Move over ABCs…

There’s a new nutrient in town -- and it just might be the most POWERFUL one yet!

Cutting-edge research reveals how single compound… locked inside hundreds of plants as well as green tea… could give you the upper-hand against aging.

And when I say upper-hand, I mean this stuff could help you with just about EVERYTHING you might fear (short of car crashes and burglars).

The latest studies hint at INCREDIBLE benefits, including the power to:

  • STOP aging
  • SAVE brain cells
  • POWER the immune system
  • ENERGIZE cells
  • SLASH inflammation
  • BLOCK Alzheimer’s disease
  • FIGHT Parkinson’s disease
  • SLOW arthritis, and
  • PROTECT your heart.

That’s a pretty nifty list-o-tricks for something practically NO ONE’S ever heard of

Get ahead of the curve with this age-fighting superstar

It’s called PQQ (or “pyrroloquinoline quinone,” but just try saying THAT out loud).

The science is so new that they’re still not quite sure what it is.

Is it a true vitamin? An antioxidant? Just a friendly compound?

Whatever they call it, it's increasingly clear that you WANT it!

Emerging evidence shows it helps the single most important part of the cells inside your body….

The mitochondria.

It’s been called the cell’s battery… or even its power plant… because it provides energy.

Without energy, the cell dies.

When you’re young, that battery is so fully charged that you practically give off sparks.

As you get older, well… it doesn’t hold a charge the way it used to. (Ever notice that with your old cellphone?)

The mitochondria power down… the cells lose energy… and you suffer all of the effects of aging.

We’re talking infection, illness, disease,and death.


But PQQ can give your batteries a jump-start.

It acts on the enzymes that cause the mitochondria to power on. Then, for good measure, it arms those same mitochondria against the damage of oxidative stress.

It’s as if aging is being REVERSED… at least on a cellular level.

There is a downside to anything cutting-edge…

So far, most of the research is on animals.

But the few human studies out there are incredibly promising.

In one, folks given 20 mg per day of PQQ did better on tests of working memoryand focus.

Scans showed they had more blood flowto key regions of the brain, compared to folks given a placebo.

Some of the best studies so far have combined PQQ with resveratroland quercetin.

I’ve recently started on this combo myself. Haven’t felt anything yet – good or bad – but I wouldn’t expect to.

This is all about what matters most: long-term health.

If you want to give it a shot yourself, just be sure to stick to quality supplements from trusted manufacturers.

I found the combos out there are a little pricey, but I saved a few bucks by getting them individually instead.