They fill our heads every single day with DOOMGLOOMFEAR… and DESTRUCTION.

And if you listen to the manipulative politicians and their lapdogs in the media…

NONE of it EVER gets any better!

They want us COWERING in fear… so we OBEY their endless nonsensical commands.

Well, friend, new research reveals the TRUE toll of a nation on constant edge.

Anxiety levels are THROUGH THE ROOF!

Mood disorders are outta control – and if you ask me, it’s only gonna get WORSE from here.

But there’s a way to take yourself OUT of this crazy system…

A way to protect yourself… fight back… and feel just great in the process.

The TRUE toll of today’s CRAZINESS

All through my career… for decades now… one number held steady.

At any given time, about 10% of Americans were battling some form of mood disorder such as anxiety or depression.

That number alone has made it a MAJOR health concern – not to mention a money-making market for mood meds.

But over the past year, we’ve blown WAY past that number.

Today, 40% of Americans – nearly HALF of us! – are struggling with anxiety and/or depression!

And for the sour icing on this very rotten cake, more than a third are battling sleeping and/or eating problems… either on their own, or along with depression and/or anxiety.

To put it bluntly… to sum it up in three words…

We’re a MESS!

The good news is that seniors are slightly more resilient than everyone else.

OF COURSE we are -- this ain’t our first rodeo.

But at least 1 in 4 older adults are now struggling with anxiety and/or depression.

And you can bet your tail the drug industry is LOVING every minute of this…

Because it’s a golden opportunity to get millions of new patients onto medications that many of them will keep taking… and taking… and taking.

Don’t let them MANIPULATE you into these meds, my friend.

There are BETTER ways to cope with ALL of these problems… and then some.

Start, of course, by turning OFF the news -- because the fearmongers on the cable networks aren’t interested in giving you the truth. They just want to deliver a constant sense of impending doom to keep you tuned in for the latest.

Check the news online from sources YOU trust… and then do your own homework on all of it.

And all 3 of the key conditions on the rise as a result of the current chaos have natural options that are safe, proven, and effective:

  1. ANXIETY: The neurotransmitter GABA can help take the edge off and deliver the calm you’re looking for. Minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, can also help… and don’t dismiss herbal teas, especially chamomile.
  2. DEPRESSION: Make sure you’re getting your B vitamins, especially B12 (if you’re seriously low you may need injections). St. John’s wort is another great option for mood disorders, as well as 5-HTP.
  3. SLEEP: That same 5-HTP is also an excellent natural sleep aid. But if you’re a little older, there’s at least some chance your sleep issues are caused by low levels of the “sleep hormone” melatonin. I like the spray kind of supplemental melatonin -- a spritz or two in the mouth gets absorbed instantly so it goes to work right away.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen