee.

Of course we care about sales – we have to because without them, we’d go out of business. Therefore our goal is twofold: guiding you to good health with our information resources, and helping you maintain that good health with our best-selling nutritional supplements.

And judging from this NorthStar Nutritionals review, we’re doing a pretty good job:

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NorthStar Nutritionals vitamins, supplements, and pain relieving formulas aren’t just the only ones you’ll ever need – they’re the best you’ll ever find. Top quality products…cost-effective pricing…medical authorities…purchases you can feel good about…all of this is as close as your computer or phone, and all in one place – NorthStar Nutritionals.

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