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Taking two small capsules a day of my new SelTrim from Northstar Nutritionals.

The power of SelTrim comes from a strange Asian plant known as Cissus quadrangularis (CQ), sometimes known as the “devil’s backbone.”

CQ is part of the grape family -- and it’s practically unknown in America. But when my team and I looked at the research, we were BLOWN AWAY.

In one clinical study, people took 300 mg of CQ every day, and the results were JAW-DROPPING.

After 8 weeks… just 56 days… they lost an AVERAGE of 23.5 pounds, 5.3 inches off of their waists, and 6.1 inches from their hips.

And they didn’t change a THING about their diets!

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Need more proof? People who took CQ every day lost 12 times more weight than folks who didn’t.

The secret is that CQ works to help block the absorption of fat and sugar into your body. That FORCES your body to burn the fat you already have -- all while you keep enjoying your FAVORITE foods.

And you’ll get the exact clinically-studied dose (300 mg) of CQ in every capsule of SelTrim.

But that’s not all. We’ve also added a special form of green tea extract, one of the most studied fat-burners around, to every capsule of SelTrim.

With SelTrim, you’ll finally have everything you need to take off the weight… and keep it off… for good.

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In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

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