Natural Cures for ArthritisIf you are one of the 52.5 million people in the United States with arthritis, you’re probably always on the lookout for a natural arthritis cure. And while currently there is no cure for arthritis, there are supplements that can help ease arthritis pain naturally.

From Achy Joints to a Diagnosable Disease, Arthritis Can Mean Different Things to Different People

Technically, arthritis only means “joint inflammation” but it has come to be a catch-all term for over 100 different conditions affecting the joints, the muscles and connective tissue around the joints.

While approximately 1 in every 250 children has been diagnosed with some form of arthritis, the odds of getting arthritis increase as you age. Women are more likely to have arthritis than men.  And these numbers are just going to get larger as the general population lives longer.

So if you have been officially diagnosed with arthritis, or if your joints just get achy and stiff occasionally, know that research is underway for a natural arthritis cure – it just hasn’t been found yet. However, there are several natural solutions out there that can help ease your arthritis pain.

Knowing the Natural Ways to Ease Joint Discomfort Is Even More Important

Since science hasn’t discovered a natural arthritis cure yet, taking the right natural supplements to help control your arthritis is the next best thing.

1.  Boron – Back in the 1970s, researchers looking for a natural arthritis cure discovered a fascinating correlation between the trace element boron and arthritis. In areas where the drinking water was high in boron, the rate of arthritis was significantly lower than average. In areas where the drinking water was low in boron, incidents of arthritis skyrocketed. And the best news is that boron can be found in many common (and delicious) foods: walnuts, avocados, pears, even honey and more.

2.  Boswellia – While not officially a natural arthritis cure, traditional medicines have relied on boswellia to help ease the symptoms of arthritis for centuries. Modern research indicates boswellia may help block the substances that attack healthy joints. It’s available in pill or topical form.

3.  Eucalyptus – The tannins in eucalyptus leaves are believed to help reduce swelling, which in turn, helps relieve arthritis pain. You can even add low heat to eucalyptus treatments in order to boost their effects. Eucalyptus can help ease arthritis pain when applied topically.

4.  Ginger – That same ginger you have in your pantry for cooking may help ease the symptoms of arthritis, as well. From mild aches to full on arthritis pain, initial studies of ginger are promising. You can take it in pill form, but it also makes a delicious and soothing tea.

5.  Green Tea – Speaking of tea, green tea appears to be incredibly promising when it comes to soothing arthritis, as well as relaxing the spirit. Next time you curl up with a cup of green tea to help relax at the end of the night, know you’re also helping ease your arthritis. Best of all, green tea seems to work on arthritis in tea form, taken in pill form, or swallowed in a tincture.

6.  Turmeric – Known for its distinctive yellow color, turmeric is a spice used heavily in Indian cooking, especially curries. Not only does it help ease arthritis pain, but early animal studies indicate turmeric may help slow the progression of certain types of arthritis – getting us one step closer to a natural arthritis cure. It’s most effective when taken orally, so try a new dish for dinner tonight!

For long-term relief of arthritis symptoms, reach for these 6 herbs and minerals. And for those times you need immediate, short-term relief, be sure to reach for Soothanol X2, the topical pain reliever for pain relief in seconds.

No, there’s no natural arthritis cure – yet. But science is making great strides every day. And until they find a natural cure for arthritis, at least you can manage your arthritis pain with these 6 tips – and Soothanol X2.