What Causes InsomniaInsomnia: Is It Old Age? Or A Side Effect of Medication?

All your life, you’ve slept like a baby. 7, 8, maybe even 9 hours a night!

But recently, have you found yourself awake later than you want to be, unable to drift off?

Or are you awake earlier than before, with no hope of getting back to sleep?

So, what causes insomnia? And how do you know if it’s just getting older, or something else?

Insomnia is when you aren’t – when you can’t – get enough sleep. For some people, that may be anything less than 8 hours.  For other people, they may be fine as long as they get 5. But the key is whatever amount of sleep you’re getting, it’s not enough.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Daytime fatigue
  • Irritability, depression, or anxiety
  • Poor concentration
  • Headaches
  • Or if you’re still tired when you wake up

You could be dealing with insomnia. And maybe it’s just getting older, but maybe not, because some causes of insomnia could surprise you…

Common Medications Make Insomnia a Common Problem

The older you get, the more likely it is your doctor wants to prescribe medications for this condition, or that symptom. But while those medications may be helping that specific condition, they very well could be the cause of your insomnia, too.

ACE Inhibitors – A medication for heart and cardiovascular conditions, ACE inhibitors can assist the effects of insomnia 2 ways. First, they often cause patients to cough uncontrollably, around the clock. This deep cough is difficult to sleep through. Second, they can cause potassium build-up in your muscles, which leads to muscle cramps and pain – also, very difficult to sleep through.

Alpha and Beta Blockers – both are prescribed for various cardiovascular conditions, but cause insomnia differently. Alpha blockers can interfere with your REM cycle, the duration of deep sleep where you dream, and can also increase daytime tiredness. Beta blockers may interrupt your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you get to sleep and stay asleep.

Angiotensin II-receptor blockers (ARBs) – are most often prescribed for people who can’t take ACE inhibitors. But like ACE inhibitors, can cause potassium build-up, creating the same muscle cramps and pain.

Cholinesterase inhibitors – commonly prescribed for dementia patients to help with memory loss and personality changes, one of the main side effects of sleep disturbance. Along with causing insomnia, , these can also cause changes in heart rhythm, intestinal issues, and muscle spasms which make it hard to sleep.

Corticosteroids – are used as anti-inflammatories for arthritis, gout, and allergic reactions. But they also trigger your adrenal glands, flooding your system with adrenaline, and putting you into a fight-or-flight response. That level of stress not only causes insomnia, but it can put you at risk for adrenal fatigue, as well.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin – perhaps the most unexpected entries on this list, glucosamine and chondroitin may do wonders for your joints – but may also be causing insomnia. While no one is quite sure why they keep people up at night, more than one study has found insomnia to be a side effect of taking them.

Non-sedating Antihistamines – also known as “second generation antihistamines” the new antihistamines don’t cause drowsiness the same way the original ones did. Unfortunately, they sometimes go too far in the opposite direction, and cause insomnia instead.

Statins – one of the most common family of drugs to help lower cholesterol, statins can also cause muscle pain that is sometimes debilitating – which can be impossible to sleep through.

Simple Steps to Simply Sleep

Now that you know what medications could be causing insomnia, what should you do if you’re on any of them?

First, talk to you doctor. Many of these medications have alternatives that may not cause insomnia =, or disrupt your sleep patterns at all.

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