If juggling daggers ain’t thrilling enough for ya…

If Russian roulette looks TOO easy…

And if picking fights with mobsters just doesn’t quite get your adrenaline flowing…

Then the drug industry is cooking up something extra special, just for you.

It’s a heart drug that can give you the thrill of so many risks at once – because it’s not just a single medication.

It’s not even 2 or 3 meds.

No, my friend, they’re working on a plan to give you a single pill with 4 risky meds inside.

Any ONE of these drugs can make you miserable.

As you’ll see in a moment, these drugs supposedly designed to “save you” could do the opposite… and KILL you instead.

Now we’re talkin’ REAL thrills!

5 meds… when you really want NONE

For years, the medical mainstream’s fantasy has been a single pill that forces everything you hate down your throat at once.

Now, they’re pushing forward with a cockamamie plan for a combo pill

And they’re hoping it’ll be the Next Big Thing in mainstream medicine.

Their latest attempt at a “polypill” combines the cholesterol-lowering statin drug simvastatin with 3 BP pills:

  1. atenolol
  2. hydrochlorothiazide, and
  3. ramipril.

They CLAIM this combo… 4 drugs in one… can cut the risk of major cardiovascular problems by 1/5th.

But wait! There’s more!

The patients in the study ALSO got either an aspirin or a placebo.

In case you’re keeping score, that means some folks were given 5 different meds in 2 pills.

In the study, this combo cut heart risk by 31%... which SOUNDS great.

Except then this gets really, really fishy… really, really quickly.

First, they claimed the people on the placebo had WORSE side effects than the folks on the meds.

That included ZERO increase in bleeding risk in the people on aspirin -- a drug absolutely NOTORIOUS for its bleeding risk.

Sorry, I’m not buying it.

To me, this suggests they were crazy-careful about who they put in this study. My guess is they gave the drugs to very healthy people with very low risks – NOT the kind of real-world patients who need help with heart protection.

Second, over nearly 5 years, there were very few problems in ANY group, which pretty much proves my first point.

Just 5.8% of those on the double-placebo had any kind of heart problem to begin with… versus 4.1% on the polypill plus aspirin.

And third, they had so much trouble MAKING the polypill by the end of the study, 43% couldn’t take their meds routinely because of manufacturing issues.

So how in the heck can they make ANY conclusion at all???

I say, throw this study in the circular file.

Fact is, you DON’T need the statin part of the equation… because cholesterol by itself isn’t the problem.

You can cut BP without meds (think magnesium for starters)…

And you sure as heck DON’T need that aspirin.

Even mainstream groups no longer recommend aspirin for primary prevention for many people… including folks over 70.

Get back to basics instead.

Skip the sugars and refined foods… lose a little weight… and pop some CoQ10, fish oil, and vitamin E.

Then, speak to a naturopathic physician about some drug-free steps you can take specific to your needs, risks, and lifestyle.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen