It could be the EASIEST way yet to improve your health...

And it's something NO conventional doctor in the world will acknowledge.

Not yet, anyway.

They HATE this one, my friend... because it doesn't just mean ADMITTING there's a PROBLEM.

It means they have to admit they were WRONG.

Most docs would rather hang themselves by their own stethoscopes than do that!

But new research, just out, shows how just about ALL of them are making a big mistake -- and not just every now and again.

They've done it millions of times! 

Because right now... at this very moment... millions of Americans are on drugs they shouldn't be taking.

Many of the drugs people take... maybe even you... aren't to treat a condition you have.

They're to treat a condition CAUSED by another drug!

And nowhere is that TRUER than with blood pressure meds.

QUIT these meds... for an INSTANT health boost

New research finds that 20% of all adults... including 1 in 4 women, and 1 in 7 men... are caught in a vicious cycle.

They're getting TREATED for high blood pressure... while they're TAKING meds known to CAUSE high blood pressure!

Yes, many of these people are unwittingly taking drugs to deal with the effects of their OTHER drugs.

In fact, many of these folks WOULD NOT HAVE hypertension if not for those medications secretly causing it.

Simply QUITTING those drugs would allow 2.2 million Americans to also DITCH their BP meds.

The WORST part of this whole thing is this...

You almost certainly NEVER needed that original drug in the first place!

That means this problem is also a golden opportunity to eliminate 2 bad meds... with 1 swift motion.

You gotta get rid of the med causing your BP to rise.

Because if your BP comes back down to normal (as it should)... you can toss that BP-lowering drug in the trash, too.

In the new study, the lion's share of the BP-elevating meds breaks down into 2 categories.

Fortunately, each one has a safer option that WON'T cause blood pressure to rise.

1. ANTIDEPRESSANTS, which are taken by nearly 10% of folks treated for hypertension. The better option here is curcumin, which has proven to be as effective as the most popular antidepressants in the world. And it could also IMPROVE blood flow... instead of increasing blood pressure.

2. PAINKILLERS, which 8% of patients taking BP meds are taking. For this issue, start with that very same curcumin... which is also a potent natural anti-inflammatory... and/or other nondrug treatments including bromelain, boswellia, capsaicin, MSM, DMSO, etc.

And don't forget the power of non-drug, non-supplement options as well.

Chiropractic therapy... acupuncture... massage therapy... physical therapy... and more have all worked wonders for millions with pain AND mood issues.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. If you're an older gal, your conventional doc might try to PUSH hypertension meds on you... and for the SILLIEST reason! To find out how to DODGE this bullet, just click right here.