You’ve heard the advice so often… you’re probably sick of it.

And maybe you’re even TRYING it now…

If only to shut your doctor up about it.

After all, every time he checks your blood pressure, he nags you about it.

He probably sounds like a broken record…

Cut your salt. Cut your salt. Cut your salt. Cut your salt. Cut your salt….

Well, friend, it’s time to switch albums – because this one isn’t just broken.


New research finally exposes the low-salt torture for the baloney it is.

Except… that’s not how they’re selling it.

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines that claim it’s “proof’ that the low-salt diet “works” for cutting blood pressure.

But I’m here today with a fact-check – because that’s NOT what this study found at all!

The TRUTH behind that low-salt study making headlines

Scientists replaced the salt in certain South American communities with a special “low-salt” blend that had 25% less salt.

After a few years of this, blood pressure levels dropped.

That’s the part of the study getting attention – the big “win” for the low-salt diet.


The average drop was just 1.23 (systolic)/0.72 (diastolic).

They’re calling this “PROOF” that YEARS of following a low-salt diet “works?”

What utter nonsense!

There are DOZENS of ways to get much BETTER results… much FASTER…

Like basic mineral supplementation with calcium, potassium, and magnesium… as well as proven natural therapies such as hawthorn berry.

Here’s another one that gets no attention at all: probiotics.

They’re supposed to be good for digestion… and they are… but a study a coupla years back found that regular probiotic use cut BP by 3.56/2.38.

That’s TRIPLE the “success” of the low salt diet in the new study -- yet NO headlines and NO celebration.

Hmmm… maybe that’s because it flies in the face of the ol’ drugs-and-diet garbage they love to push on us.

There’s one more trick you should know… and it takes SECONDS, not YEARS.

If your doc takes a BP reading… and says “Hmmmmm”… he should take a second reading.

Close to 100% of the time, your BP will be more than 1.23/0.72 LOWER than on the first reading.

If you continue using salt… as you should)… it should be an unrefined variety, with all the many minerals contained therein.

Your choices include Himalayan pink, “Real Salt” by Redmond, Celtic Sea Salt, or others.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen