Thinking about replacing a joint?

When you hear the latest news, you might want to think again…

The feds just admitted that there’s a MASSIVE problem with the replacement parts.

They’re NOT giving you some kind of Bionic Man upgrade, with a shiny new knee that’ll make you better… stronger… faster.

The FDA warns that you might get something else instead – something that could lead to a DANGEROUS infection.

So today I’m here with a new plan, no sci-fi parts needed at all.

Because you can get ALL of the benefits of a joint replacement… WITHOUT actually replacing that joint!

Repair your knees without going under the knife

Knee replacements are just out of control right now.

Instead of reserving the procedure for patients with the worstand most advancedforms of arthritis, they’ve turned it into a cash cow.

You got a little ache… and they’ll rush you into the OR with empty promises… just so they can fill their bank accounts.

“It’s easy!” they’ll insist. “Just like swapping out a tire!”

But a joint replacement isn’t like an auto repair. They don’t pop the hood on your knee andswap out your old joint for a shiny new replacement.

BEFORE they pop in the new part, they have to SLICE into the knee… then SCRAPE out all the damaged cartilage and bone from the around the joint

All that trauma takes a toll – not just inflammation, pain, swelling, and scarring, but also what’s called a periprosthetic joint infection, a.k.a. an infection around the replaced joint.

Basically, you can end up in worse shape than you were BEFORE the operation…

And by the time these infections are spotted, they’re usually so far advanced that you’re in deep you-know-what.

That can lead to even MORE pain… followed by yet ANOTHER operation to clear infected tissue and replace the replacement.

It’s becoming such a major problem that the FDA just approved a new test to hopefully spot these infections earlier so they can be treated sooner.

Hey, here’s an idea: How about we stop popping open all those knees for fun and profit???

After all, there’s a much better way to ease the pain from arthritis in the knee and:

  • PROTECT the joint
  • EASE the pain, and
  • REVERSE the damage.

The secret?


There’s a special form of collagen called UC-IIthat goes right to damaged joints.

It’s so powerful that in one study it was shown to be 240% more effective than the glucosamine and chondroitin so many people swear by.

But don’t stop there.

For even more relief, there’s hope in hops.

Yes, hops – the same stuff that’s in your beer!

Unfortunately, you can’t just crack open a cold one and get some relief. (How cool would that be??)

Sadly, there’s not enough hops in beer to do the trick.

Look instead for concentrated hops delivered via a supplement, which studies have shown can bring relief to aching knees in as little as two hours.

You can find both of these joint-soothing natural ingredients on their own…

But to save some time (and money), look for a formula that contains both.