over 60 menMen over 60 have to learn how to deal with so many changes – to their health, to their bodies, and yes, to their sex drives.

But just because things are changing doesn’t mean things have to be bad.

Your sex life can be different, and still be fulfilling and sexy!

These tips can help men over 60 navigate the changes in the bedroom without ever missing a beat –

1. Don’t expect the desire to be the same as it used to be. Your hormones will drop. Your libido won’t be the same as it was when you were younger. So what? The key is to accept that, and ignore it. Go ahead and have sex, even if you aren’t feeling in the mood at first. As you get into the moment, the mood will follow and you’ll forget why you ever waited.

2. Embrace the calendar. Don’t get caught up with feeling like sex has to be spontaneous. Go ahead and schedule a night – or an afternoon – for sex. Take the time to think about it, anticipate it, flirt with each other, and really connect. Men over 60 have often been with their wives long enough that the two of you may feel a bit routine. If you’ll let it, this tip can help you reconnect in ways you might not have known. Especially if you schedule other romantic, if not sexual, events for the rest of the day.

3. Get a little adventurous. You don’t have to be afraid of toys in the bedroom. As you age, it takes more stimulation to become aroused and to achieve orgasm. Toys can help you find new and exciting ways to get there. Let go of any stigma around real men not needing toys. If it feels good, enjoy it! Nothing will ever replace the human touch – but you certainly can enhance it. So why wouldn’t you?

4. Have sex when it best works for you. Men over 60 have different energy levels than younger men. Instead of trying to pretend otherwise, embrace it. Have sex whenever your energy is highest, morning, noon, or night.

5. Keep your sense of humor. There’s little more intimate than sharing a laugh with someone you love. It connects people on a deep emotional level. Plus, it’s just sexy! Dilated eyes, soft smiling lips, and a flush to the cheeks – that’s hot no matter what your age. Don’t take anything, but especially not sex, too seriously.

6. Spend some time alone…carefully. While your long-term goal is, obviously, sex with your beautiful wife, masturbation can actually make sex easier for men over 60. Doing so protects the blood vessels and nerves so that you can perform for years to come. In other words, it boils down to use it or lose it. Just make sure being alone doesn’t take the place of being together.

7. Take Prime Power. Unlike so many other male performance supplements on the market today, Prime Power is designed to address the three most common sexual challenges faced by men over 60: desire, drive, and performance. Formulated to bring back arousal, and boost your sex drive, you’ll find wanting sex isn’t such a problem any longer. And as for performance, with Prime Power, you’ll enjoy rock hard, long-lasting erections– all without worrisome side effects you just don’t want to risk.

The days – or nights – of men over 60 giving up are long gone. So why should you still be giving up on your sex life?

Different isn’t bad, different is just different. And sometimes, like with Prime Power, it can be even better.