There’s nothing in this world more profitable than cancer.

And if you don’t believe me… watch what happens whenever someone finds a cheap option.

They’ll run you outta town on a rail!

Just look at the pioneers of natural cancer therapies.

They’ve been MOCKEDSUEDSHUT DOWN… and even CHASED right out of the country.

Well, friend, you gotta wonder how long it’ll be before they TURN on one of their own.

Because the latest research reveals an OTC drug that COULD be the next great cancer therapy

And it’s not just cheap.

It’s SO cheap… you can get it right now on Amazon for about 18 cents a dose.

This new study makes it crystal-clear that not EVERY great cancer treatment needs to be some sickening therapy that costs and arm and a leg.

There are simple, cheap and downright effective ways to beat the disease…

But you’ll NEVER hear about them from a mainstream oncologist promoting the “sick care” system of PROFITING off your misery.

Luckily, you’ve got me elbowing my way in to share EVERY piece of news you need to hear.

The 18-cent cancer treatment hiding in plain sight

Scientists believe there’s a potentially powerful cancer treatment hiding in the drug loperamide, which you might know by another name…


Yeah, the diarrhea stuff. How wild is that?

Now, the form that turns out to be the most effective against cancer may not be QUITE as cheap as the 18-cent stuff on Amazon…

But that DOES give you some idea of how inexpensive it could be.

Especially compared to existing cancer drugs… or the latest “breakthroughs” that Big Pharma tends to come up with (of course carrying a shockingly high price tag).

And especially when you consider that it’s potentially effective against one of DEADLIEST forms of the disease.

Friend, we’re talking about glioblastoma -- what you and I call “brain cancer.”

The new study finds that loperamide could tell cancer cells that otherwise WON’T die that it’s time to KISS OFF.

Even if you’ve never been diagnosed with this disease, you know how it works.

If cancer cells keep on chugging along… the cancer grows and spreads. And if you can’t find a way for cancer cells to DIE… they might just KILL you!

OK, now for the reality check.

This is early research -- not a human clinical trial.

And even if loperamide really DOES work… odds are you can’t just pop some poop pills and cure your cancer.

They’ll obviously need to figure out the best way to get this stuff to the tumor to fight the disease…

And that opens the door to all kinds of shenanigans.

The industry’s favorite move is making a little chemical tweak that allows them to patent it all over again – and once they do, they sky’s the limit for how much they can charge.

Their next favorite trick… if there’s no chance to win a patent and turn a big profit… is the sad and quiet announcement in a few months that it turns out they were wrong.

This stuff doesn’t work against cancer after all they might say (even if it does).

But that’s down the road a piece.

Let’s look a little closer to home – let’s look at your options RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

Whichever form of cancer you have, get a second opinion from a naturopathic physician experienced in the cancer therapies you WON’T hear about from the mainstream.

The options he might offer you could include…

Some of them can beat cancer on their own. Some of them can work to fight the cancer in tandem with a mainstream treatment.

And some – especially that IVC – can also help limit the side effects of chemo and radiation, too.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. Mainstream docs have gotten SPOOKED by how many Americans have discovered the truth about cancer. What are they so afraid of?

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