If the FDA were to debut a new slogan, it should be “much too little, way too late.”

And if you think that’s an exaggeration… just take a look at their latest approval for Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s not a CURE. It’s not even a TREATMENT…

It’s a TEST that’s supposed to help figure out who’s at the highest risk…

But here’s the kicker…

It’s only been shown to work when you’re LITERALLY on death’s door!

Don’t get me wrong here -- it would be an absolute game-changer if something could spot the FIRST warning signs of the disease in its EARLIEST stages, when you still have a shot at stopping this thing.

But that’s NOT what the feds just OK’ed.

So, today I’m going to share with you a DIFFERENT kind of test – one that really can spot the risk early on.

More importantly, I’ve also got the steps you can take to put a STOP to this thing before it gets outta control.

The very BEST judge of Alzheimer’s risk is…

The feds just approved an Alzheimer’s diagnostic tool called Tauvid.

It’s injected into your body before running a scan -- supposedly, to help docs spot the tau deposits in the brain linked to dementia.

But there are a few HUGE problems with this…

First, there’s still NO certainty that tau alone is good at predicting the disease.

Second, even if it were… this stuff is RADIOACTIVE.

And third, most of the testing to date has been done on people with SEVERE dementia… often just MONTHS from death.

Now, that was by design – so researchers could pop their brains open and checked them against the scans during the autopsy.

But… C’MON!

We don’t NEED help spotting people with dementia that’s progressed THAT far. By that point, it’s pretty OBVIOUS.

We need to spot the damage MUCH earlier -- sometime during the window when careful treatment can STOP the disease from turning into the severe and terminal dementia “detected” by this test.

And even the FDA admits… there’s no indication this test can do that.

So, here’s the deal…

A new study shows what the BEST judge of early-stage dementia is. And it’s not a doc… a scan… a radioactive injection… or any of that.

It’s YOU.

Seniors who are worried enough about cognitive decline to talk to a doctor and seek testing are more likely to be in the early phases of dementia.

In fact, it might be SO early that they can still PASS mainstream cognitive tests!

Now, this DOESN’T mean every little concern over memory is a sign of dementia.

But it DOES mean that if you consistently know something’s up… so much so that you’re willing to speak to a doctor about it… there’s a good chance you have a reason to be concerned.

That’s not, however, a reason to PANIC.

Because this is also your chance to take EARLY ACTION!

There’s no single cure for Alzheimer’s -- because there’s no single cause.

But there are some common culprits behind cognitive struggles in seniors.

If you’re worried you’re losing the speed off your mental fastball, look at your meds

And work with a naturopathic physician to see which drugs you can ELIMINATE… and what you can REPLACE with safer options.

If you’re STILL not quite right, take these 2 actions:

  1. ELIMINATE toxins, starting with diet. Ditch ALL processed foods and anything refined… and eat only natural organics.
  2. BOOST your nutrition with the essentials for brain health, including supplements. Ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine, high-dose intravenous vitamin C, NAC, ALA omega-3, and B vitamins are all great places to start.

And for the best results of all, work with a doc experienced in this stuff – one who can help custom-create a plan best for your health and needs.


In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen